Friday, May 31, 2019

Vivid VAULT Challenges

The VAULT will reside at the Anthrocon Dealer’s Table of the World’s Greatest Furry Artist. But it’s locked! AC attendees will have to complete the challenges below to gain access the Vivid content within. There are packages for 20 people.

During Anthrocon weekend, we’ll be monitoring twitter for posts that use both the #Dreamkeepers and #Anthrocon2019 hashtags. Post proof that you have completed your challenge, and we’ll publicly reply to the earliest post with the associated clue. Anyone who receives a Clue is automatically one of the 20 VAULT reward recipients. Happy hunting.

Convince Boneitis you are the coolest. Make your case, and he will choose one winner at 3:00pm Saturday and deliver CLUE #1.

Today, Grunn is your Original Character (donut steel.) Commission an artist, and explain to them how your character is this cool drunken shark who loves porn and beats children. Post their reaction.
We will reply to you with CLUE #2.
Bonus- if you also share the finished art of Grunn, we will provide any other Clue of your choice.

Get a selfie of 3 Dreamkeepers readers surrounding one Anthrocon security volunteer. Readers should be sporting the Dreamkeepers logo, via shirt or by holding up a book. Bonus if you give one to the security person.
We will reply to you with CLUE #3.

Finally Whip has something to say! But what? Somewhere in the Dealer’s Room, Whip is piping up. Get a selfie of yourself with this Whip and the booth he is at.
We will reply to you with CLUE #4.

Pittsburgh has some great landmarks. Post a photo of you and 2+ friends on a bridge, under a statue, or somewhere that looks awesome.
We’ll reply with CLUE #5.

Set up a game of Skirmish in the game room. Choose your all-time favorite character matchup, and explain to social media why it’s the best matchup in your view. Play an enemy. If you win, you get the code. If they win, they get the code. Announce the winner and loser on twitter, and we will reply with CLUE #6.

Get a fellow contestant drunk, and post video of them reciting the plot of Dreamkeepers Volumes 1-3 in 30 seconds or less. We will reply to you with CLUE #7. Bonus if you can explain how to tell the Indigos apart.

Snap a pic of the Guest of Honor, with a friend photobombing in the foreground or background with a Dreamkeepers logo visible (Shirt, book, plush, game, whatever.) We’ll reply with CLUE #8.

Once you have all the clues, you can open the VIVID VAULT. Go to Boneitis, the Keeper of the VAULT. Inside the VAULT will be your rewards- there will be a package for you, and 19 more identical packages for your friends and fellow Clue receipients.. Enjoy!

Fine print: Follow all of America’s awesome laws, plus Anthrocon convention policies. Get an OK from subjects before slamming pics / recordings on social media. Have fun and don’t die.

Monday, May 20, 2019

July Couchcon & Commission Prices

We got some great VIVID VAULT ideas! The final challenges to unlock the VAULT will be announced in June.

Though we can’t make Anthrocon, we will be running Couchcon online- bigger and better than ever, launching Friday July 5th.

Some of our Couchcon vendors are plotting tempting sales for the event, and we can preview the number and price of our planned commission slots:

(1) Full color, full background, unlimited characters commission $350
(1) Full background, unlimited characters polished pencil lineart commission $180
(2) Color added to any previous lineart commission $150
(2) 1-3 characters, no background, polished pencil lineart $150
(3) Single character polished lineart $100
(10) Quick Sharpie Doodles, single character $5

Also, SKOM is returning for Couchcon. But instead of Sketch of the Month, it will be Sketch of the Many. Every Mastermind backer will submit an idea in June, and every idea will be created as a quick sharpie doodle. We’ll put the ideas to a vote, and complete the winner as a pencil drawing.

Sketch of the Many will only happen once or twice a year- the Monthly Vivid Poll is our new every-month art generator. This month, Commanding Vote backers chose to have us finish the Vi animation cycle.

She’s almost ready to show off- thanks for the great direction everyone, more announcements and art to come.

Monday, May 6, 2019

The Furry Fix for Divisiveness: BLOCKLISTS

Our latest article, trending again on Bleeding Fool. This one covers the truth behind the "Altfurry Blocklist."

Victim testimonials are hands-down the best part of the piece, some of them floored me:

I couldn't cover everyone- if you know of a person wrongfully targeted by this list, mention them in the article's comment section.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

VIVID VAULT- Brainstorm Challenge

One show you can enjoy during Vivid’s July Couchcon- watching VAULT contestants.

There’s a locked Vault at Anthrocon, filled with Vivid Publishing goodies for the readers who can open it.

But to receive parts of the code, Anthrocon attendees must complete certain… challenges.
Once proof is posted online of their achievements, they unlock another clue to the code.

There will be at least seven challenges. But now for the fun part:

What are they?

Well what would you like to see, fellow internet?

Suggest life-altering hijinks for contestents to perform, live at Anthrocon.

It’s a group of determined people at the world’s second biggest furry convention. Let your imagination run wild- let’s make it fun for contestants, and fun for us, the studio audience.

Comment below with challenge brainstorms.

If we use your idea, I’ll mail you a copy of something from The Vault.

I’m looking forward to Couchcon.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Heavy Metal meets Cyberpunk: The Sprawl

Welcome to Tartarus.

Not the utopia colonists hoped for. Instead a hard, frozen planet that supports but one tangled bloom of habitable metropolis: The Sprawl.

I picked up The Sprawl Log:01, by Snowdon, from Ringtail Cafe Productions. I like having a book in my hand- and this is a fun one.

Sci-Fi and dark horror converge with visual mastery to create a compelling read. Mystery, sex, carnage, and an inscrutable orb took me on an enjoyable ride through a scenario reminiscent of John Carpenter’s The Thing. The art is gritty yet colorful, and I’m especially impressed by the layout style. The paneling comes off as slick and appealing, but always reads clearly.

If you’d like to buckle in for the ride, enjoy on Katbox, or go straight for the real deal with a book.

I hear the next issue of The Sprawl is nearing print, so now is a good time to hop on board and discover another noteworthy creator-owned graphic novel. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes of this series, and where Snowdon goes from here!