Saturday, February 27, 2016

Faction Contest: FINAL SHOWDOWN

Battlestations- we're in the final weekend of the #Dreamkeepers Faction War!

The March 1st survey looms large- and on it will be, yes, #TEAMGRUNN.

In addition to #Troika, #Nightmares, #CCA, and #NeonKnives.

Seriously, how did #TeamGrunn even happen?  This contest is crazy.

Free books galore will be showered upon the Faction that gets the most votes on the March 1st survey.   Some have asked if the contest is confined to twitter- nope!

Campaign wherever you please- anywhere that you can find book-loving recruits for your Faction.

And remember- people who fight and vote for a losing faction are eligible for Honorary Awards, which also bestow a free Volume 1:

Only one faction will emerge victorious.   Time to win, or fail so spectacularly the world will shudder in awe.


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