Sunday, August 23, 2009


Yes, furry stimulus package. Find out why it really would be the salvation of the global economy.

That, plus 'Flying Coward Man', and more are all just a click away: in the latest Anthropodcast by Flain.

Liz and I were invited to be guests on this episode, and it was a blast! In addition to chatting back and forth about general nonsense, we also got to talk about the graphic novel series, and how progress on that has been going. So for any who may take an interest, give it a listen, and have a good time!

Disclaimer - I didn't have much sleep for this.

In other fun news, somebody in the Dreamkeepers forum recently made a quiz! It's fun - go look! Find out which Dreamkeeper you'd wind up being, if you were to wake up one day and find yourself far too chromatic.

Well that's it for now... But remember to eat your vegetables, and read your weekly Prelude comic.

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Tygepc said...

Wow. I've never met any one who had a pet alligator before. It was really cool to read about Tally. I wonder what hotel pet laws would think of her at conventions?