Thursday, June 27, 2013

Oh, the things you'll see

Since our move to more settled lodgings, we wandered about the immediate area and documented some of the finer attractions:

Post-Apocalyptic Basketball Court
After society crumbles, this is where we’ll hold the tribunals for our neighbors.

Our Own Amusement Park
It’s got Sea- it’s got Land- what more do you want?  Free admission?  YOU GOT IT!

Tiny Runway
I presume David the Gnome became a CEO, owns a private jet, and lives nearby.  If there’s another explanation, I’d like to hear it.

Tanning Toilets
But they’re so pale, all they can really do is get burned.

Caught In the Act

This one time we walked in on two bikes having sex.

The Wanderer
This cart has cut itself free from the expectations of society, and can be seen roaming the hillsides at random.

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