Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Another impressive line for my resume’.

We have a V3 completion date from the printer- December 21st!  

Then begins my weeks of signing, sticker-stuffing, packaging, and rounds to the post office.   However, this guarantees I can’t deliver V3 Pre-Orders in time for Christmas.

Thereby destroying it.

I was waiting in fear for Santa to swoop in and foil me, but it appears my precautions on that front have paid off in full.  A little garlic goes a long way…  Or hadn’t you heard?

Santa = vampire.

If you have a Volume 3 Pre-Order, I’ve e-mailed you regarding this.  (The release date, not Santa being undead.)  So if there’s nothing in your inbox from me today, be sure to e-mail me and ensure we have the right contact info on file for you.

I find it curious that Volume 3’s print date falls on the exact day the Mayans predicted earths’ cataclysmic finale.

Everyone have a safe apocalyptic holiday season!

Friday, November 9, 2012

V3 Pre-Orders: COUNTDOWN

Volume 3 is with the printer right now- in a few more weeks, our apartment will be 1,000 books heavier.  Once they‘re here, Pre-Orders will close so we can focus exclusively on packaging & mailing them without confusing ourselves.  I’m expecting us to be mailing for at least two solid weeks-

This means if you want to receive Volume 3 before Christmas, be sure to get your Pre-Orders in now before they close!

And might I take this opportunity to point out that nothing is more in keeping with the warm yuletide spirit than neon cartoon characters struggling for survival against bloodthirsty Lovecraftian horrors.

If you know anyone that might like V3 for Christmas, or even someone that would be interested in Pre-Ordering themselves, please spread the word!
I’m keen on finishing Volume 4 fast- ideally within a year.  Every single V3 order is going to support this goal.

E-books:  We’ll get Volume 3 formatted and available as soon as I’m finished delivering Pre-Orders.  I also plan to get all books available in Nook, Kindle, and whatever else those crazy kids are using these days.

Meanwhile, I’m getting the Halloween Fanart beads sculpted and painted, and I have some other surprises in mind for the remainder of 2012...

Thank you again to everyone for your incredible patience and support!  The next book is almost here, and I think we may be in a position to kick this whole project into high gear.