Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Scripting, Streaming, Targeting

Volume 5 is scripted!  We're giving it a couple weeks to cool before revising- it's so exciting to be capable of moving it forward like this, thanks to the Patrons!

And in the online Faction War, much to my surprise, a 5th Faction has emerged- #TEAMGRUNN.  This could split the Troika Faction, making it anyone's game!

Operation Gatecrasher was a fun filled success- so we're going to conduct another raid!  But where?   This, time, you decide.  Suggest targets in the comments, and we'll announce a new Op on Friday.

And last but not least, I'll be streaming Prelude shading today:   

This time I shall endeavor to get the recording right, so I can share it with everyone who can't watch live.   

Last note- Dreamkeepers Volumes 1 and 2 PDFs are in the new Alterna Comics Bundle:  

Bye for now!

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