Thursday, July 24, 2014

Namah and Wisp - figurines ahoy!

Something I had been experimenting with a few years back was how to make a suitable Namah or Wisp figurine.  The challenge, unlike Mace, Whip, or a curled up Vi, is that these characters have very thin and delicate limbs.

Playing with the materials, I made a sample hanging Wisp and a panicked Namah.  The figures shown did not survive the fire.

Figures like these are so delicate that the cast molds I was making wouldn’t pick up important details like fingers or facial expressions, so I was left with destroyed sculpture and nothing to show.  So resin is out of the question, as well as any form of DIY mass produced technique.

We’ve only offered the Mace and Whip resin figures (on hold of the moment) and the Vi pajama figures (permanently out of stock) so how to introduce some of our other cast of more delicate figures?  Is it possible to make Vi in a different pose?  I would to hate to be limited to a blocky sculpture that has Namah on it somewhere, so her tail and legs don’t break.  And what would Tendril look like without a few swoops?

The original sculpt of a character holds so much more detail then the casts ever can.  I believe that by using a sturdy armature underneath each form, and at times having a minor assemblage (connect torso to legs), I can make something sturdy enough to arrive intact to a customer.

So I’m open to an experiment:

Would anyone we interested in a hanging Wisp or alert Namah?  Since they are hand made and painted, I would need a three week window to complete each one.  There’s still Prelude and Volume 4 to work on, so I could only take a few orders at a time.  We think that two auctions per character would be reasonable to start.