Sunday, July 14, 2013


The month isn't half finished, and we've officially done it!  We've hit our funding goal!
*Elated dance that should embarrass but too excited to care*
This means that the book we're all hoping for is going to be a shiny, colorful reality.  And it's thanks to you guys- thank you for your support, both in the form of donations, and for helping spread the word to prospective readers.  
What's Next?
Stretch Goal #1:  Free Posters For Everyone.
With most of the month left, achieving the first stretch goal is a distinct possibility.  If we can push the campaign up to $25k, I'll be working with donors to design a brand spankin' new Dreamkeepers poster that gets distributed to every backer.  
I say full steam ahead!  We're already more than halfway there, with nothing to lose- so whatever you guys have been doing to kick so much ass, let's keep on doin' it!  
Thanks again to everyone!

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