Saturday, December 31, 2016

Back To Basics and News: The Last Update of 2016

 (copied from our kickstarter update of 2016)
As we head off into January and 2017, we've been notified that the Whip plush should be ready...wait for it...shipped to us January of 2017.  That means we may be ahead of schedule by a month, and also means it's time for me to speed up the rest of the handcrafted production.
All current figurines are painted.  Current, because Whip, Mace, and Namah all broke their molds during production.  That means your figurines are the last of this batch until Dave and I can set aside some time to recast the sculptures from scratch.  Behold, the army in a glory of pictures.

As we say around here: " D-U-N DONE"
The final resting spot for finished figures before shipping.
Above you can also see a few Harvest Festival beads, Vol 4 extra figures of Bast unpainted, and a pair of Namah legs. 
So as I mentioned, and if you've been counting, I still have to rebuild the molds and cast a few more Namah figures.  But lets take a look at the plush status.  Vi is now in the pre-skinning stage.
Prior to body sculpting.

 Matrix Vi:

Padded skeleton before skin and stuffing.

 In actuality, her arms need to be stuffed before being attached to the body.  So, the rest of them look more like this:
The rest of her upper body is sculpted when the finished head is attached.  I need to keep a status sample to remind myself how to make the pose-able doll.
But the real question is: where are the Mace plush?  The answer: in the mail.  Mace's skeletons are still being shipped to us, so working on Vi and ironing out problems (like how high is the base of her tail?  Does Mace's tail need a skeleton?  That was a tough one...) will ensure that Mace goes fairly quickly.  So- Mace after Vi is done.  That's my plan.
Just sitting around.

And welcome to half of The Records Room, where we keep art supplies, shipping materials, and original DK artwork.  
It's full of things I've been meaning to post public pictures of, but just haven't gotten to it yet.  You can spot from clockwise: a Tinsel Barbie, shipping supplies and the last of the mugs, a Vi skeleton, how I separate the figurine's paints, an LED steampunk carousel horse, my Vi first skeleton and Whip prototype, a box of finished ryuus for the kickstarter, some of the Mace sets for the kickstarter, our pipes that hold the sign at conventions, a 3D picture of the starfall mountains, one of the character line-ups in a float frame, Lilith and Namah custom Monster High dolls, the only Prelude book to survive the apartment fire (it was in my bag) two failed Gregori figurines who broke their mold, more Monster High customs of Wisp and Vanth, and finally, a curio of painted miniatures.  I'll post the other half of the room some other time, it's a bit messy.
So that's where we are at the end of 2016, and here's to the beginning of 2017.  
I couldn't host the tree for Christmas this year, due to the plush being everywhere, so here's pictures of Whip on a reindeer.  Riding into the new year.  Or something. 

Love you all, -Liz

Tournament Match 14: Sukotto vs Anjvolt

< < < < <     > > > > >

Taridium wins.  100 point default victory.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Tournament Match 13: Taridium vs Dank

No entry from Dank- match 13 goes to Taridium.
< < < < <     > > > > >

Match 12 results: ( )
Lenox- 20 votes
Sirhc - 8 votes

Lenox wins- 250 point victory.

Tournament details and character descriptions: ( )

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Tournament Match 12: Lenox vs Sirhc

Vote here:

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Match 11 results: ( )
Seraph- 27 votes
Maxwell Ratatoskr - 15 votes

Seraph wins- 180 point victory.

Tournament details and character descriptions: ( )

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tournament Match 10: Devin vs Kyle

Link for Devin Wright:

Vote here:

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Match 9 results: ( )
Vathiel- 26 votes
Flynn Dacote - 24 votes

Vathiel wins- 108 point victory.

Tournament details and character descriptions: ( )

Monday, December 26, 2016

Character Deployed: Lilith

As the OC Tournament rages, we're getting the 8 character decks prepared for the card game.   Today we're announcing the character for Deck 5- Lilith.

Which pose do you like for her card art?   Let us know!

Tournament Match 9: Vathiel vs Flynn

Link for Flynn:

Vote here:

< < < < <     > > > > >

Match 8 results: ( )
Noah- 18 votes
Natsi - 32 votes

Natsi wins- 177 point victory.

Tournament details and character descriptions: ( )

Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas Newsletter

Merry Christmas! We've got a pile of seasonal fun to share- starting with the Prelude Christmas special:
And for seasonal catastrophes that defy explanation, the Comics-R-Kewel podcast invited me to join their commentary track for "Jingle All The Way." I'm not a professional comedian, nor a professional commentator- so of course the only question was whether they were providing pizza.
If that's not a sufficient amount of holiday brutality- enjoy the ongoing Dreamkeepers original character tournament! Today- Match 8 is live. Out of 50 warriors, there will be only one winner featured in the card game.

And if you missed the Patron-backed Chat-n-Sketch 2, no worries- the recording is up on youtube. Art, guest interviews, and all.

As always, the readers are making some awesome stuff- tournament aside, check these out.
"Sisters" by Shannon Hamilton- who brought a still panel of our comic to life.
And catch the Let's Play by Tari and friends- enjoying the Dreamkeepers mod of Terrarium.
Keep an eye on Kickstarter- recent updates to the Wayward Astronomer novel and to thePlush campaign, as they approach fulfillment. Thanks to you guys, Dreamkeepers has more momentum than ever- I'm looking forward to seeing what 2017 has in store.

Tournament Match 8- Noah vs Natsi

Link for Noah:

Vote here:

< < < < <     > > > > >

Match 7 results: ( )
Dae- 41 votes
Hellsing - 22 votes

Dae wins- 186 point victory.

Tournament details and character descriptions: ( )

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Tournament Match 7- Dae vs Hellsing

Vote here:

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Match 6 results: ( )
Abigail- 49 votes
Psycho-13 votes

Abigail wins- 376 point victory.

Tournament details and character descriptions: ( )

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Tournament Match 6- Abigail vs Psycho

Vote here:

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Match 5 results: ( )
Luka Peraxis- 37 votes
Hakuzo Sionnach- 22 votes

Luka wins- 168 point victory.

Tournament details and character descriptions: ( )

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tournament Match 5: Luka vs Hakuzo

Vote here:

One link from Luka:

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Match 4 results: ( )
Shrock- 26 votes
Jay- 37 votes

Jay wins- 142 point victory.

Tournament details and character descriptions: ( )

Sunday, December 18, 2016

App Powerup

The Dreamkeepers app just got spicier.

Download here-
And help me out in the DA comments!   Because:

The app has given me new powers- like the ability to generate push notifications.  But the question is, how much should I abuse that power?

Tell me what you want.  Should I send updates all the time?  Every Prelude comic, Patreon post, every journal?    Or should I use it sparingly, like the e-mail newsletter- and only send occasional updates for important announcements?

Let me know what you want in the comments on Deviantart- (I can't keep up with comments everywhere )-

And check out the listing of other new features.   If you're enjoying them, leave a review for the developer Matt Dieck- this whole app is rocking purely out of the goodness of his heart.

Old/New Version
  Convenient way to browse the Dreamkeepers archive
  Custom bookmarks for quick navigation
  Direct page entry
  Notifications for new pages and material
  Adjustable default behavior of readers
  Quick-launch to the Dreamkeepers “About” page from the main menu
Old Version
  Simple button navigation
  Adjustable refresh rate for notification processing
New Version
  Even simpler swipe navigation
  Faster load times
  Notifications now within 2 minutes accurate
  Notifications no longer processed on client devices
  Notification messages directly from Dave
Planned Updates
  Navigation box to include buttons with quick-links to chapter and sequence markers
  Better Grunn AI for Grunn-Tac-Toe
  Offline viewing mode, optional
  Stupid prelude/misc. pieces browser

Tournament Match 3- Frix Xeo vs Lucius

Match 3- Frix Xeo vs Lucius
No Battle Text entered from either contestant.

I tried e-mailing reminders, but to no avail.  Remember contestants- read the instructions sent to the e-mail you registered with!  I will almost certainly miss Battle Text if it is not submitted to Dreamkeeperscomic(at), with the subject line "Battle Entry."

< < < < <     > > > > >

Match 2 results: ( )
Ark- 37 votes
Vis- 27 votes

Ark wins- 137 point victory.

Tournament details and character descriptions: ( )

Friday, December 16, 2016

Tournament Match 1.01- VAJA vs JADE

I cannot be consoled.   I may admit now- I had a favorite in this tournament.  I had a favorite.  

But those days are gone forever.

No Battle Text submitted from Vaja- match forfeited, no vote, and Jade Gaspard wins Match 01!   Match 02 coming tomorrow- and this one is gonna be a fight.

Monday, December 12, 2016

OC Tournament- Bracket 1 Match Schedule

Registrations are in!  50 of them. Only one soul can win- the victor gets their character featured on a card in our upcoming game.  And oh, what characters...  

We have tricksters, anarchists, ex-police, guys, gals, charmers, thugs, musicians, mercenaries, geomancers, strippers, brutal weapons, creative powers...  All on a collision course.

I can't wait to see these versus matches.

I've just finished e-mailing instructions to all of the players.  Tomorrow I'll post a sample battle between Mace and Ravat, so you can see what the voting process looks like.

And now- our illustrious contestants.

Below is the schedule for Bracket-1 battles.  Due to the number of contestants, the vote battles will last only 24 hours- match results will be announced as the next match launches.  Check the #Dreamkeepers hashtag to see if contestants are sharing additional incentives or barbs.  

And last but not least, an introduction to the characters themselves:

Enjoy- and if you're placing bets on the outcome, now's the time!

MATCH:  Vaja Wip Ass Cream >>>vs<<< Jade Gaspard
DATE: Dec 16

MATCH:  Arkius "Ark" Jackilak >>>vs<<< Viscaria "Vis" Lunarues Sonbird
DATE: Dec 17

MATCH:  Frix Xeo >>>vs<<< Lucius
DATE: Dec 18

MATCH:  Shrock >>>vs<<< Jay Kessler
DATE: Dec 19

MATCH: Luka Peraxis >>>vs<<< Hakuzo Sionnach
DATE: Dec 20

MATCH: Abigail Grimstone >>>vs<<< Chaos "Psycho" Zero
DATE: Dec 21

MATCH: Dae >>>vs<<< Jamie Hellsing
DATE: Dec 22

MATCH: Noah >>>vs<<< Natsi
DATE: Dec 23

MATCH: Vathiel >>>vs<<< Flynn Dacote
DATE: Dec 26

MATCH: Devin Wright >>>vs<<< Kyle
DATE: Dec 27

MATCH:  Seraph >>>vs<<< Maxwell Ratatoskr
DATE: Dec 28

MATCH: Lenox Skali >>>vs<<< Sirhc
DATE: Dec 29

MATCH: Taridium >>>vs<<< Dank Forden
DATE: Dec 30

MATCH: Sukotto >>>vs<<< Kierce Anjvolt
DATE: Dec 31

MATCH: Kryan >>>vs<<< Rick Bishop
DATE: Jan 1

MATCH: Kurt "The Flash" Gurdsman >>>vs<<< Mariwen
DATE: Jan 2

MATCH: Eric Hoth >>>vs<<< Felicity Vulnien
DATE: Jan 3

MATCH: Korrigan Weldryt >>>vs<<< Pyro
DATE: Jan 4

MATCH: Gary >>>vs<<<  Mai-Ra
DATE: Jan 5

MATCH: Lil' Timmy >>>vs<<< Nero Slendrik
DATE: Jan 6

MATCH: Beta >>>vs<<< Martin P. Kalt
DATE: Jan 7

MATCH: Sam Schrade >>>vs<<< Nimbus
DATE: Jan 8

MATCH: Marco H. Seigi >>>vs<<< Arcoth
DATE: Jan 9

MATCH: Reagent >>>vs<<< Saval
DATE: Jan 10

MATCH: Neilo Rosmir >>>vs<<< Andy Valdric
DATE: Jan 11

OC Tournament- Contestants

Vaja Wip Ass Cream
Hes this and he does that princess.

Jade Gaspard
A spirited teenager, Jade Gaspard is an active member of the Troika resistance in Anduruna. Following the death of her brother following a protracted chase that ensued after his accidental power usage she was taken in by an empathetic Callistarius DuCade and eventually they both wound up in the Troika after having resolved to make the most of their now tattered lives and since then Cal has acted as a father to her and has taken care of her as he in part feels guilty for her brother’s death at the hands of an unjust sense of law he helped to enforce for 6 years. Within the Troika Jade eventually gained proficiency as an agile combatant and ably wields dual springers as she gracefully maneuvers in-between obstacles and enemies with angelic poise when flying. Her power revolves around temporary weight manipulation thus allowing her to fly with very few deterrents to bring her down and if she so chooses, she can do a very effective ground-pound with her power if she needs to get in close. Her demeanor is very playful and upbeat though she can be a ditz for all of her physical grace at times and is an enjoyable Dreamkeeper to converse with. Has survived training with Vi and claims friendship with her.

Vathiel (aka Kitson)
A quick footed being, Vathiel is not a foe to be taken lightly despite her small size! This odd mix and match of a being takes no holds when it comes to laying the beatdown! Hailing from the streets of a neighboring county, this feline-esq has survived off of pickpocketing and tricking others to get what she wants! From a common folk of the market, to even aristocrats of the opportunity, this girl has gotten away with countless schemes by using her looks where her charm failed. But don't let her gloss blind you, deep down she has a searing hatred for those with power and money for having ignored her pleas of help as a child. Now, whether because of anger, greed or fear, the few things she does possess she holds onto like a vice, including what few of her friends she has. Stemming from her desire to hold onto whatever she values, her power has flourished into that capable of manipulating the world around her. From wafting flames into a blazing arrow, to siphoning energy into a shrieking bolt, the tri-tailed girl has learned to manipulate highly energized materials from her surrounding worlds. But she is not all powerful, for life on the hard line has made her weak. An excellent runner, capable of climbing and leaping, all it takes is a well aimed impact from an attack or a fist to send her sprawling on the ground. As such she ended up stealing from the wrong crowd, and found herself on the run, hoping to escape until she came across them once more. Not wishing to end her life, she offered to repay in any way possible. Even if it meant having to work for them in the long run. A very long run.

Arkius "Ark" Jackilak  
Known to law enforcers and criminals alike, Ark is a loose-cannon anarchist who takes pride in his job as a gun for hire.   If your name is on his list, there is nowhere to run or hide, you're fucked.   Not many get close to Ark, because how quick he is to turn things around, he has a tough time trusting anyone at all, usually keep his cool in all situations, narcissistic at time, but always unpredictable.   In the beginning, Ark was born in the slums of the Dreamworld outskirts, striving to survive with his mother.  Growing up he discovered his power early as a child, in doing so incinerated the camp him and his mother were staying in when a group of bandits attacked.   Ark took to his newfound ability to shoot exploding sphere projectiles very well, but the loss of his mother was too much for him, he wanted revenge for the persons who killed her.   As a young man, Ark showed little mercy to anyone who stood in his way, always prone to a short temper he always used his ability to get his way.   Through all the anger, and trauma, he did find peace when taking to literature and history eventually causing him to find control in his emotions.   Ark usually wears a black and red varsity jacket, a camo bucket hat, usually keeping his eyes hidden under.   For gear he wars metal plated knee pads, a handheld springer, and a sniper rifle.   As for appearances, he has chestnut colored fur, dark brown stripe designs all over his body, has a long thin tail, dark blue eyes, ears of a lynx and face of a furry wolf.   An athletic body, tall, and body covered in scars. 

Vis, her parents pet name, is 27. Her features include a pair of large eagle wings on her back, as well as a second, tiny white pair on top of her head, behind her large ears. Her head and body follow the build of a humanoid lioness/panther mixed with very subtle wolf features along her back and surrounding the base of her tail. All of these traits blend smoothly into each other as they move along her body. Her tail and ears follow this theme but the tips of both have one exception. The tail ends in a multi-colored, long, soft paint brush that shifts in tone and pattern through out the year, depending on season and mood. Her ears are topped with baby bunny fur tufts. The majority of her coloration is what one would expect, except for her tail, ears, and wings. Both ears and wings atop her head are white, but for an extremely small thread of light pink along their edges. Her wings are almost mirror image, save for her right wing having pale, tan, spots on a few of its feathers, rather than stripes. Her hips come from her dad, wide and stocky, while most of her upper body follows her mother’s slightly leaner build. Born and raised outside the walls of Andurna, among the rolling foothills of Starfall, she went to school in a nearby Calypsa run SLC. But then life for her family went down hill. Few years could pass before one of the family members would have a medical issue. The stress soon caused Vis’s power to awaken, in front of her parents, who were very supporting, having learned to control their powers prior to the “Powers” laws. Power: Manifesting/Manipulating tail patterns as weapons, Different poisons associated colors. Lv. 4. Vicinity/Manifestation, ?Bio-Lethal?

Frix Xeo
He is mix between a chameleon and a purple dragon with a Steam punk themed jazz suit.He is both a smooth talking jazz musican and a snarky assassin. But he does have a habbit of easily forgetting some things and has a bad habbit of biting  his tail when nerious. Though he has an honor code of when to help someone and whem be harsh with someone else whenever in battle. He has the power to manipulate time by recording 5 to 12 seconds of what ever action he is doing. Once those seconds are up, time will repeat from the start of 5 seconds, making a temporary clone for Frix that will repeat the same actions he did before. But when he is not manipulating time he can use his own gadgets and stealthly attack his foes.These gadgets range from short range or to simply using his long tail as a whip or his fire breath attack. So when ever he is in a fight, he\'ll use his time powers to either sneak away or double attacking his foes.

Lucius is a black and white, tall, muscular fox. He is a former member of the CCA now turned bounty hunter mercenary, secretly allied with Troika. If you need someone found and brought in alive, don\'t expect him to bring them back in one piece. A skilled sniper and not bad at aim, he\'s someone you definitely want to have provide you the cover fire. Almost the perfect paradox rival compared to Ravat. His Dreamkeeper power, intangibility. Walk through walls or have debry as well as pretty much anything phase right through him, it\'s no wonder he would be considered the "phantom sniper" he can even allow others to be intangible with him by simply grasping them as well. Handy for infiltrations or close calls in the crossfire. All for just an easy pay or if convinced he\'s fighting the real fight, a true rogue.

  Shrock, a 27 year old, short, egg white squirrel-otter, with currently unexplainable light blue fur markings, that enjoys causing mischief with exquisite engineering skills... but often at a serious cost to material quality. As a result, many of his pranks either fail, or hit their mark on the wrong target. On the occasions he does get caught, he has always managed to escape his captors through a combination of techniques similar to Aikido, Escrima, Zui Quan ("drunken" fighting), his power, and often with the aid of his somewhat malformed dark-fire-air Ryuu-Neko, Rikar. Due to a birthing accident, one wing is half the size of the other and the tail has a triple crimp. Shrock rescued and nursed Rikar after the young Ryuu-neko was tossed in a dumpster. Best buds to the end.
   Ever since Shrock was 7, he was able to harden his fur into sharp spikes that could scratch stone and soft metals. Later on, he figured out how to launch the spikes and eventually gained great precision... though he figured out how to pick locks with them as well. At the present, Shrock still enjoys picking locks and sneaking into places he doesn\'t belong, especially if there\'s either various engineering books, tools, and/or blueprints, materials for pranks, or Liskrit cakes. Bakeries beware.
   Upon hearing of the Champion Tournament and of the grand prize, Shrock was eager to join in. Standing at 4\' 7" and weighing in at 117lb., he and Rikar began a duo training regimen to ensure their chances of winning. Armed with spiky fur, martial arts, Rikar, and snappy witticisms, he\'s sure to win. On the chance that he does lose, he\'ll at least had fun in messing with the minds of his opponents.

Jay Kessler
The Tiger Shark Military Man gone rogue.
Born in Ruskol to very controlling parents, Jay spent much of his childhood raising himself on the streets to escape their grasp.
With a strong sense of justice, Jay eventually joined the CCA, believing it to be an organization truly meant to protect the people. Several years of service showed him quite the opposite, culminating in an event that left him both scarred and betrayed.
He abandoned the CCA, and ended up in the employ of the Troika, being seen as an asset for his extensive combat training, natural leadership ability, and knowledge of the standards and protocol followed by the CCA.

Jay is an expert martial artist and marksman, becoming intimately familiar with both skill-sets during his employ in the CCA, and refining those skills ever since.
In addition, Jay has access to a highly functional, yet potentially dangerous power: The ability to create unstable dimensional tears through which he can warp himself quickly.
While being highly useful for an upper hand in mobility, the fallback is the potentially lethal nature of these tears. If used callously, they are able to tear apart matter on a molecular level. This makes his power both a highly dangerous weapon if used correctly, or a terribly dangerous liability.

While Jay retains his noble heart, his past experience has left him somewhat changed.
His determination to protect the innocent, and those he considers friends and allies, can cause him to disregard his own safety. He can also become quite brutal in combat when pushed to his limits, using his power to very lethal (and grizzly) effect.

Luka Peraxis
Ruskol never was much of a kind mistress. Her bite? Much Worse than her bark. And her bark was already something to fear. Luka had felt those jaws clench around him very early in life.

Bullied in school due to his short stature - especially compared to many Ruskolians - and somewhat book-wormish tendencies, his father was also killed as collateral damage in a shock-trooper raid on a street gang. The young 'Keeper had turned 8 the day before. Luka was a quiet, reserved and independent child as a result. He had few true friends, but loved and cherished those he did have.

At age 14 he and his friends began getting involved with drugs, and,  whilst minor at first, quickly derailed drastically. Soon enough they, too, were part of a street gang. The unbreakable bond Luka had with his friends was ultimately what led him to follow them into the gang. It was too late to go back, whether he knew it or not.

The juvenile ended up staying with the gang permanently, forming a very strong father-like bond with the leader, Vex, and abandoning his former life - including his mother. In 10 years Vex taught Luka everything he knew about getting by on the street and getting people to respect you. To fear you. For that he has no regrets. For leaving his mother completely alone? One lifetime of regrets wouldn't begin to describe it, especially after her disappearance.

Despite the tough, no-nonsense exterior, you can still find his old timid, bookish self hiding away underneath. You just need to rub him in the right places. Like the ears,'d have to be brave.

Finally, though, Luka has something in common with his home district. Something to thank her for: a bite undoubtedly worse than his bark. Watch your step.

Hakuzo Sionnach
I am a white fox with grey ear tips and tail tip. I wear goggles and the clothing in the link. I weild dual daggers and my power is Geomancy. I rely heavily on stealth and terrain to move unnoticed. I am a freelance nightmare hunter that hunts them down at night while living in Kojiki during the day as flowood specialist.

Abigail Grimstone
Abigail is a stripper and a former prostitute she is a fox with black fur scarlet bright red hair as well as having the inside of her mouth ears and unmentionables have a soft glowing blue to them and is blind. Abigail grew up on the streets living with her mother who was also an prostitute bur treated her with love and kindnes, but was killed by a nightmare leaving her alone by the age of 13. Later on in life she was picked up by a club owner and put to work hitting it off easy ad people enjoyed the exotic look she had as well as the fact her blind eyes seemed to a lure people. Eventually Roy the club owner saw the potential to have her bring in even more money through more sinister ways, this she had been raped on numerous occasions until she grew accustomed to it. A few years later at the age of 21 she was visited by a fox who had studded martial arts from various people, after being forced to sleep with him she woke the next day will the knowledge of how to fight. Scared out of her mind about her powers and knowing what would happen once people found out she fled. Later one she found out that by touching someone for enough time she learns how it is they fight and how to do the same moves they do. She continued to move about until landing another job as a stripper. Her powers had grown to where she knows what the person is hiding even the darkest secrets all by touching them long enough until she had found out about the dreamkeepers and joined them providing any aid she could to them.

Likes: children, cuddling, apples, teasing boys and girls.
Dislikes: rapists, nightmares, drugs, hot and spicy foods.
Powers: Learning through touch.
Sexual orintaion: bi

Something special about her: She loves children and cuddling with them as well as spoiling them

Chaos "Psycho" Zero
He is half demon and half cat, hes about 5'4 and 155 pounds and usually wears either just a hoodie or a school outfit shirt with a tie and his goggles, he has Red fur as well with a demon spike tail (despite him looking like a cat more then demon) he also has green fur in his ears and a yellow streak in his hair and his right cheek, his eyes are bright purple and he has a black scar across his face from a spell that caused his eyes to become light sensitive from an Arch-Mage

He despises demons since he works for a holy order to fight them, his eyes are like Riddicks from Chronicles of riddick, but wears goggles to help protect them (note: he has been working on magic to help his eyes adjust to light so they dont hurt as much and its a big middle finger to that arch mage) he has fire and ice and healing magiks do to his mother being a mage and his father a demon, the holy order also helped him design a weapon for him to use as a sorta joke which was a Pitchfork made from obsidian metal.

Yaarrggh!  Prepare yourself for the might and fury of Dae!  The bare-paw fightin’ , kilt-wearin’ jackalope of legend is here to defend the honor and glory of his clan!  Jackalopes need no weapons!  We fight with our paws and antlers, clad only in our kilts!  Beware, for ye have been warned!  The Kilted Jackalope cometh!  Our battle cry is written on every shampoo bottle: “For External Use Only!”  Rarrrrrhhhhhh!!

Dae is a brown and white, fluffy bunny with antlers and wears a kilt.  He stands about 1.5 meters tall and is stocky, but not overly muscular.  The only real advantage Dae has over most of his opponents is speed and agility.  He’ll set up his attacks by bouncing and running in circles around his opponent, looking for an opening to administer jackalope hugs and hopefully find a ticklish spot, usually while babbling our some nonsense phrase like, “Boing!” or “Prepare your jello for my pudding!”

He’s easily distracted by males wearing tight, revealing underwear, otters in general, and the promise of ice cream.  If it’s an otter wearing briefs offering ice cream, then that’s pretty much game over.  Dae is a bit too silly for his own good, but is really looking forward to the tournament so he has an excuse to wrestle with and rub up against other cute boys in the ring.

Jamie Hellsing
Jamie's early life consisted of going to school coming home and doing whatever any other kid did. Which was to try to avoid homework and goof off until his parents forced him to do it. When coming home one fateful day he found his home ablaze; rushing in he screamed for his parents only to find their bodies laying in a puddle of their own blood. Nearly throwing up he wanted to run to them but heard his baby brother crying. The next thing Jamie could remember was waking up covered in bandages in a shock trooper barrack, seeing a Fox he recognized as Jack, an old friend of his dad. Jack Took Jamie into a special training program in the shocks making him a Special Forces operative with a sinister twist. He was training Jamie to be a mindless drone that would turn on his dreamkeeper allies when the nightmares attacked causing sever internal damage to any defense that could be mustered. However Jack's plan was ruined on an operation that would brake Jamie's mind once and for all. An Organization of shocks that deserted the government, found out and Jamie's cousin went into save him. With the help of a team they managed to take Jamie away from the hell he was living in and brought him to their hideout in the shifting dunes where they began to undo the damage done. Jamie broke down after learning his cousin was alive, which helped him along the path of recovery. He later learnt his little brother was alive and went to find him. His years of training and finally learning his power made him a force of nature as he's refereed to as the reaper with his cloak of shadows that let him glide in a ten foot radius.

Age: 14

Height: as tall as Namah

Gender: Male

Eyes: Left eye color: red  Right eye color: blue

Body type: looks like a big brother of Mace if he had one.

Fur color: mostly white with light blue patches of various sizes

Clothes: white t-shirt with a open light brown jacket, black cargo pants and a gray scarf around neck.

Personality: A nice guy willing to help out friends in need and make new ones. Will fight to protect friends. If someone messes with him or his friends, he'll use anything and everything he can get his hands on to not only stop the enemy, but strip them of all their dignity. When causing trouble for others, he develops a personality like Namah's. ( Use reference link for Namah's personality.) Has a crush on Namah.

Power: Energy Manipulation: able to control the natural energy inside his own body to power up any part of his body or make a weapon. Loses energy over time of use. Able to regain energy over time or absorb it from a power source. Gets tired if low on energy.

Skills: Great at parkour and free-running, able to make traps out of almost anything, great at stealing from someone without them taking notice.

Notes: Is a mute, talks with a data-scroll though chat application with his own voice he recorded before he lost by a knife attack to his vocal cords. Has a 2-3 year old scar where he was attacked. Wears his scarf over it. Doesn't care if he loses his scarf in battle, but afterwards he will try to cover it up.

Natsi the Hyena
He used to be named Chaz Norahm, a member of the CCA.  Until he went mad. after watching his best friend be killed by a nightmare, the nightmares the C.C.A. claimed didn't exist, Natsi retaliated by killing his own squad and going into hiding. He re-emerged with a brand new set of looks, completely psychotic,and now a member of the neon knives, he now has one mission, to hunt down any C.C.A. member and kill them. He has a personal infatuation with Woods, and on occassion helps the Troika. He can be often found at the strip club conversating with the one person he trusts, Indi. His powers include all increased attributes from sight to hearing, but most notably a an increased tolerance to toxins, useful with his love for using gas grenades. He most notably butts heads with Vi for her follow orders attitude, and his favorite method of killing is field dressing his victims like common hunted animals. And his weapons of choice are a trench mace flail, and 4-barrel breaching shotgun.

Flynn Dacote
Flynn Dacote was a young veteran from a short lived civil war. After the petty conflict ended, the Nightmares came. Rejoining the military, he quickly rose through the ranks, surpassing every expectation. His early superiors saw him as the perfect soldier because of his ruthless ability to follow orders without hesitation. He proved superior as a tactician and leader. While most captains rode behind their armies, Dacote led his armies. Armed with an autonomous chain osteotome, whose blade stretched four feet, he ripped through every Nightmare that came his way. The very sight of his power boosted moral. With a modified version of his grandfather’s mining helmet, he was immune to the toxic gasses that Nightmares tried to spew his way. His armor was forged by the family that would one day craft the surplus armor that became popular with Troika. This juggernaut of a Dream Keeper utilizes his kinetic powers to redirect his momentum for powerful attacks. He fine tuned his skills so well that he was able to single handedly take down a Leviathan Nightmare.  Legend has it that he disappeared at the end of the Nightmare War when he chased the nightmares back into hell. For centuries, nothing was ever heard of his whereabouts. Then recently, a cocoon was retrieved by Troika scouts. From inside the cocoon, Dacote awoke and defended the scouts from an ambush of Nightmares. The scouts pleaded with Dacote to join Troika and once again fight the Nightmares. Though his patriotism for the old government and its order ran deep, the revelation of its corruption convinced this warrior to join them. Troika kept Dacote a secret. Their new ally was a warrior seasoned by war and the Nightmare Realm. He was their secret weapon, the legendary Nightmare Slayer.  

Denver Wright
Reclining a 5'8", skinny, ramen-forged body in an office chair, feet parked up on a cluttered desk and perusing the latest scientific journal, is a Denver Wright. Denver is an overworked, underpaid, insult-humor fueled graduate student at "The Sabbaton University at Calypsa." He spots an interesting article, and his amber eyes light up. He takes the pen he'd stashed behind his antenna and writes down a few notes, while his other two hands pour himself another mug of cheap coffee. Content with his find, inhaling the sweet fumes of caffeinated nectar, Denver stands up to enjoy a quick stretch of his dark-blue chitin and pale wings. He almost knocks over a pile of ungraded student papers, but his "flappers" aren't that large, certainly not big enough for actual flight, just for the occasional slow fall. Odd cuts, holes, and stains splatter his lab coat. He smiles, thinking about last group meeting when his academic advisor tore into his revolutionary ideas on "artificial cycling of kinetic energy and chemical potential" as "sci-fi hogwash of the nth degree." Pity shame that Denver can't admit the truth to Dr. Shakashiri. He's already proven the reality of his hypothesis, using himself as Test Subject #001, with the occasional help of some angry back-alley thugs. Just this week, Denver had increased his own internal storage capacity by 4,360.6 kilojoules and his external transfer by 3,607.2 kilojoules! The thugs didn't seem as enthusiastic, possibly on account of the broken bones and internal/external bleeding. Denver had made sure to take careful note of their reactions and conditions before leaving. "YOU FUCKING MONSTER!" seemed to be this week's favorite phrase. Of course, these experiments were done ignoring Anduruna regulations on "Powers"  usage and all that, but no matter. Anything is legal so long as you don't get caught.


Kyle lives and works in the farm district under his parents.  He does have ambitions to do other things other than farming, however he respects the advice of his father to stick with a solid job such as farming.  So he continues to work hard in that area.  The only time he may go into the city would to obtain farm equipment or parts.  Or even help sell their product.  However he does find it annoying how often people comment or mistake his fur patterns as tattoos. Thus, he does not like going to the city often.

Even at a young age, Kyle had achieved a form of tranquility.  Always staying calm and keeping a clear mind no matter what.  He also prefers not to bring harm to anyone.  However he is perfectly aware that not all think the same.  And sometimes people need to be defended from others.  So he had learned how to block and dodge, and or preform defensive moves.  He had many situations when he had to defend himself.  Or others too weak protect themselves.  He later discovered his power.  The ability to warp or move objects in a predetermined path at the speed of light.  It’s an extremely dangerous power, however it takes so much energy that one use can drain him completely and leave him vulnerable.  The larger the object the more energy it consumes.  Even an object as small as a throwing knife can drain him. Also due to the inaccurate control, friendlies can be at risk if they are too close to the target.  So his power is not something he would want to use unless it was absolutely necessary.  Which he hopes it will never be necessary.

In Anduruna, there are many rumors and urban legends that influence today’s culture.  But there is one that has many watching what they do outside of church.  Rumor speaks of a supposed messenger of Sacrare, the “ Son of Stars”, a great winged envoy that is said to come from the greater plains and visit our world.  Other notably names are, “ Moon Man “, “ Cereus “, and “ Night Reaper “.  Not much is known about this supposed figure, though rumor states that should you encounter him, you are going to die soon.  He appears at night only, flying down to test the spiritual resolve of one’s soul, offering passage should they prove themselves worthy.  If one passes, you are allowed into the greater plain as you have shown your devotion to Sacrare.  Failing however, guarantees death at his hand. 

Though eyewitness reports vary from sightings to encounters, these accounts have not been verified.  This leads many to believe that this urban legend is a hoax or the result of natural phenomenon being misinterpreted.  Explanations range from nighttime avians and species flying through the moonlight at with incredible speeds leading to “sightings” of the alleged angel to psychosis.  Whatever the cause, It’s clear that this enigmatic figure is unlikely to leave Anduruna’s conscious.

------Seraph is a nightmare that preys on the religious nature of Anduruna’s populace, using his control over light and heat  parading as an angelic being.  His appearance is that of a winged Criosphinx, having a bipedal and quadruped form.  With his fair complexion and smooth appearance, he can be described as a walking statue.  Always trying to avoid conflict, should he enter combat, he uses his powers of light and heat defensively, letting him opponent grow over confident until it’s too late.------

Maxwell Ratatoskr
Once there was a Dreamkeeper who took LSD, thinking it could expand his already sizable IQ.

Which it did, save that it showed him something else.
A world beyond Anduruna, filled with strange things and people.

He became determined to find this world however possible, knowing in his heart it was real.

He learned his power, prepared for months, and left Anduruna in search of anything that might lead him to this land.

Isolation and a second trip caused him to develop madness, yet he has also balanced it out, and at this point will do ANYTHING to complete his goal, even kill and rob, to ensure that he can reach a land where he believes he can finally be recognized for his brilliance, and his power can finally be truly unique.

He still ventures to this day.

Maxwell is armed with a fire ax he'd stolen from Anduruna, a homemade repeating, automatic crossbow, and a self setting bear trap.
He himself is dressed in a long brown coat with a matching pith helmet, sandals and shorts, resembling a five feet, nine inch tall anthropomorphic squirrel/cat hybrid with red/brownish fur.
His power essentially enhances his speed, dexterity, and strength to a significantly higher level, effectively eight times what it originally addition to a set of very sharp spikes coming out of his finger tips and toe tips, which he mostly uses to climb things.
He is also a bit difficult to predict due to his madness, and on top of that is actually quite smart, knowing how to survive in the wilderness by himself, search out ruins that may bare clues to 'the promised land' and upkeep his tools to maximum effectiveness.

As for his personality...that'll become more clear in the battle itself, should he appear...

Lenox Skali!AgXC2PseBVVgjk0mXCEttu0IA13d

Name: Lenox Skali
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Lenox Skali has bright blue eyes with magenta highlights. He is 6'1", lean, decently muscled and is a humanoid griffin. His hips, legs, arms, hands, and head consist of feline characteristics similar to that of a white tiger. Along with this, he sprouts a long feline tail. His waist and upper torso are avian in and are covered in numerous brown feathers. He has a pair of sharp claws for feet and adorns a set of large, powerful, golden wings that he keeps folded in a feathery mass on his back when not in use. For his general apparel, Lenox wears a rustic leather jacket, various blue jean shorts or pants, and always wears a burnt necklace that is a close memento of his childhood and late parents.
Lenox is a kind, understanding, respecting, and light-hearted person who does not care much for violence, especially if it is meaningless violence. He will defend anyone he loves or cares for, and although he despises it, Lenox will fight to protect another, even if he is not a fighter by skill. Lenox Is, however, a gifted artist in stained glass artwork and uses many chemicals, unique tools, and various types of glass in daily life.
Lenox discovered his power on the day his parents died during a house fire that consumed everything within several miles. Lenox can ‘hold’ or ‘repeat’ a hemispherical pulse while on the ground, or a sphere while in the air. This generates a force up to 5 newtons (~50 kg/110lb) per square inch up to 2 meters (~6 ft) and half of any opposing force, lesser or greater, is added to the hemispheres pulse in all directions. If multiple opposing forces hit at once, they are considered a single force.

Sirhc {Sir-ihk}

Physical: Black coloured canine like species. (Ex: Ravat) Height of 5.6. Lean. Hazel eyes. Male.

Personality: Introvert. Antisocial. Quick-tempered. Logical. Open minded.

Power: Rage. However, is unique as Sirhc has "levels of aggression"  he has within the power. With low levels being increased physical prowess, strength, and tolerance to pain. High levels of rage giving him much more physical power, but lose focus, and then has chance to go into a reckless frenzy, caring little of intelligent battle tactics. Trigger for power can be voluntary, or be provoked.

Quick Bio: Is the offspring of two parents, Madylan and Scythe, in Kojiki district. Sadly, Sirhc's childhood was cut short by a tragic night of unknown assailants coming in the home, and attempted to murder both the parents. The parents fought back, but got overwhelmed and were killed. Sirhc was captured, and was being hauled off by one of the assailants. Sirhc was able to fight back, using his power for the first time, in raw form, and kill the assailant. Scared and extremely confused, as well as scarred, he went back to his home. After going back home, CCA guards who arrived at the house saw him. After that, Sirhc was placed in a run down orphanage of the Margate district. After very rough times of being bullied by other kids, surviving by his own wit, and abused by the cruel caretaker (Not Grunn. An evil cat-lookin lady.) he eventually settled back into the Kojiiki district, buying his family's home back, and following in his mothers footsteps of a writer. But in the meantime, is planning vengence against the assailants that killed his parents, no matter the cost.


The crisp ocean breeze had just picked up, blowing across the docks of Margate on the hot summer day, bringing soothing relief to the young apprentice blacksmith who sat himself on a lonely pier after a long day of labor. He looked out across the sea letting the wind catch his warm colored fur and pondered, as he often did, full of questions and curiosity; be it about himself, the world, or the seemingly unfathomable and indescribable forces he consistently bore secret witness to. He would wonder about the lands beyond Anduruna and across the sea, having not been born within the walls himself and never knowing his true parents, he would always be the grateful stepson to a stoic and just man who never had any obligation to take him in. Looking up towards the heavens he would also ponder about places beyond the skies, secretly tapping into his power within. He remembered taking those first steps in controlling this power, the sense of frustration, uselessness and how underwhelming it ranked in comparison to the abilities of the close friends whom he shared his secret with. His was a talent that would perhaps take a lifetime to master and was truly reliant on knowledge rather than skill. Stars and planets and other oddities, all gave him visible demonstrations of force by which the heavens would be locked in an eternal dance. He discovered thru careful focus a connection could be established, ever so tiny, and be utilized to borrow said force from heavenly bodies. With practice and experimentation he found the applications were almost limitless. From simple tasks to elegant constructs and experiments he found that he could weave the universe's most primal of forces to provide both protection and an outlet for his inquisitive nature.

Dank Forden
Young lynx, an increase of about 170 centimeters, an average constitution. Has elongated ears and tassels at the end, also has a short tail. Hair slicked back and go into a small ponytail. By coloring the character of light brown, from the clavicle to the neck and the whole face going to the cheeks and passing between the eyes, it is a beige color. The fingers on his hand, too, beige color, but only your fingers! Also beige color comes from the knees and across the foot to the toes. Arms from the elbow and fingers brown, the same color as your fingers on the legs and a small band around the neck separating beige and light brown. The abdomen from the groin up to the chest, as well as to treat this tail, brush the ears, circles around the eyes and eyelids are also brown. Hair dark brown close to black. Scars, bruises and other injuries on the body is not imeet.Forma dark green color consists of a jacket of green color with the identification mark on the right side of the chest in the form of strips with the division on the red, gray and white. Also the pants of the same color as the jacket, without any gray swept away and army boots.


Sukotto was born in Talocan with a single mother, his life has had many ups and downs since the sudden disappearance of his father.
he is single, had no known job and his location could be anywhere at any time.
His power is rather unknown, use extreme caution.


The CCA had one objective, to stop the tall and skinny dark male dragon with green hair and accents wearing a black hat.

The streets of Margate are filled with the wet resounding footsteps of Sukotto, but his footsteps are accompanied by a couple of other footsteps. None other than the CCA after him.

The downpour... so slippery. "If only this rain would stop," and as the dragon-like Dreamkeeper had that thought, the rain quickly vanished, drops fading into green mist. From the fading rain, the bright green halo could be seen above him.

Sukotto's power has much to do with how he has has felt in the past, filled with rejection from his peers at school and lacking the love of one of the parents, Sukotto felt lost within himself, thinking only of the harmful reality in his mind. Thus, his power allows him to reject it.

Sukotto heard shots going off from the CCA rifles, he raised his hands in desperation, but the bullets stopped. Like his life, these powers could not be controlled, all he could really do was run away. Run from his problems, run from the pain, run from the sadness... forever.

Sukotto suddenly appeared near the beaches of Talocan, his home... he wanted to be there instead.

He could finally relax for a bit, but that was hard to him... if only he didn't get rid of his father by accident.

Kierce Anjvolt

Sole heiress of an abandonned Power Plant nicknamed "The Nest" by its inhabitants, Kierce is a half organic, half mechanical anthropomorphic lemurian ape raised by her mother figure Jadiel Anjvolt, an android that educated her with the idea that efficiency matters above all else. As a result, Kierce seems mostly emotionless in both tone and mannerisms, unless she wants to take risks for the sake of "gathering data."  Indeed, her dream is to create her own Nest organized in a huge prosperous city she'd name Gadget World, a paradise for secluded people or anyone who'd like to create technological wonders. She's usually seen traveling around the world with a backpack, black gloves, a light jumpsuit decorated with a giant black bow behind it, the jumpsuit itself being colored with the yellow color her mother loves so much.

Concerning her power, Kierce can produce limited amounts of electricity, which she can channel through her body - thus making the stripes on her body and imposing fluffy tail shine brightly - the beak-shaped rapier she wields (as an hommage to her bird-like mother), or her "Spell Books".  These allow her to control the drones that rest in her backpack, which each line of the books' pages relating to orders or specific actions she can give them. Her Spell Books thus act as an artifcact to channel her electricity and power the drones, who usually fire waves of energy bullets in organized formations. She has three types of Drones:
-Arachnid-T (shaped like spiders), Copter-T (shaped like birds with 4 wings, and Pisc-T (shaped like tiny sharks).


Kryan is an orphan passive boy, around 14 years old. He's of green fur, blue eyes, tall height, neither skinny nor fat, and wears a black cap, purple and blue jackets, blue jeans, black shoes and a red scarf. He also has a leather armor on his right shoulder, as well as some armor in his knees.

Equipped with leather armor, full clothing and his trusted iron sword, he has been learning of life around the world, making him get used to the wilderness, no matter in what conditions.

On battle, his agility is what makes him victorious: by dodging every attack from his target, he counters with his blade with a slash up, jumping and then slashing down with full force. However, for him to counter correctly, he must time right the moment he has to dodge and when he thinks his target will attack, as most of the times they don't do such thing, of course, when he thinks its safe, he goes straight to it to attack.

When a golden opportunity shows up, Kryan used his secret power: by focusing all mind and power to the sword, he converts the blade into a light blade, with a larger size and deadlier than before. He can use it either immediately or use it passively, where the blade stays in normal size, but makes Kryan's moves faster in general.
However, this power can make Kryan lose his mind in case certain conditions are met. If Kryan is full of anger or with the wish to get revenge, using the power will make him lose control of himself and release the "demon" he has inside (not that he has one inside but release his dark side). If he gets into this state, his eyes will turn black and red, ashes will come out from his scarf, the sword will be dark instead of light, and the only thing he's do until his surroundings are empty is to kill.

It happened once, and since that moment, he promised he won't do it again, unless its necessary.

Rick Bishop

Rick Bishop is a fennec with serious attitude problem, and a serious power to back it up. Born to terrible parents, his father is now in jail, and his mother is spirits know where. He was then adopted by a man of the church and his wife, who though that it would be a good way to help their own natural-born son who was going through his own problems at the time. It was not.

While growing up was hard, the now twenty-three Rick maintains a descent relationship with his adopted family, though is still a bit distant from his brother.  His real solace, however, is found in his three best friends, Daniel, Evans, and Kyle. Rick would do anything to protect them, including using his power.

Rick possesses the power of sound, being able to shoot a shock-wave of noise from his ears and throat to damage nightmares (and hit other foes like a ton of bricks). As an extension of this power, he can emulate any voice from his throat and any sound from his ears, (though his ears must be upright to do this). If he knows it well enough, he can even do an entire song, all instruments and vocal parts.

While acting like a punk, Rick mostly just wants to find some peace, and relax with his friends at their usual diner. But while a good guy on the inside, Rick is pretty rough around the edges. He's had a few scraps in his day, and if it's a fight you want, he'll be happy to give you one.

Kurt “The Flash” Gurdsman

Canine body type, of medium height with a slightly hunched stature. Late middle aged with increasingly greyed facial hair. Wears an assortment of customized shock trooper armor that has been stripped and reworked to increase mobility of the limbs and reduce weight while still maintaining the chest and shoulder guard. Helmet with polarized goggles to defend against bright lights and a mask to filter dust particles from air before breathing.
Armament includes a full length springer rifle standard to Anduruna shock troopers with minimal modifications (mostly stripped for weight and repaired with available materials), a small trench knife, and an entrenching tool with a pry bar handle.
Power is the ability to generate a flash of light from the palm of hand. Intensity of the flash is controllable by Kurt, and can range anywhere from sub one lumen to around 2000 lumens, meaning that the flash can be enough to cause temporary blindness or just light up the immediate space in front of the hand.
Fighting style is based around disorienting the enemy and keeping current position hidden. Optimally, Kurt will hide and set an ambush area with lots of mall pits and cover. When the target is inside the ambush area, he will fire, flash the target, and use the opportunity provided by the temporary blindness to relocate and shoot again, or approach the target to engage in hand to hand combat. In sub optimal conditions, Kurt will first attempt to flee the line of sight of the aggressor and then counterattack. Failing that, range combat is abandoned and the melee weaponry is utilized.


Mariwen the Arcane Devourer

   The Angelic Stalker, the Ethereal Flame, and the Shining Curse, Mariwen has gone by many names like these throughout history. Many have seen the traveler on his unknown mission, and few have witnessed him more than once. Sightings of the wanderer are reported on all corners of the world, speaking of a man with broken wings rushing in where magical events of significance occur. Some blame him for what happens next, marking him as a flashy man with dark intent, an omen that bad luck will befall the land he visits. Some see him as a protector, swearing that he is not the cause of misfortune but the first to react in dire times, claiming things would turn out worse without him.
   A battlefield lined with white flames is his signature, written by a swift, black blade mounted on the arm. Mariwen also carries an ornate bow, and quiver of seemingly endless arrows that dissolve into thin air upon finding their target. He has slain seemingly regular soldiers, good kings and tyrants, and of course arcane wielders, both the wicked and self-serving, as well as those who worked for the light. One thing is certain: this being is searching for something in the arcane. Whether it’s in the heat of battle or as his victim is falling, Mariwen always takes some magical essence from his opponent’s spells or their body. What he does with this is his greatest mystery.

Erich Hoth

“Former Specialist of the CCA Erich Hoth reportedly died in the line of duty. That was the CCA’s nice way of telling the city of Anduruna that he was murdered. Of course, they left out a little, crucial detail. The CCA were the ones that pulled the trigger.

Surprised they took out one of their own? Then you don’t know the CCA: the real CCA. They couldn’t control Hoth, so they got rid of him. They chalked it up to an accident, a gas leak. The fire destroyed the whole building with Hoth and his partner inside: his family too.

But there are rumors that Erich Hoth survived. There’s a vigilante that wanders the city streets, with a striking resemblance to Hoth. He has the same appearance, completely unscathed from the fire. Maybe that’s only coincidence.

You see, Hoth had a pretty impressive record in the CCA. At least, the parts that weren’t blackened seem impressive. This vigilante though, is erratic. He doesn’t act like Hoth at all. Sometimes he helps people. Most of the time he kills them.

This guy, whoever he is, has a rap sheet longer than anything the CCA has ever seen. Most of it is theft and murder. The strangest part is nobody knows how he pulls it all off. In and out, with only spotty surveillance footage left behind: this guy is a pro.

If you see this vigilante, Hoth, look away. Don’t say his name. Don’t mention anyone he was close too. And if he locks his eyes with yours and smiles like a devil, you’ll disappear.

Of course, none of this came from me. I will deny any involvement with your inquiry. I told you all I can. Now get the hell outta here.”

—Anonymous testimony involving Former CCA Specialist Erich Hoth

Martin P. Kalt

Born in Calypsa, Martin lived a relatively normal life on his way to being a productive citizen as an engineer. He has experimented with his power from time to time and knows what he can do, but he has only relied on it when absolutely needed. The authorities haven’t arrested for power use yet, and he plans on keeping it that way. Martin’s timid nature is to avoid unnecessary fights for the most part, but he can grow a backbone every once in a while.
Power: Thermal-Kinetic conversion
               -Matin’s power allows him to drain thermal energy through physical contact and converts that energy into kinetic energy to fight. Anything he can touch with either hands, fangs, feet or tail can be cooled to as low as -321 degrees Fahrenheit, and whatever the difference in thermal energy is, he can use that as kinetic energy to move faster or hit harder. (See Law of Conservation of Energy) At range he can only drain heat from his surroundings to move quickly and launch objects. For defense, he can pour water on his clothes to freeze them to make them more resistant to battle damage (though still not as protective as Kevlar) and stop bleeding by freezing wounds.

               Martin is all about calculated strategy. Some battles may feature mathematically calculated attacks like how draining just 1 degree Celsius from water equates to a difference of 4.2 Joules per gram which is the same amount of kinetic energy as ice of the same mass traveling at 91.5 meters per second or about 205 miles per hour.

               -Small water bottles (for freezing, pouring, and/or throwing)

               -Versatile Power
               -One Touch Can Be Fatal
               -Limited Defense
               -Limited Offensive at Range

Korrigan Weldryt

For the most part, Korrigan has the appearance of an anthropomorphic spider; lean but slightly muscled with a thin covering of brown hair, including small tufts of black fur present on shoulders, arms, legs, and chest. Korrigan has three sets of arms, four eyes, and digitigrade legs; regarding his eyes, two large ones and two small ones located above. The large eyes are golden with slit irises, but the two above have no pupils because of a thin membrane, with the left bright blue and the right bright green. Despite having a mostly arachnid form, Korrigan has a pair of two pointed ears, the left one chipped, while also having scarlet curly hair, alongside a pair of sharp fangs and white freckles on his face. Lastly, he has a thin, long tail with rings of black and brown. In terms of attire, Korrigan can almost always be seen wearing his signature bowler hat with a timepiece attached to the side by a black and gold ribbon (steampunk-esque) as well as his custom, four crystalline-blue lens Spectacles. He usually sports a dark cape to hide some of his arms and weapons and underneath he wears a sleeveless emerald vest with a nice shirt, pants, and sash. Despite having a friendly and confident personality, Korrigan tends to be very secretive, and at times unsure of who he should be. When not strolling down the lively streets of Talocan, he can be seen sipping tea from a shop in Kojiki. DK power is intangibility but only limited to himself and whoever or whatever’s he’s in physical contact with. Combat wise, He’s self-taught himself in martial arts prior to becoming a spy for the Troika and holds multiple springer side-arms as well as a katana passed down from a close friend.


Pyro is a Half Cat, Dog, and Wolf Male Hybrid. He's 20 years old, 6ft tall and weighs 220 Ibs, fur color red, black and orange. His homeland is the Talocan District in Anduruna and his power is Fire Blade Conjuration. The ability to create blades out of fire, but is limited to make only 3 kinds of blades, 6 small fire daggers, 2 fire swords, and one great fire blade. Note can only make one of these sets of blades at a time, as in he can have one fire sword in one hand but can't make a great fire blade or fire daggers on the other hand, only another fire sword. To use another blade he has to make the current one fade away to use another one. He learned his power during the days he was a Shock Trooper for the CCA, during a mission to find and capture a criminal with his squad. The criminal ran into a hidden underground tunnel under the city, as Pyro's squad followed him they were lost in the tunnels, his squad split up to find the criminal. Moments later the criminal was found dead, body ripped to pieces, cries were heard, Pyro's squad was attacked by a Nightmare his squad killed by the monster, fought back but his weapons had no effect on the monster. Soon with a small bit of hope Pyro attacked with a small dagger, in rage the dagger became a fire sword and sliced the monster as it burned in ashes. A squad of 6, only 2 survivors, Pyro's best friend and himself though one of the 4 dead was a close friend of his. They reported what happened but the higher ups didn't believe them due to being a Nightmare in the tunnels, so it was covered up, in rage Pyro quits the CCA and go's on a hunt to find the nightmares. His friend stays in the CCA to offer support from within in secret. Now Pyro wanders the City of Anduruna in secret to find the Nightmares and hunt them down to avenge his fallen squad mates.


Gary is a yellow fox that has brown eyes, brown ears that are black tipped, and a yellow tail that is also black tipped. His go to suit is a Navy Blue suit, white shirt, and a solid red tie. He even wears a bread pin which shows that he's an expert at making bread! Don't know what flour to use? Need someone to defend your bakery? Gary is your guy! He's the best defense attorney when it comes to bread! He also secretly works for Troika as a Recon Operative. His suit of armor is a dark grey armor with a dark blue chest plate. His shoulder pads has a single vertical dark blue stripe and his right thigh guard bears the Troika symbol. Gary wears a helmet that has night vision, allowing him to see in the dark. His visor is blue when he doesn't use night vision. It turns dark grey when he does use it. His armor is light enough to allow himself a speedy getaway. As a Recon Operative, Gary uses the best silenced weapons and knives Troika can give! His bread is so good, Vi just can't get enough of it!


Living a life of anxiety and misgiving after a freak accident severely injured her, Marie thought that she could do no good anymore, and decided to become the “most infamous person”. She donned a golden, cybernetic mask to conceal her scarred face, and went under the name Mai-Ra.

She is headstrong, arrogant, and sometimes hotheaded. Her sensitivity can affect her relationships between others as well as her own actions. She can sometimes be a bit paranoid about failure. She is torn between becoming infamous and trying to redeem herself. Her morality is usually tested through her actions.

While quick and agile, Mai-Ra prefers using weapon based combat over hand to hand. She primarily relies on her ZX-0 pistol during combat, which can switch to a number of different ammo types through voice command. Her mask also provides her with functions such as targeting and downloading information.

Lil' Timmy

While most kids his age are playing with dolls and raving on about the next Tinsel album release, Lil’ Timmy is sharpening his knives and cleaning bloodstains off his shirt. For you see, he is no ordinary child. Since his birth, Lil’ Timmy’s parents always knew something was off - his obsession with crimson red being the least of their concern.

One night, a moon before his birthday, somehow, Lil’ Timmy found out about the nightmares. His ears perked at the thought of such wonderful monstrosities - oh the joy of death and turmoil; he yearned to be like them. But of course, being barely five years old, the wannabe nightmare was as clueless as Grunn on a Saturday morning. As the clouds drifted slowly through another stormy night, Lil’ Timmy caught a glimpse of moonlight that shimmered off the kitchen knife. The house filled with lightning as he smiled a cheeky, innocent smile.

The headlines the next day was “COUPLE STABBED TO DEATH – 85 STABS IN TOTAL; AUTHORITIES STILL INVESTIGATING”. No one would ever suspect that cute Lil’ Timmy could ever hurt a fly. Now without parents, and two kills on his hands, Lil’ Timmy was sent to the local orphanage (No, not Grunn’s. That place is horrific).

Throughout his time there, the orphanage noticed a massive increase in injuries in its cohort, but of course, they blamed the media’s blatant promotion of adventure and risk taking. It was only a year later, after the disappearance of two orphans, that a few began to hold suspicions against Lil’ Timmy. But whatever they possibly had against him will remain untold, as Lil’ Timmy walked away from the burning rubble of the orphanage, with several dozen more kills in his name, and a neat little t-shirt that he painted in art.

Nero Slendrik

“Slendrik Express, Norvondire’s fastest delivery service, Nero speaking.  If it moves, we can deliver it.”
“A special job?  Sure, just tell your people to look out for the red lizard with the brilliant crown of feathers and goggles, and I will stop over to give an estimate.”
“Trouble?  Well, I charge extra for that, but I can handle it.  If I let a few springers or thugs get between me and a job well done I wouldn’t be in this business.  Besides, I am faster than I look; a lot faster if I need to be.”
“Not that sort of trouble?”
“Ah, you want me to make the trouble?  I take it that They sent you?  Nah, don’t bother; we both know the answer to that.  It ain’t gonna be cheap, but sure. I am up for a bit of fun as long as nobody dies.  Just tell me the target, and I will be on my way once I grab my satchel charges.”
Standard:  Nero Slendrik is a Red lizard like Dreamkeeper with a plume of pale purple flowers on his head wearing a fancy pair of goggles.  He operates a courier company out of Novondire that will accept any job regardless of the legality or customer, as well as jobs damaging or attacking things for certain special customers though he draws the line at not committing murder.  When he encounters trouble, he falls back on using his power to move at super speeds for a few seconds at a time as well as an assortment of explosive devices to get the job done.


“Come on, then, fight back!”

 the voice growled sadistically. Beta shakily got up before he once more felt the rough hands force him back into the cold wall of lockers. He tried to scream as the pain washed over him like a wave, but his voice came out as a strangled groan. His head felt warm, his vision blurred. He remembered standing up- feeling the cool metal of the locker slide down his back as he braced himself against it for support. Then there was a sort of pop- he profoundly remembered forgetting the pain. Instead, a curious sensation washed over him: a mixture of anger, fear, and power combined in a deadly reagent.
Above him he noticed a small ring was suspended, casting a bright blue light. He felt himself grasp something that had seemingly materialized in his hand. It was remarkably light, but commanded an aire of danger all the same. Beta flung himself at his adversary, brandishing his newfound strength. He remembered himself grabbing and punching, taking advantage of his opponent’s surprise. He stabbed quickly, over and over again. The dull “thud” of the collision rang sickeningly in his ears.
There was no conscious action, only instinct. He couldn’t remember the boy’s face, only the screams of his classmates perforated this memory. With a quick jerk he was pushed off the bully and grabbed roughly by the shoulders. Someone was dragging him away, but to this he did not object. As quickly as it had started, it was over. He looked at his hands as he slid across the cold tile. They were stained with blood.

Beta’s eyes open as the dream collapsed upon itself. He sucked in the cold night air, his breath clearly visible. For a brief moment as he lay in the dark, he was safe.

Sam Schrade


Sam was born in 1202 to then-active-duty shock trooper Malik Schrade, and notable actress Milena Rosabella. At the age of eight, her mother was murdered in front of her by one of two assailants. At thirteen, she encountered her first nightmare, leading her to discover both her power, as well as her bond with a special weapon, which she used to slay the beast. Ten years later, she would embark on a journey, slaying four more powerful nightmares in the process.

Powers and Abilities:

Ethereal shield - Sam’s power summons a shield which protects from powers originating from both nightmare and dreamkeeper alike. The shield also carries the ability to block physical attacks from nightmares, as well as delivering electric shocks, but doing so causes much greater strain on Sam herself. The shield does nothing to protect from “mundane” physical attacks.

“Minimum effort, maximum effect” - Sam has extensively practiced a unique Kojiki martial art originally intended for use against power-active opponents, which focuses on blending with and redirecting an opponent’s motion in order to perform effortless throws and joint-locks. This allows her to deal with foes much larger and stronger than herself in hand-to-hand combat.

Aurelium Blade - Sam wields an ancient sword from the Dominion Era that originally belonged to her ancestor, Silas. The blade appears to be bronze, but when wielded by a blood-bound individual, the blade takes on a golden aura. In this state, the metal becomes extremely hazardous to nightmares. This weapon is the only surviving example of the original seven “Aurelium Blades”, wielded by elite “Champions” during the Nightmare Wars.

Ancient knowledge - She has studied a Dominion/Silent Centuries text, detailing tactics for fighting nightmares. Using this knowledge, she can generally ascertain the best method for fighting a nightmare based on its anatomy, powers, and behavior.


Nimbus is a wolf raised in Theophanies district, growing up within the Sacrare order and later becoming an archivist.  Fascinated with Anduruna’s history, he had no qualms reading the order’s more suppressed works, believing suppression doesn’t change what happened or stop one from learning from it.  He would sequester himself for hours reading of ancient wars where powers were weapons and nightmares were not the ghost tales modern society claimed.  As years went by he became disillusioned with the faith after witnessing his superiors squander tithes, extort the poor, and even cavort with local gangs.  He questioned his own piety when others around him freely abused their positions yet looked down on the carefree whims of nearby Kojiki district. The thought of becoming so hypocritical only drove him back to his historical texts, finding comfort in stories of heroes and adventure.

Nimbus’ superiors caught on to his growing admonition.  They feared the CCA coming down on them for his reading of forbidden history, and sent the Neons after him one night.  After a vicious chase, Nimbus was beaten and nearly dead.  He wondered if his faith even mattered against the claws and blatant power use of the Neons, against the hypocrisy of his superiors, against everything taught to him was wrong… then his power erupted.  A storm surged around him, igniting his foes and leaving him alive, but in smoking tatters.  He escaped into Kojiki and thought hard about his life.  What mattered now?

The same rebellious streak that influenced his reading of the suppressed texts encouraged him to experiment with his power, wondering if the old stories were suppressed for a reason.  If criminals could use their power like the heroes of old, then why not him in protecting himself?

And regarding nightmares… well, the texts haven’t lied yet…

Felicity Vulnien

She is a vixen anthro with the ability to conjure various elements; such as fire, water, lightning, and wind.  Her left arm has been replaced with a robotic replacement due to an accident with a machine she was curious about.  She gained this arm from the man who owned the machine.  Unbeknownst to her there is an amulet in the arm that absorbs half of magic or laser energy and gives to her as manna.  Due to this the arm will take half damage from such attacks.  Felicity believes the arm is just that durable and that she still doesn’t have a complete grasp of her manna limit.  She is capable of detaching the arm to get out of situations or if she needs to move faster than her opponent, but doing so will leave her more vulnerable to magic and laser attacks since she uses her arm as a shield.

Her world is split between magic users and tech users, so the sight of technology is normal to her.  Due to the rift between the two factions however she is accustomed to others treating like a freak when they know she uses magic as well as have a mechanical arm.  Felicity has an athletic build at a height of 5’3” while wearing a shaman-like outfit.  There is a notch on her right ear and two on her left.  The prosthetic limb reaches three inches past the shoulder joint on the front and 5 on the back.  She is always seeking adventure, this being the reason she left her home.  While quick to fight she hates to take a life unless it is necessary.

Marco H. Seigi

Marco is a 23 year old Kangaroo who acts as the main Character on a popular Super Sentai show for Children. He stands at around 5"11 Ft, weighing in at 165 pounds. He has a fur color of a light red with a black spotted patterns tracing down his back along to the tip of his tail, with the exception of a spot placed directly over his right eye, as his paws and hands are black, similar to a painters dip on dogs, also to note his underside is a white pattern, he is often mistaken as a fox by most. He is donned in Beige Cargo Shorts, a Black tee with a faded blue jean vest, well a "vest" due to the sleeves being ripped off. Donning the "vest"s collar is a single pin, of a silver hue in the shape of heart with a cross in it. he wears across his paws: athletes tape, since he is not fond of shoes or sandals.
As to his skills: he is rather agile and light footed, no formal training in martial arts other then a few self taught boxing courses and throws, he seems to have developed a sense of sensing how attacks will fly due to his regular job of working on the Sentai show, but he is very gullible and seems almost too trustworthy which could lead to a very bad opening on his part, When on stage he acts the hero, but in reality can be quite shy and bashful. He is driven by a sense of justice in his heart and wants to believe there is good in everyone, Though he will always stop to make a child smile, even at the cost of his dignity. Fun Fact the Sentai show is called: Rhino Ranger!


Arcoth in a man in his mid 30's who knows his way around fighting anything with teeth and claws (Though he knows how to handle those with weapons as well). He is well built, and has kept up a healthy life style, even if has been rugged and viscous to him. His skin is more of a creamy color while his armor plating (on shoulders, abs, chest , knees, feet, and hands) is more of a brown. His right eye color grey with a red pupil this his eye is covered by a worn steel plate. However, if his power is activated the eye goes blue with a white pupil. His tail is much like that of a scorpions, but does not hold a lethal toxin within it. if pierced into the skin of someone can cause intense irritation of the area for an entire day.

 His gear is usually consists of long brown clothes wrapped around his body along with and form of bullet proof gear. casual gear is mainly a red leather jacket with black pants and shirt. With armor underneath it all of course.

Arcoth tends to be fairly quiet,  but keeps highly alert, usually expecting something bad to happen  (which tends to happen to him). For this, he had learned to use fighting techniques for close quarters, yet he is not above cheating with his powers. Though because of this, he never really enjoys being in crowds of people.

His power is to stop or slow moving objects that he concentrates on with his sight. But due to him only have one eye, it is limited to one side.

Marshall “Reagent” Stoikos, The Ruffian from Eradu, gives off an air feline smugness. His persistent slouch belies his hardy nature.  Standing half a head taller than the average Dreamkeeper, Reagent’s features are predominantly feline, with long tufted ears, and a short muzzle. However, a hint of canine can be seen in his long fluffy tail and grey-and-white markings. He is of husky build (pun intended), with lanky limbs that conceal surprising strength.
 A self-proclamed jacket aficionado Troika Quartermasters have recorded a total of 14 Troika Jackets of varied design to have gone missing from storage during his frequent visits. He might return them… someday. Until then Reagent sports a multitude of Troika coats along with a set of camo pants and CCA Trooper Boots (only the best for Nightmare Faces!).
Bandits of the Diony Deserts have learned to fear (or at least not stand in front of) the hefty Springer Revolver that hangs from Marshall’s belt.  While not the most reliable firearm in Anduruna, the weapon’s bulkier springer cartridges are rumored to be powerful enough to crumple Trooper Armor at close range and have even less pleasant effects on an unarmored opponent.
Lacking firepower, Stoikos’s experience in the desert wilderness has given him an insight or two in the dastardly art of dirty fighting. While not as graceful as the renowned Martial Arts of Kojiki, there are few defenses against a bottle of fermentae to the face or a swift boot to the jimmies. His brawler skills are made even more potent by his power, which allows him to turn off any sensations of pain or fatigue that might have been obtained during a scuffle, leaving him swinging well after the third attempt to defenestrate him from the bar.

Mandor Hexmortis Saval
At a glance, he might seem uninteresting, his visage hidden beneath an old and weathered travel cloak, his head hidden by a hood, on his back a travelers backpack, and in his left arm an old hiking stick. Beneathe that cloak on can catch glimpses however of  clean black pants and longsleeved tunic, trimmed out with silver adornments, a black leather belt and harness, old but maintained, carry the only other adornment, the black leathery tome, thick and with tattered pages sealed with an engraved silver binding and with its cover edged it yet more silver, mind you none of the silver is is not actual silver. On his right hand a glimmer of  lilac, emerald, amethyst, and even amber can be caught,  tiny gems possesed of an inner lights, likely enchanted, glimmering one on each finger with a white glow addorning the index finger ring, these gems tiny slivers on the outer rim, their purpose, unknown.
But what does drab the eyes, are the two jet black horns portruding beyond the hood, the jet black tail, covered in overlapping plates of silvery armor that dissapeare beneath the cloak, and most unnervingly the glowing eyes whose glowing iris and sclera seem to leak energy with every movement of the head, like an inferno beneath a frozen surface, betraying nothing but an aura of age and experience that clashes with his young looking face when its revealed.
1x Black Ancient Sentient Tome with Power to instakill (or 90% chance) anyone who touches it other than Mandor and which also contains any and all posssible spells for magic invocation, and is bassicaly a macguffin to be used as last resort survival/attack or escape device)

1x Nightmare power (Hes a nightmare DK hybrid product of science and magic of a bygone era, the nightmare mind beeing the one controlling the book, hence its murderousness) to create any weapon base construct, like the shaft of a bow/a sword/a shield/the mechanical part of a gun of any type(think of it like a kind of green lantern power, only black with a dark purple outline thats the same color as my characters irises and it functions pretty much the same except for the dreamkeeper power beeing the fuel for projected attacks).

1x Dreamkeeper power - same color as my characters sclera, can be used similarily to the nightmare power under duress, but is mainly fuel for power attacks, or ammo for projectile weapons, or projected slash attacks, for example, the bow shaft or gun body would be formed of the black, inklike yet metalic sheen of the nightmare power but the arrows, bullets, or just a massive energy beam would be the dreamkeeper power.

1x Rune enchanced full body armor covering the whole body of the character giving him increased movement speed, solid devence against impact and slash type attacks and moderate defence against puncture type attacks. The armor however is adaptable and can sacrifice speed boost for boosted defence.

Neilo Rosmir
My DK-OC's name is Neilo Rosmir  -- his power lets him manifest/control electricity, covering his body in continuous arcs of electric currents, allowing him to electrocute anybody he touches or anything he holds; meaning people cant actually grab him or they get shocked and any physical strikes can electrocute the attacker . His melee weapons are a metal baton (with power = stun-rod), and a 2 handed sword (with power = doubles the blades strength, similar to a high frequency blade).With ranged weapons, he prefers rifles, but has a pistol for last minute close combat strikes - without weapons, he leans forward and fights defensively with strong punches and fast kicks, using his natural abilities in running, jumping, and mid-distance flight to help him find openings with his enemies. when powered up in any form, his pupils disappear and his eyes glow bright blue, giving off an averous glow 

His personality is open-minded & warm-hearted and will always look for the bright side for fun in any situation; even a good fight ending in defeat. Hes a strong 1v1 fighter, but prefers to fight with allies he can protect. His jokes are annoying and his sarcasm can be hard to work with. With his temper broken and his full power unleashed beyond control, he can move twice as fast and can deal massive lightning like blasts with explosively powerful blows that send his enemies flying with shattered bones and shredded muscles from the energy-discharge...  (or blowing up). Ability will drain most of his energy though, and the longer he fights, the more unstable his control gets, ultimately leading to A full discharged overload; thus only used in last minute life/death situations or when his tempered mood is broken. Instead, he prefers to offset his opponents attacks with ill timed jokes and laughter mid-battle.

Andy Valdric
Andy is a 4’ 2” faun with dirty orange hair, green eyes, and small deer antlers

From spending half of his life as a slave to a military general, Andy has gain an excellent tactical mind, from listening to and watching the multiple Generals in the war room strategies how their armies move through battle fields. Although he himself doesn’t command any armies he has used this knowledge against enemy troops, knowing how they will attack and where to focus his attention.

His greatest skill is his hearing, because of his large ears he is able to hear a bullet coming before it hits, picking up the sound of the bullet as it whistles through the air, as well as hearing someone breathing, or moving and can pinpoint which direction its coming from.

Though many have used powers against him Andy has preferred to not use his. He has been trained as an assassin, using his environment against his foe.  He focuses on using his 7.62mm rifle to fight, using his precise aim from a distance or forcing his opponent in close with tactically placed shots or traps to use his bayonet on the end of his rifle.  He is also equipped with a 9mm pistol and a spring loaded knife in his sleeve.
Because of his small frame, he uses agility and speed. He is able to jump 20m high or in any direction, changing his direction with ease for his next jump.

Power: possess the ability to grow long razor vines from his contact to the earth. These vines will grow out in all directions and cover the area in a 100m radius, the vines will also force their way into cracks in armour or vehicles tearing apart anyone inside. If cut the vines will multiply.