Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sneak Peek #13: Demonic Gorgeousness

Finished art, at last! Here, have some evil:

It feels great to finally have some Volume 3 pages complete. We've got over 30 pages of Chapter 7 in various stages of production; Blue sketches, pencils, panel layouts, color blocking. But nothing quite satisfies like seeing a page polished, pretty, and done.

Of course, there will be some minor tweaks on these pages before publication. Occasionally a particular line of dialogue will be difficult to nail down. But rather than bring the entire project to a screeching halt, we use a placeholder phrase and keep moving. To make sure we don't forget and publish drivel, (unintended drivel), the dialogue is highlighted in red.

More pencils and pages are in the near future.

Also for your reading pleasure, we have Miscellaneous News - the best kind!

NEWS! The page comparing contest will happen - I haven't forgotten! I'm just ignoring it right now because A) I forgot about it for awhile, B) We still haven't started printing second editions, and C) I'm happily distracted by Volume 3. Hang in there, I'll announce it on DA, FA, Twitter, and here when I finally set it up.

NEWS! Islamic extremists must now wage jihad against Facebook for it's "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" page. ...This news doesn't really have any bearing on me, I just get a huge kick from watching people issue death threats to Facebook while simultaneously taking themselves seriously.

NEWS! This weekend at ACEN was a smashing success - we actually were able to give away all 1,000 posters packs! I wasn't certain we could - we couldn't even roll & wrap the posters until we were at the con table. 1,000 rolled posters would have ballooned far beyond the confines of our bitty car. The result of these circulating DK posters is still up in the air, but I think it will gradually pull in some fresh readers.

NEWS! Domestic alligator attacks against empty milk jugs escalated by 100% this week... I told you it was miscellaneous news time...

NEWS! DK Posters will be up for sale online sometime after Anthrocon this summer.

NEWS! Prelude is officially in the top 100 of the 'Top Webcomics' site. Thanks to everyone for voting us there!

That's it for now - we're plugging away at Volume 3, so new Sneak Peeks shouldn't be too far off.