Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sneak Peek #24: Halfway

Alright... I got a full night of sleep last night, and it was awesome, and I think I'm coherent enough to write this. WORDS, DON'T FAIL ME NOW!

Chapter 9 pencils are halfway there! Page 112 was nailed yesterday, right on schedule. It was making it happen on my self-imposed schedule that turned out to be hell.

Not the drawing part- I love drawing. It was all the not-drawing that was tortuous. See, I have this kind of secret identity thing going... While by day I'm a mild mannered cartoonist, by... Other days, I don a spectacularly baggy uniform (Security guards were never imagined to eat fewer than 37 donuts a day) and enforce safety on the world. Duty turned out to be pretty clingy the last couple weeks, and was calling me quite a lot more than I prefer. There were parking lots- parking lots in dire need of security.

I answered the call, and let me tell you- those parking lots weren't going ANYWHERE while I was on the job. I watched the hell out of them.

Drawing, eating, sleeping, all collided into the remaining time in my schedule and fought for dominance. Drawing won, and here we are!

Because in Anduruna they have quality entertainment, we’re proud to present to you… Trio-de-Fortress! The fictional crime-fighting trio with their own prime-time franchise. They’re our spoof-equivalent of superhero / action television programming… So they’re fully intended to be the most bone-headedly clich├ęd, simple concept imaginable. It was SO fun designing them. I believe Gorse mentioned them once in Prelude, but we haven’t had a chance to show them anywhere yet. …Yet.

The wiggly pile of delightful malice is, in fact, that rhyming monstrosity some of you may be familiar with already... We did a sample comic a few years back called 'Tendril's Demise,' and, yup. Here's his introductory iteration.

Tendril isn't his official name by the way. In order for things to rhyme constantly, one has to be flexible about such trifling details as names.

In other news, we FINALLY got to promote our commercial somewhere! After half a dozen unresponsive sites or outright rejections, we finally settled on what in all likelihood is the best initial venue anyways- Youtube.

The first salvo went well. Better than my worst-case scenario, worse than my rosy hopes. We'll be priming for another round fairly soon- only it will be BETTER! I'll probably blog about the upgrades as we launch, so keep an eye out.

In the meanwhile, don't forget the reader-initiated Valentine's Fanart contest is underway! If you don't have time to create an entry, do feel free to swing by the gallery and see what's cooking. And have a great Valentine's day!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Talking! I does it good.

We got to be on a podcast! Check it out:

The guys over at Furcast were nice enough to let me in from the cold when I came scratching on the door asking for an interview. And interview aside, the rest of the ‘cast is quite an entertaining listen as well. So for some Dreamkeepery chit-chat and more, swing on over and lend an ear.

…And on that note, I have discovered that giving interviews is easy and I like it. Does anyone know of other podcasts out there that might be good for me to invade? Toss ‘em in the comments down there, and I can guarantee they will be pestered by an e-mail from me.

…For a brief V3 update, pencils are going great! I’ve got the blues and layouts done through page 112, which is the official halfway mark of Chapter 9. Once I finish the pencils to that point, I’ll toss an official sneak peek up with some art tidbits. 8 ) Thanks to everyone for your patience with this book- we’re getting there!