Friday, June 17, 2011

Anthrocon Absence

Better you hear it from me than from Peter Jennings - Dreamkeepers won't be having a dealer's table at Anthrocon this month.

Liz is still in the hospital, and without The Smart One around it was decided that an unsupervised David would have far too much opportunity to instigate disaster running a table alone.
The original plan was to open Volume 3 Pre-Orders at Anthrocon, but we're going to postpone Pre-Orders as well. There's simply not enough of the book finished to justify selling it. We had planned to be further along in production by now... This delay hasn't stopped us, but admittedly it has slowed us down quite a bit. We're not even finished with our 15-second commercial yet, for crying out loud...

...But it's ALMOST done! Every scene is completely animated, rendered, and ready to roll except scene one - and I'm finishing the cel shading in there this weekend. I'll post a video of animated production samples soon.

So despite setbacks, we're still moving forward - Even while hospitalized, Liz has made this directive clear, and I'm not about to defy the will of someone who would be exonerated by the sanity clause. ( )

After the commercial is finally knocked out and locked in the 'done' bin, we'll be pulling out all the stops and going full-bore on Volume 3 production. Prelude is currently on a bi-weekly schedule while Liz is recovering, and we've actually decided to keep it bi-weekly even after she's better, until V3 is done. I love updating every week, but the last two years has seen more finished Prelude than finished Volume 3, and the graphic novel is overdue. The books are the meat and potatoes of the series, after all, and the next installment really needs to be our primary focus until it's complete.

Though confined to the hospital at present, Liz is vastly better, and table or not, wants at least David to attend Anthrocon in her stead.

As a result, this will be the first time ever that I'll be loose at the convention without being confined behind a table. There may be photos.

I'm sorry to everyone in advance.