Monday, October 31, 2011

Contest Results!


The results are in! It has been nothing less than a spectacular year for the contest. Trying to judge between the entries has been absolute hell for me - there are simply too many deserving pieces to make any 'right' choices for the awards. But regardless, choices had to be made. Check out the winners featured in the site gallery: But by all means, check out the rest of the entries too! Everything from pumpkin carving to animation to illustration to CAKES are featured this year. While doubt over my capacity as a judge may well linger, there can be no doubt that Dreamkeepers sports some of the most creative and fantastic readers of any fandom.

Thank you again to everyone who sacrificed their time and creativity to help put together such a powerfully fun gallery!

More prizes are still to be distributed- keep an eye on the DA group's journal today to see who wins the reader-selected awards and huge stash of DA points!

Adding to the festivities is our annual Halloween Prelude special: Because this homage was inevitable.

Small confession to the winners, I've been so focused on pencils lately that I haven't yet made the award beads... (Or replied to art account messages in months... ARG) I'll be crafting them in the next week or two, so I'll have to ask for patience while I get the prize packages ready. ...And I will get to messages in here EVENTUALLY, I just have a lot of things on my plate at present. Must eat them.

But in the meanwhile, I expect everyone reading this to eat excess amounts of candy today, because Halloween only comes around once a year. Have a great one! 8 D