Thursday, July 25, 2013

One Week Left!

This is it- the final update before our Kickstarter campaign concludes!

With just under a week to go, we’re painfully near the 25K stretch goal.   Thanks to you guys, the campaign has already vaulted past the 20K mark.  If we can reach out and pull in enough new readers, we just might hit our free-posters target!

Thank you again to everyone who’s contributed to get us to this point- I’m continually reminded how fantastic our readership is.  We’re fortunate to have the interest of so many generous, engaged, and attentive people.  Thank you for helping us reach this far!

Sunday, July 14, 2013


The month isn't half finished, and we've officially done it!  We've hit our funding goal!
*Elated dance that should embarrass but too excited to care*
This means that the book we're all hoping for is going to be a shiny, colorful reality.  And it's thanks to you guys- thank you for your support, both in the form of donations, and for helping spread the word to prospective readers.  
What's Next?
Stretch Goal #1:  Free Posters For Everyone.
With most of the month left, achieving the first stretch goal is a distinct possibility.  If we can push the campaign up to $25k, I'll be working with donors to design a brand spankin' new Dreamkeepers poster that gets distributed to every backer.  
I say full steam ahead!  We're already more than halfway there, with nothing to lose- so whatever you guys have been doing to kick so much ass, let's keep on doin' it!  
Thanks again to everyone!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dreamkeepers Kickstarter Promo, a-la Leon!


It's official- we’ve launched the first ever Dreamkeepers Kickstarter!

One step closer to overtaking earth.

It’s raising funds to print the Prelude book collection. Check out the project video, new art, and of course reward levels and stretch goals as far as the eye can see.

 It only lasts for one month- if we don't reach our goal in July, we won't hit it.  Kickstarters are all or nothing. So please hop over and check it out, and share the link with anyone who might have an interest!

If we pull together, I think we might just be able to make some amazing stuff!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

V3 Reviews

DK has been making the rounds lately- we’re fortunate to receive some publicity and attention, and here are the latest reviews!

From professionals:

To fellow artists:

To readers promoting Dreamkeepers in general.

Even a recent Volume 1 review:

And speaking of DK news, big announcement coming in the next day or so…