Monday, December 12, 2016

OC Tournament- Bracket 1 Match Schedule

Registrations are in!  50 of them. Only one soul can win- the victor gets their character featured on a card in our upcoming game.  And oh, what characters...  

We have tricksters, anarchists, ex-police, guys, gals, charmers, thugs, musicians, mercenaries, geomancers, strippers, brutal weapons, creative powers...  All on a collision course.

I can't wait to see these versus matches.

I've just finished e-mailing instructions to all of the players.  Tomorrow I'll post a sample battle between Mace and Ravat, so you can see what the voting process looks like.

And now- our illustrious contestants.

Below is the schedule for Bracket-1 battles.  Due to the number of contestants, the vote battles will last only 24 hours- match results will be announced as the next match launches.  Check the #Dreamkeepers hashtag to see if contestants are sharing additional incentives or barbs.  

And last but not least, an introduction to the characters themselves:

Enjoy- and if you're placing bets on the outcome, now's the time!

MATCH:  Vaja Wip Ass Cream >>>vs<<< Jade Gaspard
DATE: Dec 16

MATCH:  Arkius "Ark" Jackilak >>>vs<<< Viscaria "Vis" Lunarues Sonbird
DATE: Dec 17

MATCH:  Frix Xeo >>>vs<<< Lucius
DATE: Dec 18

MATCH:  Shrock >>>vs<<< Jay Kessler
DATE: Dec 19

MATCH: Luka Peraxis >>>vs<<< Hakuzo Sionnach
DATE: Dec 20

MATCH: Abigail Grimstone >>>vs<<< Chaos "Psycho" Zero
DATE: Dec 21

MATCH: Dae >>>vs<<< Jamie Hellsing
DATE: Dec 22

MATCH: Noah >>>vs<<< Natsi
DATE: Dec 23

MATCH: Vathiel >>>vs<<< Flynn Dacote
DATE: Dec 26

MATCH: Devin Wright >>>vs<<< Kyle
DATE: Dec 27

MATCH:  Seraph >>>vs<<< Maxwell Ratatoskr
DATE: Dec 28

MATCH: Lenox Skali >>>vs<<< Sirhc
DATE: Dec 29

MATCH: Taridium >>>vs<<< Dank Forden
DATE: Dec 30

MATCH: Sukotto >>>vs<<< Kierce Anjvolt
DATE: Dec 31

MATCH: Kryan >>>vs<<< Rick Bishop
DATE: Jan 1

MATCH: Kurt "The Flash" Gurdsman >>>vs<<< Mariwen
DATE: Jan 2

MATCH: Eric Hoth >>>vs<<< Felicity Vulnien
DATE: Jan 3

MATCH: Korrigan Weldryt >>>vs<<< Pyro
DATE: Jan 4

MATCH: Gary >>>vs<<<  Mai-Ra
DATE: Jan 5

MATCH: Lil' Timmy >>>vs<<< Nero Slendrik
DATE: Jan 6

MATCH: Beta >>>vs<<< Martin P. Kalt
DATE: Jan 7

MATCH: Sam Schrade >>>vs<<< Nimbus
DATE: Jan 8

MATCH: Marco H. Seigi >>>vs<<< Arcoth
DATE: Jan 9

MATCH: Reagent >>>vs<<< Saval
DATE: Jan 10

MATCH: Neilo Rosmir >>>vs<<< Andy Valdric
DATE: Jan 11

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