Friday, June 28, 2019

Couchcon Free Panels, and Dealer Discounts

Ready to wait in line?

NO you’re not! There are no lines at Couchcon. Comin’ up July5th, the convention that comes to you.

Big Dealers! (Some you will MISS at Anthrocon this year), and they’ve got smashing deals for Couchcon weekend only.

We’re talking free comics with purchase, original art auctions tba, 10% off Furry Dakimakura orders, 50% off select items from M&T Comics & Cards, special commissions opened from yours truly, and more.

Plus enjoy and comment on our panels throughout the weekend.

Streaming on the Dreamkeeper Twitch channel, the panel schedule is as follows (All times EST)


3-4 pm- Coding and Creativity. Updates on the Dreamkeepers app (and possibly more) hosted by Minako.

8-9 pm- Living Landscapes. How to infuse hidden stories, depth, and realism when drawing your settings, by David.


3-4 pm- Story, Writing, and what makes a satisfying book, hosted by award-winning author Geoffrey Thomas.

6-7 pm- VIVID VAULT update. Checking in on the contestants, and how they’re progressing on the challenges.

8-9 pm- Character Design- visual tips and story hooks to distinguish primary & background characters, with David.


4-5 pm- Lore Q&A. Learn more about the world of Dreamkeepers, and get the answers you need with David.

6-7 pm- Vivid Tomorrows. We talk about the future of the Dreamkeepers franchise- now expanded to games, music, and more- introduce you to some new Vivid authors, reveal upcoming releases, and detail overall plans for the counterculture war against the forces of Disney.

Thank you to the Dealers jumping into the first year of Couchcon, and to all the attendees: Attendence is free. We’re looking forward to a great weekend together.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Vampire Holidays 1- Valentine's Day

Heaven and Hell have something in common; they both need reliable accounting. Angel or devil, Gray Associates, CPAs doesn't judge. Instead the firm offers neutral financial services with guaranteed security & discretion. The fact that the Night Office Manager is a sultry vampire named Vanessa should be of no particular consequence to a dutifully focused accountant. Until Valentine's Day.

“Vampire Holidays” is the latest title from Vivid Publishing. Read the first installment for free via e-book:

Which, Angel or Normal, any accountant can verify is an optimal value proposition. Subsequent holidays will track the romance and intrigue as it unfolds, for a modest entry into the ledger. Look forward to Chapter 2, coming this July 4th.