Saturday, November 30, 2013

Vi Figurine Auction

Vi Figurine Auction
We’re back from Midwest Furfest- thank you to everyone who made it out there to see us, it was absolutely a blast!
And here’s a video:

It’s another behind-the-scenes look at production of the new DK poster- plus some preliminary footage of the Prelude Collection proof copies. Both books and posters are currently being printed, and inching closer to full fledged availability.Speaking of availability- there’s our auction starting December 1st:
We have three Vi figurines we’ll be selling on e-bay. Hand-cast from a silicone mold, they’re composed of resin. Sculpey clay is notoriously fragile, but not resin- these Vi’s are so durable, they’re close to unbreakable.
Liz painstakingly hand-paints each figurine, starting with some deeper base coats to keep the colors intense, and finishing off with protective matte finish and glossy eyes.
So why an auction instead of regular, bottomless website sales?
Because we’re not making any more of these. Hand-crafting resin is tricky and time-consuming, and a few DK sculpts have already been lost due to the uncertainty inherent in the process.
Therefore, the remaining 9 Vi sculpts we possess are the last there will ever be. Only three are currently painted and ready for daylight. If you’d like one of them, pop in here on the 1st, and we’ll post the auction link once it goes live.
One quick note before I dash: If anyone has plans to purchase graphic novels as Christmas gifts, please order them early! International packages spend up to a month in transit, and even domestic orders take a week or two to arrive. If domestic gift orders are placed after the first week of December, they may not make the date.
That’s it for now- we’ll post a link here when the Vi figurine auctions goes live!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Chicago bound

We’ll be at Midwest Furfest this weekend, sharing a table compliments of the magnificent Hopeful Monster Studios:

Anyone attending, we’d love to say hi!

And after a solid three weeks of work, the new 18 x 24 Kickstarter-funded Dreamkeepers poster has been FINISHED.

I had this nifty idea to make progress video updates as I went- but, as usual, I became a hell-bent workaholic and couldn’t break focus until I had killed my mastadon.

However, I did save samples of the artwork as it was being done- so I plan to post those progress videos after all, in the next week or two.

If you pretend the poster isn’t done yet, they’ll be every bit as exciting as they would have been.

Also on the task list is to refresh our Prelude que and catch up on e-mails and commissions.  I’ll be doing as much of that as possible up until the Prelude Collection books arrive, at which point I’ll be in for about a solid month of packaging and mailing.

Last bit of news before I dash to pack-

We’ll be having our first ever Dreamkeepers eBay auction the first week of December.  Liz has some Vi figurines being polished for sale- more details on that when we return!