Monday, February 29, 2016


Today, citizens must take time out of their busy schedules to vote.   Vote for what matters, vote to make their voices heard.

In our Faction Contest.

It's the day of truth- the faction with the most votes 24 hours from now will receive a flood of free books from Vivid Publishing- and cataclysmic bragging rights.

So vote, and grab a friend or two to ensure your team gets that final boost to victory!

Fine print:  International customers must cover their shipping cost, or we can change your reward to PDF downloads if you prefer.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Faction Contest: FINAL SHOWDOWN

Battlestations- we're in the final weekend of the #Dreamkeepers Faction War!

The March 1st survey looms large- and on it will be, yes, #TEAMGRUNN.

In addition to #Troika, #Nightmares, #CCA, and #NeonKnives.

Seriously, how did #TeamGrunn even happen?  This contest is crazy.

Free books galore will be showered upon the Faction that gets the most votes on the March 1st survey.   Some have asked if the contest is confined to twitter- nope!

Campaign wherever you please- anywhere that you can find book-loving recruits for your Faction.

And remember- people who fight and vote for a losing faction are eligible for Honorary Awards, which also bestow a free Volume 1:

Only one faction will emerge victorious.   Time to win, or fail so spectacularly the world will shudder in awe.


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

#TEAMGRUNN: Day of Fate

What began as online joking has become deadly serious-


The Faction Contest started with 4 sides:

But #TeamGrunn has emerged on twitter as a serious contender.   Will it power through to unpredictable glorious victory- or is it an ugly, brutish flaw that will fracture the once-inevitable #Troika Faction?

You decide!   The survey is open for one day and one day only.  What will be the choices in the climactic survey on March 1st?  The original four choices, or will #TeamGrunn ascend?  

Majority rules:

The big vote is coming on March 1st.  The first 500 Individuals in the winning faction to respond to the March 1st survey will receive free books.  (International winners must pay for shipping, or choose a PDF.)

Any friends that might want a free book, rope 'em in to your side- we're in the final days!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Dreamkeepers on Tapastic

Despite my decrepit age, I want to keep #Dreamkeepers content at least reasonably up-to-speed on last decade's social media.

So we're trying out this platform I keep hearing about called 'Tapastic.'

Chapter 2 is now free to read here:

So if you're into this platform, let us know, share, and enjoy!

...That's reverse psychology, for those who know what happens in Chapter 2, I'm actually spreading heartbreak and misery.  

Friday, February 19, 2016


The first foray of Operation Gatecrasher ( ) was a rousing success!  

#Dreamkeepers dominated the comment section of one Entertainment Weekly article.  With our test run complete, it's time to double down- plus one!

Faction Contest warriors- steel yourselves.  Time to take the battle to some more comment sections.

Entertainment Weekly:



Which Faction would the ninja turtles join?  Deadpool?  Zombies?

Make a splash and have some fun!  If you can recruit new followers to your faction, it could make the critical difference and bring a victorious shower of free books on the day of judgement.

March 1st approaches.

Free books await.

#Dreamkeepers ahoy!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Scripting, Streaming, Targeting

Volume 5 is scripted!  We're giving it a couple weeks to cool before revising- it's so exciting to be capable of moving it forward like this, thanks to the Patrons!

And in the online Faction War, much to my surprise, a 5th Faction has emerged- #TEAMGRUNN.  This could split the Troika Faction, making it anyone's game!

Operation Gatecrasher was a fun filled success- so we're going to conduct another raid!  But where?   This, time, you decide.  Suggest targets in the comments, and we'll announce a new Op on Friday.

And last but not least, I'll be streaming Prelude shading today:   

This time I shall endeavor to get the recording right, so I can share it with everyone who can't watch live.   

Last note- Dreamkeepers Volumes 1 and 2 PDFs are in the new Alterna Comics Bundle:  

Bye for now!

Saturday, February 13, 2016


FACTION CONTESTANTS:  Fresh operation launching below!

But first, some lame fine print- we're giving out 500 books to the winning faction.  But if you live outside the USA, we have to charge you shipping.

Sorry- it costs an arm and a leg, and we can't cover it from our end.  If international winners can't front the shipping, we will deliver PDF downloads instead.

And now- ONWARDS!

Behold the memes.

The Faction Contest is going crazy.  This last day, Grunn has been the trending subject in the campaign- why Grunn?

It's the internet.  Fun now, questions NEVER.

  The #Dreamkeepers hashtag is getting popular enough on twitter to pull bots along in our wake- and we'll be featured again this Sunday sponsoring the #ComicTalk event.

So which Faction is winning?   Troika was out in front- until a high-profile user (The creator of the StarWarriors webcomic) turned traitor, and joined the Nightmares.  With two weeks to go, any faction could leap ahead.

Taunts, memes, battles continue to rage on The Twitter.

But this contest has no boundaries- so it's time to try something a little crazy!


Major media outlets will never cover independent work like Dreamkeepers- doesn't matter what kinds of contests and fun explodes here-  we don't have the right corporate connections.

But so what?  I'd take reader gusto over that any day.   Let's crash a party- and have a fucking blast doing it.

Which faction would #Deadpool choose?  Or Betty White?  Make the case for your faction- right here, in the comment section of  ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY:

Let's toss an explosion of #Dreamkeepers somewhere nobody expects it, and see what happens!

I jumped into the comment section to get things trolling- er, rolling.
Hundreds of free books hang in the balance!

Before you charge into battle- here, take these:

This contest is the perfect excuse to shake things up and have fun.    What does it look like when a cult webcomic launches an organized invasion in the comment section of a mainstream website?

Let's go find out.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

MATURE CONTENT #ComicTalk Today!

Sex, Violence, and other stuff- today's #ComicTalk event on twitter tackles the subject of  Mature Content.  
Is there too much of it in fiction?  Not enough?  Do moral concerns trump creative freedom?

Chime in and make your thoughts known!

‏@JamieMeWrites ( ) will be posting questions and prompts starting at 1pm EST.  There's no better time to jump into this colossal weekly indie comics event.

And, bonus- this month it's being sponsored by the #Dreamkeepers Faction Contest! ( )

So those of you battling online for the free book giveaway- you might see some new faces in the hashtag today.  Be ready to demonstrate why they should choose YOUR faction!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Wayward Astronomer Kickstarter Cover    

This is not one to miss.  Kafelnikov's novel is headed for a print run!  If you haven't read it yet, the beta draft is available on his DA-  And it is absolutely worth enjoying.   I can hardly wait to get a hard copy- and the stretch goals look spectacular!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Faction Contest: Visual assets

Some visual assets for the Faction Contest players!  They're pngs, so you can add them to art, profiles, or what have you.  


Battle lines have been drawn!

Memes, taunts, and fun- the #Dreamkeepers faction contest is off to a roaring start:

Let's talk tactics.

Remember the victory condition- the strongest faction on March 1st secures the flood of free books.

At this point, the participating readers have polarized to relatively stable allegiances.  While continued memes and banter in #Dreamkeepers protects your territory, it doesn't conquer new ground.  

The victorious faction may be the one that successfully assesses, targets, and penetrates untapped resources.

Organization and secrecy will be key- you have to collaborate with your allies on practical objectives without revealing your movements to enemy factions.

(Hint- consider infiltrating other factions to gain their intel.)

For example: Riiser ( ) He's a high-profile webcomic reviewer active on social media- and someone mulling over which faction to choose.  If he chooses yours, the announcement could spur some of his subscribers to check the contest out.  And, naturally, they'll be inclined to join his faction.  

So- individuals or series with an online following are prime targets.  Use psychology- nobody cares what you want.   But what do they want?  Free books?  Fun?  Status?  Hundreds of free books for their followers?

Don't forget your explanatory assets.

Collaborate with your allies- target attainable conversions that will raise the profile of your faction.

You could also target comic news outlets- although most are impervious to non-televised content, they should theoretically care about what excites their audience.  And if they don't?  Showcase that.

They will have armor specifically designed to repel people like you.  But remember their weak points- places where individuals can make a difference, exercise intitiative, interact.

Forums.  Comment boards.  Social media presence.

We're never going to have the marketing budget of someone like Disney, or the corporate media connections.  

A contest like this- motivated by genuine readers, boots on the ground?

This is our best shot to grow and move forward- by proving we have something to offer.   By giving it to people.  And by having a blast doing it!

Be sure to broadcast your victories!  Signal boost to help maximize their impact.

I'll be providing some air-support in the form of targeted banner ads for the contest, not to mention a sponsorship slot for the weekly #ComicTalk event.  

...If your faction plans to target a specific site, message me on twitter and I may be able to hit it with banner ads simultaneously.  No promises- command is stingy with resources.

Aerial bombardments alone won't secure victory- only troops can hold ground.

Get in touch with your fellow #Dreamkeepers faction members- time to make some sparks fly.

Time to get tactical.


Monday, February 1, 2016

Dreamkeepers Music Score

Brace yourselves- something unexpected, but absolutely brilliant, is upon us!

Volumes 1-4 of the Dreamkeepers graphic novel saga now have a professional orchestral music score- you've got to hear it to believe it.

Composed by the deeply talented Nikolas Albrecht, I would like this outpouring of artistry to benefit him- please consider supporting him with a purchase.   

Songs are for sale individually, or as an album- and we'll be releasing one track for free every week to the Patrons.   
This music is truly a treat- seeing Dreamkeepers glimmer and spread is like magic.  I'm excited to be a part of it- and thank you for everyone having fun alongside us!   

It's quite the ride.