Wednesday, February 24, 2016

#TEAMGRUNN: Day of Fate

What began as online joking has become deadly serious-


The Faction Contest started with 4 sides:

But #TeamGrunn has emerged on twitter as a serious contender.   Will it power through to unpredictable glorious victory- or is it an ugly, brutish flaw that will fracture the once-inevitable #Troika Faction?

You decide!   The survey is open for one day and one day only.  What will be the choices in the climactic survey on March 1st?  The original four choices, or will #TeamGrunn ascend?  

Majority rules:

The big vote is coming on March 1st.  The first 500 Individuals in the winning faction to respond to the March 1st survey will receive free books.  (International winners must pay for shipping, or choose a PDF.)

Any friends that might want a free book, rope 'em in to your side- we're in the final days!

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