Sunday, August 23, 2009


Yes, furry stimulus package. Find out why it really would be the salvation of the global economy.

That, plus 'Flying Coward Man', and more are all just a click away: in the latest Anthropodcast by Flain.

Liz and I were invited to be guests on this episode, and it was a blast! In addition to chatting back and forth about general nonsense, we also got to talk about the graphic novel series, and how progress on that has been going. So for any who may take an interest, give it a listen, and have a good time!

Disclaimer - I didn't have much sleep for this.

In other fun news, somebody in the Dreamkeepers forum recently made a quiz! It's fun - go look! Find out which Dreamkeeper you'd wind up being, if you were to wake up one day and find yourself far too chromatic.

Well that's it for now... But remember to eat your vegetables, and read your weekly Prelude comic.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

V3 Sneak Peek #5

I'm working with Mace and company again, which really feels fantastic - it's been a long time since I drew them for the graphic novels! I find that I have to be cautious on their proportions, since I'm so used to drawing their childhood Prelude versions. Namah's got longer hair and horns, Lilith is taller and has styled hair, and Mace... Well, he didn't really grow all that much. But he is in a different outfit, so that's something. And, of course, Whip's got a much deeper voice in the graphic novels. Big, booming bass squeaks. All important considerations for me to bear in mind as an artist.

The scene returns virtually where it left off, in the foothills of the Starfall Mountains. Finally, after 2 books worth of lurking at the back of the narrative, Bast is coming into play. I've been looking forward to his entry into the story. It's a lot of fun from a writing standpoint, because the earlier group of 4 characters (Mace, Whip, Lilith, Namah) had a very stable and cohesive dynamic going for it. Bast's entry into the equation changes things, and creates the opening for interpersonal conflicts to come into play as another layer to the narrative.

A few more pages of pencils, and half the drawings for this chapter will be finished. Half the drawings of one chapter, for a 3 chapter book, which will be in color, may not necessarily be a harbinger of imminent completion... But powering through a marathon of work, I need those psychologically boosting milestones.

Plans? Spooky.

Halloween is coming! Just a reminder to any who are interested, we're bringing back the Dreamkeepers Halloween Fanart Contest for its 4th year. The past few years were an absolute blast - lots of spooky art and fun entries, and a lot of prizes too! This will be the first year we've had a forum to complement the ceremonies - I'm planning on creating a special Halloween-themed area for people to come in, chat, and post any and all things Halloween related. Costume photos, real-life creepy stories, urban legends, links to bizarre seasonal pics or videos, and of course feedback and reactions to the Fanart contest itself. Prizes and rules are yet to be announced, but we plan on using last year's general categories: The handmade bead prizes will be returning for certain, along with free Trick-or-Treat stickers mailed out for every single entry. It should be a lot of fun, so spread the word, swing in for a visit, and feel free to contribute some art if the mood strikes!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Double Barrel Reviews

If you like to read reviews of the Dreamkeeper graphic novels as much as I do, then get ready - you're gonna love this. 8 )

There's a new professional review posted online covering Volume 1 - Check out 'From the Tomb', an online magazine celebrating horror comics through the ages: The site just looks like fun in general, especially for people that enjoy creeptastic horror type stuff, so enjoy! 8 )

Topping off the review news this week, we've had a particularly nice review come in from a reader just lately, which I've added to the Volume 1 reader review scroll box on the site: It's in the scroll-box right next to the paypal buttons, and right below the page samples. Nothing like subtlety, I say.

In other news, there should be a new 'Behind the Scenes' update for Volume 3 appearing on the site within a week, and a new shipment of graphic novels from our printer will be putting both V1 and V2 books back in stock shortly!