Wednesday, August 9, 2017

With a Vengeance

The Dreamkeepers forum is back!
A glitch put it down for a stretch, but now it's up and working fine. Good time to pimp the features- make an account for yourself, with a side profile for your OC. Automatic die roller in the RP section, and more.
Enjoy, and thanks to our secret genius for fixing everything up!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Video Game Concept- Enemies

Concept art for the Dreamkeepers video game- posted awhile back to the Patrons.    New sketches are being integrated into our custom-coded Vivid game engine now- samples in the latest sneak peek:  

We're also going to be using the Patrons as guinea pigs to help test out the combat system.

The video game is still a backburner project- we don't want to rush it, and haven't set any deadlines- but it's exciting to be on the verge of testing out gameplay, after spending years discussing it.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

THUNDERCLAP- UberQuest Volume 2

UberQuest Volume 2 is on the verge of success- if you can, help out by joining their Thunderclap here:

We're going to help by offering to draw one of the characters from UberQuest.

Which character- and doing what, you ask?

Well, that will be up to the Volume 2 Kickstarter backers.   Skidd & Phuufy will ask for suggestions, and hold a vote for backers to decide which UberQuest character we sketch.   Ought to be fun!

Thanks to all the folks who have put the campaign goal within reach- together, I think we can tip it over into success, and reap those beautiful hardcovers.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Don't Trust Santa

SKIRMISH Desktop Lineart & UberQuest vote

SKIRMISH backers, we need you!  It's time for Mob Rule- here's what the first desktop will look like, but what will the second one depict?

It's up to you, submit your comment in the Kickstarter campaign, and we'll get ready to submit them for a vote.

And speaking of a vote-Backers of UberQuest Volume 2 get to vote on a character and a situation, and we'll draw that too.  8 )  

That campaign is currently live here: