Sunday, June 1, 2014

Temporarily Out

Unfortunately there has been a large amount of fire here of late-

-so our online activity will be sporadic until things get sorted.  Both Liz and I are safe.

We'll post a journal when Prelude updates resume and things are headed back to normal- in the meanwhile, please be understanding if our reply lag with e-mails and whatnot is worse than normal.

Also:  Don't buy any books from us at the moment, please.  I can't remove our Paypal buttons until I regain a workstation and web editing software- in the meanwhile, if you know anyone that's been saving for a book, let them know to hold off until we get back up to speed and can deliver properly. 

We'll announce here when we're back in stock and ready to roll- thank you for being patient in the meanwhile.  We'll tackle this speed bump and be back with you shortly.