Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Chat-n-Sketch 02

We're getting ready for the Chat-n-Sketch 2!  It's happening this Friday december 9th, on our Picarto channel:

I'll draw Patron requests- and if I can get through them, take requests from the Discord chat.  And, note to guests!   Audio is hosted through Discord- the mods can direct you to the right channel.

Listed are guests and their  chosen 10-minute-ish topic.  Or, if they forgot to specify a topic, I fill in the blanks.   (Can you guess which ones are for real?  Tune in to find out.)

All times EST and pm.

Time: 3:00
Guest: David
Topic: OC Tournament, new Vivid Dealer system

Time: 3:30
Guest: Riiser of the Webcomic Relief
Topic: Dogs and their many uses

Time: 4:00
Guest: Darkspeeds
Topic: Melting Witches- the Australian Way

Time: 4:30
Guest: Boneitis
Topic: Political content in comics

Time: 5:00
Guest: Izabela
Topic: Starting a Comic: The Process and Research Behind It

Time: 5:30
Guest: Pixel Prism of Tamberlane
Topic: The true location of El Dorado

Time: 6:00
Guest: Scott Fraser
Topic: Murder and why it's sometimes wrong

Time: 6:30
Guest: Skidd & Phuufy
Topic: Origami and your Love Life- supremacy

Time: 7:00
Guest: Kuuribro @Kuurion
Topic: Our World webcomic

Time: 7:30
Guest: Chad of Comics-R-Kewel podcast
Topic: 15 ways Ganesha beats your favorite god

Time: 8:00
Guest: Acus & Spencer
Topic: Dreamkeepers Card Game- update

Time: 8:30
Guest: Geo
Topic: Dreamkeepers year in review:  2016, and looking forward to 2017.

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