Friday, January 4, 2013

Status Report!

First off, some fun stuff- there’s a new reader-created motion comic up!

If you haven’t read Volume 1, beware- spoilers await.

There’s an open call for aspiring voice actors and artists who’d be interested in making more- the readers are recruiting here:

I haven’t been up to anything quite so glamorous- packaging books.  But even though it’s bereft of glitter and jazz solos, it’s still exciting to me.  I’ve never had so many orders to package at once before, so it’s a whole new experience- but thinking that every individual book and sticker and label is destined to launch out to someone who wants it is incredibly gratifying.

Hundreds of books have been sharpie signed & doodled, and next week hundreds of envelopes should be hitting the mail.  I’m hoping another two weeks will get all the Volume 3 fulfillment done.

Hang in there- they’re coming!

Once I deliver on Volume 3, I’ll come back in here and blather a bit about our 2013 plans.