Friday, October 2, 2009

V3 Sneak Peek #6: Totally unrelated.

It's been awhile since the last Sneak Peek for Volume 3 - sorry about the delay. Kidnapped by a Mexican drug cartel during a discrete fact-finding trip to Latin America, I wasn't able to post an update until I'd fashioned a lock pick from a chicken bone, and surreptitiously made my way back to the States disguised as an illegal immigrant.

Well... Perhaps that story is only partially true - in the sense that it's not at all. But admittedly, it does sound cooler than my actual excuse - and it certainly carries more machismo.

...I was working on my web-site. HTML FTW!

There, I said it. I hope you’re happy. I was content with the ’escaping from drug lords’ storyline, but you had to have the “facts“. Well, persnickety one, prepare to be entertained.

I switched gears in September to focus on web design, and the effort was more work-intensive than anticipated. With the Halloween Fanart contest coming up again, I realized that it would be roughly the one year anniversary of the new gallery pages of the site... And correspondingly, the one year anniversary of nearly every gallery being labeled as ’Under Construction’. Fearing the truth would be revealed, and my fallacious usage of the phrase ’under construction’ exposed for the lie that it is, I figured it was time to get some web pages done.

The Fanart, Commissions, and Tutorials galleries are now open for viewing. I’m also finishing up the Prelude cast & storylines pages, more placeholder history for the ‘Dreamworld’ page, and I hope to get the digital book sales (finally!) set up in October, as well as a primary ‘characters’ page on the website.

Once all of that is accomplished, I’ll have - for the first time ever - a relatively complete and functional website for Dreamkeepers. I’m rather looking forward to it! Then I can jump back into Volume 3 production, with no diversions. And even though my penciling has stalled out over the last month, the colors are still moving forward in that 1st half of Chapter 7 - so once I’m back on task, some fully shaded and completed pages won’t be too far off.

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Michael Sweeney said...

HTML and XHTML for the win! However most webdesigners prefer the power of a thing called PHP (I have very little experiencing in the latter).

I'm glad you made it out of Mexico alive too. :3

I'm looking forward to getting a copy of Volume 3. In the mean time I'll just chill on the forums and relax with some 'Prelude'.