Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas Newsletter

Merry Christmas! We've got a pile of seasonal fun to share- starting with the Prelude Christmas special:
And for seasonal catastrophes that defy explanation, the Comics-R-Kewel podcast invited me to join their commentary track for "Jingle All The Way." I'm not a professional comedian, nor a professional commentator- so of course the only question was whether they were providing pizza.
If that's not a sufficient amount of holiday brutality- enjoy the ongoing Dreamkeepers original character tournament! Today- Match 8 is live. Out of 50 warriors, there will be only one winner featured in the card game.

And if you missed the Patron-backed Chat-n-Sketch 2, no worries- the recording is up on youtube. Art, guest interviews, and all.

As always, the readers are making some awesome stuff- tournament aside, check these out.
"Sisters" by Shannon Hamilton- who brought a still panel of our comic to life.
And catch the Let's Play by Tari and friends- enjoying the Dreamkeepers mod of Terrarium.
Keep an eye on Kickstarter- recent updates to the Wayward Astronomer novel and to thePlush campaign, as they approach fulfillment. Thanks to you guys, Dreamkeepers has more momentum than ever- I'm looking forward to seeing what 2017 has in store.

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