Monday, July 30, 2012

V3 Pre-Orders

At last, after years of buildup... 

 Volume 3 Pre-Orders are open!

Thousands upon thousands of hours in effort are finally bringing 144 pages of Dreamkeepers story your way.

...Try not to read it all in one sitting, alright?

I had wanted to refrain from opening Pre-Orders until the art for Chapter 8 was finished, and the end of production was in sight-
And Chapter 8 was finished the other day.  The end of production is in sight.

The book isn't entirely done yet - but we're close.

The pencils for the book are finished, and thanks to our intrepid freelancers, the color blocking for Chapter 9 is taken care of.  This means that a single Chapter of shading is all that remains to be done.  Based on my production rates to date Volume 3 should be complete by Halloween, and in the mail to Pre-Order customers before Christmas.

I'm not promising anything, because if a meteorite shrieks through the earth's atmosphere and blasts my head off in the middle of the night, well- that might slow things down a bit.

Apologies to everyone for falling off the map over the last month, but I return with Done Stuffs.

I'm going to take a few days to get caught up on commissions, post up a storm of backlogged images to our art accounts, manage Pre-Orders, prep the next Prelude arc, and assassinate any other miscellaneous tasks bold enough to garnish my attention.

Then I will roll on Chapter 9 like a tank on animal crackers.