Monday, July 24, 2017

SKIRMISH Playmat Lineart

One of the most complex things I've ever drawn- greatly anticipating how it will look with some cascading light falling across the scene.
Pre-Orders for playmats are open now:

Volume 4 review on MattDoyleMedia

New Volume 4 review is out!  Not everyone reviews indy books, let's give this site some clicks- and drop him a tip if you'd like to see him review another hidden gem:

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

UberQuest Volume 2- Call of the Relic promo

Colossal first day for Call of the Relic!

Check out their video, and get ready for UberQuest Volume 2 Limited Edition hardcovers.

Playmat- city-side pencils

Lineart for half of the SKIRMISH playmat- the counterpart will be a Starfall wilderness scene.   Hopefully with fewer columns.  X D    Also working on original art for the Tendril and Bast decks this week.  

The playmat, and SKIRMISH boxed game, are available for Pre-Order now:

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

UberQuest Kickstarter: Volume 2 - Call of the Relic

Scuttles Desktop

Double-barrel announcement for today-

First, the UberQuest Volume 2 Kickstarter is launching!   With some animation to boot, featuring talented voice actors from such productions as 'Freedom Planet.'   Watch their twitter to get the earliest notice- I'll be coming through to signal-boost later in the day.

Second- the smashingly successful SKIRMISH campaign now has publicly available pre-orders live through Backerkit:

So if you missed out on that campaign, you can still snag a boxed edition of the game or the Tinsel / Scinter expansion decks.

This summer is gettin' hot.   Off to draw, but I'll be back to post more art tomorrow.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Fear for the Faithless

Our just-released short story, featuring a Dreamkeepers character heretofore veiled in the mystery of ages past:


Read for free here:

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Voice Actors Assemble- UberQuest Auditions

UberQuest Volume 2 is prepping for a Kickstarter- and the creators are producing a fresh new video for the occasion.

Any voice actors interested in auditioning, now's the time!    The total script is slated to run 3-5 minutes.

Skidd and Phuufy will be reviewing auditions to potentially cover:

Sesame - tomboy slightly rough sounding
Kibbles - a cutesy girly voice, very sing-song with a slight proper tone to it
Kylar - British accent, serious and matter-o-fact, slightly posh but not too much
Farron - deeper then Kylar or Mason, gravely with a very slight southern/cajun twang
Mason - soft spoken, a lil deep and has a stutter..
Claire - fast-talking and excitable, brooklyn-ish accent

Volunteer voice actors are welcome, and alternate forms of compensation may be available- otherwise please include your rates when submitting auditions.

Send auditions and questions to: and

I'm looking forward to seeing how their video comes out, and excited that UberQuest is ready to launch the next book in their series!   Their first title is available in hardcover from Vivid via Amazon:

Read UberQuest for free on the Katbox:

Newsletter Upgrade

Our newsletter is now official- we finally upgraded, check it out here:

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Anthrocon Explanation

From January onward, this year has slammed us with one thing after another, imposing the necessity for a move.

Everything seemed to culminate metaphorically this weekend, with our electricity and internet dead.

But now we're back, the smoke has cleared, we're settled in, and steaming back to 100% capacity.

Previously, it was stretching our limits to manage Life Surprises alongside weekly Prelude, Plush delivery, and SKIRMISH prep.

I'm actually relieved that we missed signups for Anthrocon this year- because now I can dig in and score some major Volume 5 progress.

Yesterday I finished the blueline sketch for V5 pages 30 and 31, with more slated for today.  Patrons should keep an eye out for sneak peeks in the coming days.  

And more-

Despite everything, Dreamkeepers has grown by leaps and bounds recently.  There's a lot to share- and more to look forward to:

The first novel of the universe, Wayward Astronomer, debuted at Book Expo America to great acclaim this past month- first edition hardcovers are now available on Amazon.

Thanks to our stellar backers, we've manufactured our first line of Plush toys, and Whip is available for general sale.

Of course, the SKIRMISH campaign just concluded with a bang- so expansion decks and more are in the works.   Pre-Orders of the game may become available through Backerkit in the coming month.

Vivid has a very offbeat Christmas book in the works- 'Firebrat' by Mike Rosen.  We're finalizing color swatches, and should have enough production to launch a printing Kickstarter around November.

Speaking of more books- the draft has been nearly done for a year, and soon I plan to put the finishing touches on our Old-West meets Far-East novella- QuickXyk and the Ring of Vengeance.  We'll begin posting chapters for free once it's ready to share, and if people enjoy it enough, will consider it for print.

And speaking of free- we're in the early stages of organizing a Dreamkeepers online roleplay game.  I'm designing a system that allows potentially hundreds of players- but keeps interactions to small, close-knit teams of players, with simple character stats and possibly public voting to move the needle on story events.  Think of Faction Contest meets OC Tournament- only instead of one winner, the focus is on story events and the development of your own personal character.

Also you can die in it.

My partner in the video game has also made drastic progress in coding an elegant game engine from scratch, the result of years of focus- but I don't think we'll have much to show visually on that front for the time being.

As Vivid expands, I'll strive to improve my effectiveness at delegating and management, so we can let the right opportunities flourish and entertain, while still focusing the lion's share of my time on the next page.

At least that's the plan.  E )

I intend to catch up on e-mails after getting some more Volume 5 pages under my belt.   Keep an eye out for updates, thank you for enjoying our work, and we're excited to be throttling back up to speed!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

SKIRMISH campaign Final Days

71 hours, and the SKIRMISH Kickstarter will be complete!

We have equipped BackerKit, so Add-Ons for any unlocked Stretch Goal items will be available to backers when they fill out their surveys.

Thank you to those who have brought this campaign so far- you're incredible, the support you've shown is overwhelming.

Once the campaign concludes, I'll be thrilled to get Volume 5 back in production as the gamedevs refine SKIRMISH gameplay.
It's been a lot of work, but thanks to you, the Dreamkeepers readership will have a great tabletop experience to enjoy alongside the graphic novel releases.

Thank you.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Some new desktop art for Vi- if you're in the campaign, snag the 4K versions:
The campaign is in the final days!

BLFC Cannon Card Experience

We're back- BLFC was spectacular!  

I've never been to the Southwest before, or the West, or to a casino- so, a whole pile of firsts for me.

It was fun watching the Ellen Degeneres slot machine clean people out.

Also a first- we were able to premiere SKIRMISH in the tabletop room, and games raged all weekend long.   Some veteran playtesters attended, plus one of the EPF devs, and a line of new people waiting to be introduced to the game.  

Thank you everyone, for the feedback, critique, and insight.   We've had a range of development input on the game- from newbies, to MtG tournament players, to MtG tournament winners.

I think we're honing a game that combines a high skill ceiling, with surprising accessibility & enjoyment to low-skill and new players.

At least, I'm fairly low skill, and I had fun- even losing, I was still able to equip the Long Range Gatling Recoil Cannon to Igrath's Bushwack Squad, and watch the blast send Ravat into a flurry which damaged his ally Wisp before they took me out.

Good times!

The SKIRMISH campaign is in the final days here:

Thank you again to everyone at the con who made it such a great experience.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Back from BLFC- and < 40K!

Back from BLFC (AMAZING con with great people) and, wow!   We've got some catching up to do!

Internet may be a bit wonky over the next couple weeks.  If you want to catch the SKIRMISH Kickstarter, it's in the final days:

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tournament Champ: Mordecai!

The results are in!

4,985 votes have been cast, and the winner of the Webcomic Character Tournament is none other than the distinguished Mordecai.

His readership wins three boxed-edition games of SKIRMISH, to be distributed in accordance with Tracy's directives upon release.

Mordecai will be featured on a playable Guest Hero card in the game, along with every other competitor:

Colossal thank you to the stellar comics who participated.  This crossover-event was a blast to host, and I think this sort of activity is a good way for creators to connect, and help readers discover new content.  Pulling together, I think we can take the world of webcomics to new heights, and have a boatload of fun in the process.  E )

Monday, May 29, 2017

Igrath SKIRMISH card art desktop

Command the sky in this desktop wallpaper featuring Igrath's SKIRMISH card art. 4K version & lighting variant available on the Kickstarter:

Webcomic Tournament- CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH

 The final match is upon us!   Vote above for your favorite- the character who prevails will win three Deluxe Boxed Editions of SKIRMISH, to be distributed among their readership by their respective author.  

Two radically different characters, from two massively talented authors- choose your victor:

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Bast card art desktop

Another desktop wallpaper featuring card art from SKIRMISH- 4K downloads available to backers:

Webcomic Tournament- Final Matchup Imminent

We have the results of the final Bracket 2 match.  Her strength, charm, and resilience were formidable- but Sesame was struck down as Zill powered through for the win:  

 Now the final match is set- tomorrow, prepare for Zoophobia's Zill versus Lackadaisy's Mordecai.  To the winner go the games!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Lilith SKIRMISH desktop art

Here's a desktop background featuring Lilith's card art from SKIRMISH.    We're releasing a 4K version to the backers, because they're helping us turn this game release into something spectacular.  E )

Friday, May 26, 2017

Play Skirmish Free, here.

The SKIRMISH demo is playable online, now, free! Find someone to play in the Dreamkeepers Skirmish Discord chat:

You can set up in TTS or Cockatrice:

Questions with the gameplay? Ask another player, or check out the rules video in the Kickstarter campaign.

Huge thanks to the developers for getting this ready- we're hoping to work out a license agreement with TTS to make the full game available down the road- possibly even before the physical release.  I'll look into whether it's possible to make the Tabletop Simulator version free to backers, and if it's possible, it'll be free to everyone backing the campaign.

Webcomic Tournament Match 06

 Today's match is live- cast your vote here:

The winner of this match will be going up in the Final Round against the winner below:

Mordecai has claimed another victim.   Soon, we will be witness to the clash of the Webcomic Gods.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Stretch Goal- Original Art

All hail the backers!  Beautiful original art has just been unlocked- I can't wait to single out which cards will be getting the treatment.  E )

Newsletter Upgrade

Trying out an upgrade to our newsletter- finally, people can sign up on their own without waiting for me.
E )

Webcomic Tournament Match 05

 It's time for Match 05.   Does a dead fox stand a chance against a cat with a dead heart?    It's up to you:

Vote today, and stage your own rematches when SKIRMISH releases.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

SKIRMISH Rules Video

The first SKIRMISH Rules video is live!

If you know any gamers that might take an interest, please send it their way.
Rules available for download here:

Webcomic Tournament- Bracket 2 Matchups

The first bracket is complete- we now have our matchups for Bracket 2 of the Webcomic Character Tournament:

Below are the vote tallies and results.  And since you'll be able to play all these characters in SKIRMISH- hey, enjoy yourself and get to know them!    They all have webcomics / literature that you can peruse:

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Webcomic Tournament Match 04

Zoophobia's Zill versus Nadia of Control Freak- vote here:

And catch the aftermath of Match 03 in the SKIRMISH Kickstarter update:

Monday, May 22, 2017

Webcomic Character Tournament Match 03

Match 03 of the Tournament is live!
 Vote here-

And check out the aftermath of Match 02 in our full update:

All characters in the tournament will be featured on a playable card in SKIRMISH.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Touch of Treasure- busted!

Touch of Treasure stretch goal busted!   Now the cards will have fancy gold gilding.  8 D
Today, editing visuals for the rules video. #tabletop #card game #kickstarter

Webcomic Tournament Match 02

The new match is live- can Wayward Astronomer's resourceful Miri stand a chance against the ice-cold Mordecai?    Vote here:

And catch the results of yesterday's match on the Kickstarter:
One character down- but you'll be able to play with both of them when the game releases, and simulate rematches to your heart's content.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Playmat Art Feedback

New post- I need feedback on the playmat art!   I'll be checking comments below the KS update.

Webcomic Character Tournament Match 01

The first match is live!  Vote at the link below-  Spread the word, and push your champion to victory.

Match dates and entrants listed here:

Friday, May 19, 2017


The campaign has unlocked playmats!
Now they'll come standard with every boxed edition of SKIRMISH.
I'm going to draw up some thumbnail ideas, and ask the backers for feedback on what art they would like in an update later tonight.

Webcomic Character Tournament- Matchups & Dates
The matchups & dates are set-  and round one is tomorrow!   I'll post a link to voting here when the match goes live, and voting will be up for 24 hours.   Then we'll post results, and on to the next match.

Choose your champion, recruit some backup, and let's have some fun.  

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Webcomic Character Tournament

The characters for the Webcomic Character Tournament have been finalized!  
Only one will emerge victorious- but all of them will be included on a Guest Hero card in the first-edition printing of SKIRMISH.

We'll be posting versus matchups and voting dates later tonight.   The winning webcomic author will receive three boxed editions of SKIRMISH to distribute to their readers in a manner of their choosing.  
Which webcomic will dominate?   Place your bets.

(Links to the featured webcomics:)

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

SpeedPaint- Scuttles SKIRMISH card

Scuttles lives!   See the Demon Dust erupt around his sandman minions in our latest SpeedPaint for SKIRMISH.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

On-screen SKIRMISH template draft

 The developers are honing the script for the upcoming Gameplay / Rules video, and I'm working on the visuals.

This is the template that will be on screen for probably 95% of the video- just a mockup at present, but it will show:

*The tabletop and its three zones, with cards in play.

*Life counters and Resolve for the Light characters and the Dark characters

*Turn count, and the stage of the current turn.

*Player hand, deck, and discard on the left.

It's shaping up to be a fairly comprehensive video, so we'll see how fast I can edit it together once the audio is recorded.   I'll keep you posted!

TRAGIC the Purchasing

I decided to put together a commercial with a splash of cartoony satire on the front end.  I hope it brings a chuckle.  E )

That, or endless oceans of rage.

Special thanks to Chad of the Comics R Kewel podcast for his voice talents.

Gold-Edition SKIRMISH apparel

Fancied up the logo for the Kickstarter edition SKIRMISH shirts- I figure, what's fancier than gold?  
I was planning to throw rubies and emeralds in there, but I couldn't find a pirate chest in time.

Monday, May 15, 2017

He Watches

Our Plush Kickstarter has borne fruit!  The handcrafted plush are now complete.   Enabling scenes such as this.

SpeedPaint- Bast SKIRMISH card art side 2

Watch us paint the art for Bast's SKIRMISH card- rocking out optional.

Sunday, May 14, 2017


We're working on a detailed gameplay & rules video, along with a rules PDF download for you guys.  We're hoping to get those out within a week or less-

But for now, here's a Q&A video.

  For more updates, check out the campaign:

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Vi & Lilith SKIRMISH animation

Webcomic vs Webcomic

I'm pleased to announce impending conflict- it involves webcomics, Bonus Guest cards, free game box giveaways, and tournament-style voting.

Dreamkeepers is currently Kickstarting a new battle card game:

SKIRMISH will now feature eight bonus guest cards- each comic below will have one featured guest character card:

False Start
Star Warriors
Wayward Astronomer
Control Freak

For a batch of characters being deployed into a battle card game- well, what could be more fitting than a tournament?

We're hosting a tournament for the selected characters online, where the readerships vote for their respective champions.   The winning author will receive three boxed SKIRMISH games to give away to the victorious readership, in whatever manner they see fit.  

We're contacting the authors tonight to confirm character choices, and we should be hosting match dates and details for you in the next few days.  

The Tournament is mainly for fun, and allocating the game giveaways- no matter how it goes, every participating character will have a card included in the first-edition printing of SKIRMISH.

(Links to the featured webcomics:)

SpeedPaint- Bast SKIRMISH card Side 1

Our latest SpeedPaint-

Featuring the art for Bast's card in SKIRMISH:

Thursday, May 11, 2017

WOW Six Hours?!

WOW- Six hours, are you kidding me?!  You guys are insane!  #tabletop #Kickstarter #cardgame #gaming

SKIRMISH Kickstarter live now

The campaign is live!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Kickstarter News- SKIRMISH ETA

We have a pile of Kickstarter news from multiple campaigns, so let's jump right in!


First off, the Wayward Astronomer campaign has delivered to backers- and now the hardcover novel is available to the public:

Geo's going to be at Book Expo America later this month to showcase it, alongside Dreamkeepers Volume 1.


The Whip Plush campaign has completed fulfillment to everyone *except* eight folks in the hand-crafted tiers.  (The last 2 Maces are being stitched up as we speak, so they'll all be hitting the mail this month.)  With rewards delivered or en route to everyone, Whip Plush are now publicly available for sale:


And the big one coming down the pipeline- SKIRMISH is slated to launch later this week:

The video (including some full animation) is rendering today, I can't wait to show it.  And the gameplay itself is, I can attest, highly addictive.

Additional SKIRMISH news- we're including some for-fun Bonus Hero cards, featuring characters from other webcomics.   And inspired by this winter's OC Tournament, we'll be launching a webcomic vs webcomic tournament online.  More info on the Webcomic Character Tournament soon.

Once Skirmish is flyin' free, I'll be able to get back on Volume 5 production.  Developing these other DK assets has been a trade-off, sacrificing some V5 production time- but I think the investment will be worth it.   Now the DK community has more media in more formats to enjoy while we work, and our future possibilities have opened dramatically.

Dreamkeepers is growing.  E )  

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Wayward Astronomer- Dueling Destiny

Which means it's time to post some art. 8 ) Check out the Speed Paint of this illustration here:
Congrats to Geo on his novel release, and thanks to everyone for reading, and allowing this fantasy world to flourish.
We're only just beginning.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

SpeedPaint- Wisp SKIRMISH card Side 2

When Liz suggested this song, I couldn't believe how well it fit Wisp's personality...  ties.   Personalities:

Enjoy, and check out the gameplay overview on our Kickstarter draft:

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Speed Paint- Wisp SKIRMISH card side 1

Wisp is slated to be in our new tabletop game.

Here's the speed paint featuring the original art for her SKIRMISH card.   The Kickstarter is nigh- a rough draft of the campaign can be previewed here:

Read the graphic novel series free on our site or using our app:

And catch more content on our Patreon.

Music is "Like a Killer" by Sumo Cyco

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

SKIRMISH game promo photo

Glad I waited on the prototype before making the Skirmish #Kickstarter- photoshoot accomplished, playtest footage coming soon.

Note that the prototype is only preliminary- the final box & cards may have design upgrades, as well as special printing effects if we can hit our stretch goals.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Speed Paint- Vi SKIRMISH card side 2

The speedpaint for side 2 of Vi's card is live- featuring 'Professional Killer' by KMFDM.   

Finished a promotional photo-shoot of our prototype SKIRMISH gear last night- just need to film the test-group on Thursday, edit the video, and the SKIRMISH Kickstarter campaign will be upon us.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Vi animation test

Animation test for our upcoming SKIRMISH card game Kickstarter- I wanted to jazz up the video a bit.

This'll be the first time we've ever animated lip sync for some of our characters- finalizing the color on these animations now.  If you're in Patreon, check out the still!  And stay tuned to our newsletter for the KS launch:

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

SpeedPaint- Vi SKIRMISH card side 1

Enjoy the Speedpaint- we're currently finalizing animations and visual content for the SKIRMISH Kickstarter launch video.   Looking forward to unveiling the campaign, I think this one is gonna be fun.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Doing a Video Game …  I'm going to play a Video Game tonight.  @ComicsKewel and @Boneitis assure me it's a relaxing walking simulator.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Speed Paint- Tendril's SKIRMISH card That strange moment when Britney Spears and an unholy eldritch horror dovetail.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Patreon- How and Why

I had some questions from D.H. Vinci recently about Patreon, and thought I would share the Q & A in the hopes that it might be helpful.

1.When you first launched your patreon, how often did you post/interacted with your patrons?

I don't remember with great precision- it was about a year ago.  I definitely posted once a week at least, because we were able to return to a weekly update schedule for Prelude after launching the Patreon.   That, and I had voting and suggestions for the monthly sketch, and would also share the occasional bit of concept art or link to a contest or whatnot.    I would guesstimate we posted or interacted with the Patrons and Patreon between 3-5 times a week.

2. How long did it take for you to reach your first milestone? What did it feel like knowing you'd be able to keep doing what you love and get that level of support?

First milestone- I think, actually, it took us about a decade.  X D   Even though we launched a Patreon in 2016, I'd been actively straining to promote Dreamkeepers and build a following since- well before 2006, but that's when our first book was released.   Lots of banner ads, contests, campaigns, conventions, book releases, weekly webcomic updates... Building up an audience for the Patreon to tap into took a lot of work over a long period of time.   After launching, it was a relief when we reached the first milestone within... I think it was within 6-8 months.   It's been massively helpful in letting us continue focusing on work.   It's humbling to have that level of help from enough people to generate a difference.

3. What are the social media channels you use? I know FA/DA/twitter. Which one seems to be the most active in terms of you posting and getting feedback on?

I have a complete listing of our social media stuff here:  Facebook and twitter are probably the bigger players in the interaction aspect- lots of people have a presence there, so it's easy for them to follow accounts they like.   They're the most universal.   Deviantart and Furaffinity are probably the biggest of the art accounts, and better for curating a gallery of content that doesn't vanish as quickly into the social media slipstream.   It seems like each platform individually is rather ineffective- but all snowballed together, they can add up.   It's a lot of work to post on every different site though, so I'm not sure at what point it's smarter to provide more responsiveness on fewer platforms.

4. Do you post everything you have (general and adult level content) on all your sites or specific ones? Do you have two facebook accounts for example or two accounts of anything to keep your art and private life separate?

We just post everything everywhere.  My general rule for personal content online is, if I'm not open to the possibility of having it be spread around publicly, then it shouldn't go online, period.   So I don't have anything of a highly personal nature online.   My personal facebook is mainly there so I can host the Dreamkeepers facebook, and for occasionally posting bird videos.  Just simpler that way, for me.
When it comes to X-rated or adult content, we don't have a lot- I don't want to surprise casual followers on social media with content that goes outside our normal range, so I post it in the art accounts where we attach the suitable rating category.

5. Why did you choose per month instead of per creation?

I didn't want to think twice before posting content.   I wanted the Patreon to open up more content from me.   But if people have to pay per-post, then suddenly I'm stopping to wonder whether this or that bit of art is 'worth' it.   Unless only some posts count, and others don't?    That starts to sound complex, and if it's making me have questions, I can only imagine prospective backers will be having similar uncertainty.    Just a flat amount per month seemed simple, easy to understand, easy for backers to manage and adjust.   And then I could post stuff on a whim, hopefully helping me make the Patreon more worthwhile for backers.  I think different Patreons might benefit from the other system, but I personally prefer monthly.

6. What advice would you give before and after launching a patreon to people like me looking to start one?

Hmm- it's going to be difficult.   I would say, prepare for a marathon, not a sprint.  There are so many people starting Patreons now, that I think it's difficult to stand out in the crowd.   I think the only thing that saved us was having that pre-built readership from the past decade.  They already placed a certain amount of value on the work we were producing- so it worked when we created an avenue for them to express that value.   But creating value for people is difficult- because first off, it's difficult to make something that is really good, and will actually be entertaining and worthwhile for others.  And secondly, it's an entirely different challenge to make people *understand* that you have something of value for them.  In that regard, I think Patreons can actually pose a risk to beginning creators.   If you place all your best content behind a paywall, it's going to be near impossible for people who don't yet value it to discover it.  For us, it took a decade of advertising, and posting free content.   If there's a faster way to building a following, I would absolutely love to utilize it.  But the only thing I've tried that has worked is continuous effort and adaptation over an extended timeframe.   So, not trying to be a Negative Nate- but don't expect fast success or growth.   You're probably just setting up for disappointment with that expectation.  It's going to take effort and innovation to lure every single reader, the process of creating value- and then making people want it enough to pay for it.

7. What struggles did/do you face with keeping your commitment to your patrons monthly?

My burden is relatively light, actually.   Our Patreon rewards are almost entirely composed of the same thing we've been doing- Prelude comics, graphic novel, other Dreamkeepers related projects.  So, it's simply enabling me to continue working on what I was struggling to work on anyways.    The only major obligation entirely due to Patreon is the Sketch of the Month, which Patrons suggest ideas for, and vote on.   And one drawing a month is pretty easy to fit in.  

I've seen some artists offer commissions and customized art to individual backers for certain tiers- and especially if they have a sizeable following, that can spiral out of control relatively quickly.   And if people only join because they wanted individualized art- if that provision is untenable, and must be withdrawn later, it carries the risk of shedding backers.  I've offered no individualized art or commissions- and our backer level is likely lower because of that, but it also seems relatively stable.

8. What would you recommend doing if you've fallen behind on what you produce every month?

I would just stay open about it- talk to your Patrons, let them know if you're behind, and maybe include some info on what you're doing to catch up, and the nature of the obstacles you're grappling with if appropriate.   Mainly, people don't want to be jerked around for no reason.   If you're doing your best, then just let them know what's going on, and most people will respect that.  
If you're falling behind often, then it's likely your rewards are too time intensive.    It might be time to let your Patrons know you're overextended, and then retool the tiers.  If the Patreon is always keeping you distracted from your real work, or the project you're actually driving towards, then at a certain point it can be more of a hindrance than a help.   If the Patreon is paying you to *not* do your main project, then it's misaligned and will hurt you in the long term.  Especially because, once you establish revenue from a certain model of service, it's very difficult to change that model because then you're incurring risk.   It's better to try and build the model you want from the get-go.

9. Have your rewards changed at all since you launched them or do you plan to improve them later on after certain goals have been met?

My rewards did change once- I wanted to offer something more tangible to $5-and-up backers.  But I didn't want to open up huge customized art commitments- and I also didn't want to start doing strict "Backer Exclusive" art that nobody else could ever see.  We show stuff to the Patrons early- but eventually, I want all our readers to enjoy the results.   I wanted our Patreon to result in more content for everyone, not less.   One backer mentioned they'd like PSD downloads of our art- and bingo!   That seemed like a reasonable extra- one that didn't impact my time, and one that I didn't plan on sharing universally anyways.    And it was tangible, and people wanted it, so boom.   I think that reward has really helped strengthen our $5 tier.

10. What is your monthly schedule like? How do you balance your patron work with commissions and/or other work you do on a daily basis?

Right now my monthly schedule is a bit broken- I'm reacting to urgent tasks more than I'd like.   We need to launch the Kickstarter for SKIRMISH soon- the game designers have put so much work into the game, that I don't think it's right for me to delay, and it's already later than I'd wanted.   Meanwhile the Plush Kickstarter has just moved into fulfillment mode, so I have a ton of mailing to tackle.    Between those, and hitting weekly Prelude updates, I'm playing a touchy game of keepup.   But 'pinch' times like this aren't the norm.

Usually, I take the first week of the month to hit a commission from our queue, catch up on business, and try to wipe out miscellaneous business, personal, and art chores- including the Sketch of the Month voted on by the Patrons.    The next 3 weeks prioritize quota artwork- keeping our Prelude quota, and a page quota for the graphic novel series.  
I'm trying to get into a weekly schedule, as well, where I briefly catch up on social media and e-mails once a week, in addition to the weekly webcomic and Discord chat.   I operate best when I can devote an entire day to intensive work on art, or another task.  

11. I know Patreon takes 5% of monthly profits, are there any other fees I should be mindful of? Do you use paypal as your way to collect your income?

There are other fees- credit card processing, dropped pledges, etc.    Paypal will take a cut if you sell through them, Amazon takes a cut- every provider or platform out there has to sustain itself, not to mention taxes.   After years and years of struggling, when you're finally beginning to catch some air and make a living off your work- BAM.   Expect to be brutally shut down during tax time.  Artists are self employed, and you won't believe how bloodthirsty taxes are for you until it happens.   But I don't focus too much on all these fees- because I can't alter them, so I may as well just focus on getting bigger, getting better, producing more value.  The answer is to just power through- as smart as you can- but ultimately, to grow and get big enough to sustain the cost of doing business.

12. As a writer, how do you go about making your stories? I know you make graphic novels but the story comes first so do you know everything that's going to happen in the stories you write or do you make it up as you go along? Or do you know the beginning and ending of your story and just work through the middle while knowing the endgame?

It's rather a mix.    The graphic novels are plotted with far more precision than Prelude.   Between each book release we revise and revise the overall story, and it tightens, becoming more precise and interlocked.  So we have a lot of guidance from the story outline when writing the graphic novels- the main character arcs, events, angles, and exposition are already laid out.   Prelude is more fluid- we know where it's going, we have some story ideas and character arcs in mind, but we like to leave some flex in there.   Prelude can accommodate more exploration- inspired by Calvin and Hobbes, sometimes a self-contained little story can emerge that doesn't necessarily advance the over-arching events.   But it's meaningful in and of itself, so we let it happen in Prelude.

13. Since I'll be writing my stories out and using them to post every month for patrons, if you were to follow solely writers on patrons how much would you expect/would like to see produced? Like chapters or page numbers?

I'm not sure- Chapters can be long or short, depending on the author and pacing of the events.   I would say, maybe one chapter a month- or at least one scene / sequence unit, where a protagonist tackles an obstacle in pursuit of a goal, action occurs, there's a result (usually a setback,) and then they have to react and plan their next move.   Some meaningful monthly unit like that would be great.   If there were additional small treats scattered throughout the weeks, it might help- fragments of character dialogue, What-if questions, small observations or bits of lore perhaps.   Some tidbits to keep people appetized and interested, then a meal per month to keep them satisfied.

So that's my two cents worth for now- Check out D.H. Vinci's preview page here:

And best of fortunes to everyone setting their sights on creation.  8 )


Monday, March 27, 2017

SKIRMISH Box art, draft 1

Box on the way!
I need some representative props for the Kickstarter video, so this is our draft 01 of the SKIRMISH box art.
The final box may be scaled differently, depending upon the size of the final components, and we may have other tweaks to make as well.
Checking the pricing for counters and D20s of various materials now, so we can calibrate our stretch goals.

Speed Paint: SKIRMISH card- Igrath side 2

Igrath is slated to be in our new tabletop game.

Here's the speed paint featuring the original art for his SKIRMISH card.   Stay tuned to Dreamkeepers news for the Kickstarter launch:

Read the graphic novel series free on our site or using our app:

And catch more content on our Patreon.

Music is by Sabaton, "Coat of Arms," instrumental version.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

TeePublic Sale

Merch sale today: Also, bear in mind- we're hoping to hook up some exclusive #Teepublic stuff for the SKIRMISH #Kickstarter backers later this month.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Firebrat Interview with Comics R Kewel

Coming this Christmas from Vivid, a heartwarming... Thing.  Catch the creator interview on @ComicsKewel!

Speed Paint- Igrath SKIRMISH card side 1

Love the music Liz selected for this one.

Winter is- er, I mean, the Kickstarter is coming.

The game designers poured so much effort into polishing SKIRMISH, I want it to work out for them- consider sharing these SpeedPaints around to help us spread the word, and you just may have more people to Skirmish with.  E )

Friday, March 17, 2017

Newsletter update- SKIRMISH and more

Chat and Sketch Speed Draw 01

Catch a Speed-Draw from our last Chat-n-Sketch- and watch the new one live at 5pm EST today.

Vi Plush Party

The handcrafted Vi Plush are done- I've never seen a Plush with such a range of motion.  You can see the level of articulation here:    Huge kudos to Liz for making this happen- next up, Mace is getting the treatment.