Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Another impressive line for my resume’.

We have a V3 completion date from the printer- December 21st!  

Then begins my weeks of signing, sticker-stuffing, packaging, and rounds to the post office.   However, this guarantees I can’t deliver V3 Pre-Orders in time for Christmas.

Thereby destroying it.

I was waiting in fear for Santa to swoop in and foil me, but it appears my precautions on that front have paid off in full.  A little garlic goes a long way…  Or hadn’t you heard?

Santa = vampire.

If you have a Volume 3 Pre-Order, I’ve e-mailed you regarding this.  (The release date, not Santa being undead.)  So if there’s nothing in your inbox from me today, be sure to e-mail me and ensure we have the right contact info on file for you.

I find it curious that Volume 3’s print date falls on the exact day the Mayans predicted earths’ cataclysmic finale.

Everyone have a safe apocalyptic holiday season!

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Chris Miller said...

Well played, sir. Well played.