Friday, April 26, 2019

Vi Mk III animation cycle concept progress

The Monthly Vivid Poll brings us some animated Vi action for April:

Backers enjoy on Patreon, or if you don't like that platform, NewProject2 gives us better rates:

It's in our posting queue to share with the public eventually.  I'm hoping we'll have the opportunity to add color & finishing effects to this, but it was great to try out some new techniques regardless.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

This weekend- Couchcon

Skip the line- first Couchcon is this weekend!

Our dealers go live online with everything you can dream of. Some of them are running special weekend discounts.

We're going to offer some special stuff too:

Commission slots (Ranging from $180-$5), hand-painted figurine sets, Troika patches and keychains, buttons, original pencil art, Vivid Publishing Sketchbooks, and more- but quantities are limited.

Free bookmark included with every order.

And we will be cracking open a case of Skirmish games to be available for sale during Couchcon. Everything will go live in our online store this Thursday night, before midnight.

Thank you to everyone enjoying the story, and helping us carry on. We're excited to bring you more- new Volume 5 page coming to Patreon and Dark Market backers tomorrow.