Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Double Barrel Reviews

If you like to read reviews of the Dreamkeeper graphic novels as much as I do, then get ready - you're gonna love this. 8 )

There's a new professional review posted online covering Volume 1 - Check out 'From the Tomb', an online magazine celebrating horror comics through the ages: The site just looks like fun in general, especially for people that enjoy creeptastic horror type stuff, so enjoy! 8 )

Topping off the review news this week, we've had a particularly nice review come in from a reader just lately, which I've added to the Volume 1 reader review scroll box on the site: It's in the scroll-box right next to the paypal buttons, and right below the page samples. Nothing like subtlety, I say.

In other news, there should be a new 'Behind the Scenes' update for Volume 3 appearing on the site within a week, and a new shipment of graphic novels from our printer will be putting both V1 and V2 books back in stock shortly!

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