Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Demise of Tendril’s Demise

Random news- we’re in the process of moving our evil lair. I’ll be offline and disguised until we can fortify the new apartment and reconfigure the death rays.

Before we black out, have a few quick DK news bites:

Volume 3 is now available on the Kindle, and PDF downloads are also available for sale.  That’s correct- not e-books, but the much-requested downloads are now live!

We’re launching our first Kickstarter campaign this spring / summer for a Prelude book collection.

To that end, I’m gathering printing quotes to see what our Kickstarter target should be- so do people want hardcover books, or soft cover?  If you’re interested, please hit up our poll on DeviantArt:

You’ll also see a poll regarding the update schedule for Prelude- if you have a preference, please cast a vote and let us know!

One last note.  Before starting V4 scripting, we worked on a lot of revisions for the overall Dreamkeepers story plan.  With the improvements I’m more excited than ever to be working on bringing the series to life- but, alas.  Some things have been left on the cutting room floor.

One of those things is Tendril’s Demise ( ), a 2007 comic we had planned to fit in with the story.

After revisions, Tenril’s Demise is officially non-canon.  Now it’s only fun.

Everyone hang tight, and keep an eye out for Kickstarter news coming soon!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ebooks vs Downloads

Quick announcement- we recently released Volume 3 as an e-book, on a bunch of different platforms.

However, e-books aren't downloadable- after purchasing, you can only read them when you're online.  I've had a lot of requests for V3 *downloads* to be available for sale.

In years past we sold V1 and V2 downloads from our site, but I had to stop.   Selling the downloads personally meant I had a myriad of technical customer service issues to solve, and it escalated to the point where I didn't have enough time to focus on making books.

However, the recent requests prompted me to seek a download-selling solution that would bypass this problem- it looks like Lulu sells pdf downloads from their site, so I'm planning to make all three volumes available there.

Between current busy-ness and an upcoming move, the pdf sales probably won't be set up this spring- probably more like this summer.  But I wanted to announce the intent early, to keep you guys informed.