Saturday, June 29, 2013

Reader Spotlight

I’m always amazed at the sheer creativity Dreamkeepers readers exhibit-  so I figure I should start sharing the fun!

Check out the latest DK motion-comic adaptation from Darkspeeds:

Plus he’s holding auditions for voice talent in the next one.  (I’m behind in announcements, so I’m not sure if the auditions are still going on.)

Ever wondered what Grunn was like as a young man?  So has Kiyo- check out the mini-comic:

And polishing off our first Readers Spotlight, I’d like to present Mr. Reaverable and his music to everyone!

If you’ve ever wished for a soundtrack to Dreamkeepers, then you need look no further.  Reaverable has crafted full scores for every graphic novel release, and more- even creating music for Prelude.  It’s rare to see someone pour so much effort into creating while expecting so little in return.  And it’s all available for free on his you tube channel!

A big thank you from us to Mr. Reaverable, for your undimmed awesomeness.

That’s it for our first Reader Spotlight- short ‘n sweet.  No idea how frequently I’ll do these, but I hope you enjoyed the first one!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Oh, the things you'll see

Since our move to more settled lodgings, we wandered about the immediate area and documented some of the finer attractions:

Post-Apocalyptic Basketball Court
After society crumbles, this is where we’ll hold the tribunals for our neighbors.

Our Own Amusement Park
It’s got Sea- it’s got Land- what more do you want?  Free admission?  YOU GOT IT!

Tiny Runway
I presume David the Gnome became a CEO, owns a private jet, and lives nearby.  If there’s another explanation, I’d like to hear it.

Tanning Toilets
But they’re so pale, all they can really do is get burned.

Caught In the Act

This one time we walked in on two bikes having sex.

The Wanderer
This cart has cut itself free from the expectations of society, and can be seen roaming the hillsides at random.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

V4 Sneak Peek #3: Chapter KO

The Chapter 10 pencils are finished!

Lately I’ve been hell-bent on that task, so we have a backlog of other announcements.

New DK motion comics, reader creations, V3 reviews, the discovery of a tiny runway- rather than jumble it all into one pile, expect a scattering of posts over the next week or so.

Also this next week, we’ll be shifting gears to finalize the Prelude Kickstarter!  If you don’t know how Kickstarter works, check it out:

If we hit our goal, there will be books and prizes and fun galore- but it’s an all-or-nothing prospect, so we need all the help we can get.  The campaign goes live in July- everyone prepare your megaphones in advance, please.  There will be an inspection.

Also in July, we’ll be showing up at Anthrocon- for anyone attending, we’ll be lurking in the Dealer’s Room if you want to say hi!

And without further ado, here are some Chapter 10 Sneak Peeks:

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Readers who have been with us for some time may remember our old car, the 'For The Win' Escort and its Spectacular Engine Death: (click for larger pictures)

Continuing the noble tradition, we’re excited to announce the obituary for our latest and greatest vehicular diorama- the Vahvoom.

The car started out normal, and therefore impossible to find in a parking lot.  The Oldsmobile 88 was lacking neon fins or an on-command glitter cannon, we just never cared enough about cars to note their distinguishing features.

So Liz added some.  The secret to pulling off this effect?

Cardboard, duct tape, a couple pinwheels, and a few judiciously placed rhinestones.  Then you, too, can look unstable enough to ensure others let you change lanes unchallenged.

The design was inspired by the song 'Drive Like Lightening Crash Like Thunder' by the Brian Setzer Orchestra , and in due time lived up to its anthem.

Current transportation may not be as colorful, but you can’t beat a one cent ride.