Saturday, February 13, 2016


FACTION CONTESTANTS:  Fresh operation launching below!

But first, some lame fine print- we're giving out 500 books to the winning faction.  But if you live outside the USA, we have to charge you shipping.

Sorry- it costs an arm and a leg, and we can't cover it from our end.  If international winners can't front the shipping, we will deliver PDF downloads instead.

And now- ONWARDS!

Behold the memes.

The Faction Contest is going crazy.  This last day, Grunn has been the trending subject in the campaign- why Grunn?

It's the internet.  Fun now, questions NEVER.

  The #Dreamkeepers hashtag is getting popular enough on twitter to pull bots along in our wake- and we'll be featured again this Sunday sponsoring the #ComicTalk event.

So which Faction is winning?   Troika was out in front- until a high-profile user (The creator of the StarWarriors webcomic) turned traitor, and joined the Nightmares.  With two weeks to go, any faction could leap ahead.

Taunts, memes, battles continue to rage on The Twitter.

But this contest has no boundaries- so it's time to try something a little crazy!


Major media outlets will never cover independent work like Dreamkeepers- doesn't matter what kinds of contests and fun explodes here-  we don't have the right corporate connections.

But so what?  I'd take reader gusto over that any day.   Let's crash a party- and have a fucking blast doing it.

Which faction would #Deadpool choose?  Or Betty White?  Make the case for your faction- right here, in the comment section of  ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY:

Let's toss an explosion of #Dreamkeepers somewhere nobody expects it, and see what happens!

I jumped into the comment section to get things trolling- er, rolling.
Hundreds of free books hang in the balance!

Before you charge into battle- here, take these:

This contest is the perfect excuse to shake things up and have fun.    What does it look like when a cult webcomic launches an organized invasion in the comment section of a mainstream website?

Let's go find out.

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