Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Characters decided.

Ezio's poll had the most votes- over 60- and the illustration will feature Lilith & Namah.

But what kind of illustration will it be?

The three choices are Creepiest, Funniest, and Sexiest.

You decide!   Vote here:

We'll show the final result around Halloween, along with the results of the 11th annual Halloween Fanart Contest.  Open for anyone to join, details here:

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Best Worst Slogan winning ads

Here it is- the winning Best Worst slogan, in ad form.   Now being used in actual advertising!  

If it actually proves effective, I'm going to have a solid laugh.   Check out the other entries by clicking the banners- Kickstarter live for a few more days.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Best Worst Winner: Hole in One

Thanks to everyone in the "Best Worst Slogan" contest- the votes are in, and we have a clear winner!

A clear winner that I must now use.   For real advertising.   Dear God.

"Help us Whip your children" was a top contender, as was "Whip- a girls' breast companion."  But ultimately, one titan loomed above them all:

"There's no need for a hole in your heart with a hole in your plush!"

Assembling banner ads today- I'll share them tomorrow when we fire them up online.  This ought to be fun.  X D

Thanks again to everyone for playing!   Anyone who still wants in, the Kickstarter is in its last week:

And don't miss out on our PollMasters game, augmenting this year's Halloween Fanart contest:

Still five more days to create the most popular poll, and choose which character will be featured.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Best Worst Contest Vote

The entries are in! It was difficult, but Liz and I narrowed it down to our ten favorite- and now the rest is up to you.

Which is the best worst Dreamkeepers Plush Kickstarter marketing slogan? Vote at the link below. 

We'll give the vote a few days, then announce the winning slogan- and actually advertise with it. The contestant with the winning slogan will get their Plush Whip for free.

 Check out the Kickstarter here: And thanks for pitching in, you guys make these contests fun!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Chat-n-Sketch 01 Dump

I posted all the sketches from our stream here- There's also a link to the video if you want to catch the interviews.

Also- tomorrow is the last day to enter our "Worst Slogan Ever" contest:  Check it out for your chance to win a plush Whip from our current Kickstarter!  And later this month, watch for the POLLMASTERS game.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Dreamkeepers Request Stream schedule

We're having a request stream tomorrow, September 30th!

It will be right here on our picarto channel:

While David doodles in photoshop, we'll have a string of guests on to chat about various fun.  Moderators will be on hand in Discord to check for questions & requests in the chat during Q&A segments.  Below is a rough outline for the stream:

(All times EST pm)

4:30:  Skidd and Phuufy of UberQuest- on creating their comic & stuff

4:45- Q&A / Chaos

5:00 - Darkspeeds and Gabriel- on the Ashworth comic and DK motion-comic adaptation

5:15- Q&A / Chaos

5:30- Voidslice of StarWarriors- on the future of cartoons

5:45 - SuperflatPsychosis- on starting out as a comic artist / writer / creator, and whether that approach may or may not work for you

6:00 - Q&A / Chaos

6:15- Stratica who does cool art, and talks about stuff

6:30 - Chad of the SlackJaw Punks podcast, on comics & culture

6:45- Q&A / Chaos

7:00- Geo, author of the Wayward Astronomer- on storytelling & mythology as a human experience.

7:15- Q&A / Chaos

7:30- Idfox, the boss of Katbox- on managing a fleet of comics

7:45- Q&A / Chaos

8:00- Spencer and Acus, on game design and developing the Dreamkeepers battle card game

Possible Bonus Guests: Luke McKay of 'Balls 2 That', Riiser of the Webcomic Relief, Waltz of being awesome.

The schedule is a rough guide, not rigid- so we'll see how it goes.  To submit questions for the guests or sketch requests, snag the mods in Discord:

But before we take listener sketch requests, I'll be tackling the requests from our glorious Patrons-  After all, this is entirely thanks to them!

Patreon requests:

I'd like to see how you envision the Dreamkeepers of the members of Tool, the music group.

Well, It'd be fun to see Reagent with the Troika Combat Vest and Springer Rifle

i want to see lilith and namah dance and fuse like in the "steven univers" show XD(or universum?) XD XD XD

Battered, battledamaged and bruised shocktrooper using his/her powers out of pure necessity

If you're taking sketch requests i'd like to see Bill trying to flirt with Vi, or the outcome please.

Vi in a sexy spy uniform making an unintentionally attractive pose while aiming her weapon at somebody who spotted her all while rocking the Metal Gear Solid guard-style exclamation mark over her head.

Bast as a Falconer

Indi and Digo in a typical situation for them during the Prelude time period.

More Super Sayian Namah!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Halloween Fanart Contest

Ghouls and goblins, the recurring horror lives again!

Prepare, for the 11th annual Dreamkeepers Halloween Fanart Contest.

The grave- er, deadline- er, BLOODBATH- is scarcely a month away now.

Prizes and rules have been resurrected on our site:

As usual, every entrant may receive a trick-or-treat sticker.

And there's more- this year, we're trying something new.   David is going to create a new Dreamkeepers drawing- and you get to decide what it is!

If, that is, you can gather the most support.

Introducing our new game:  POLLMASTERS.

The readers will determine two factors for our Halloween illustration:

1)  Which Dreamkeepers character, and:
2) Which direction the illustration will take- Creepiest, Funniest, or Sexiest.

STAGE 1:  Character choice.

Create your own poll of character selections.   Could be on twitter, deviantart, wherever- as long as we can see the number of respondents.

On October 15th, share a link to your poll.   The winning character on the poll with the most respondents becomes the official subject!

STAGE 2:  Subject.

With the victim- er, character selected- we'll host a poll with the three directions:   Creepiest, Funniest, or Sexiest.   Once the poll expires, we'll have all the necessary info to create a new illustration for all of you!  To be unveiled on Halloween, with the Fanart Contest entries.  

So that's the plan for this year- all the spooky fun you can shake a crucifix at.

It's not too early to start planning for the POLLMASTERS contest- solidify your alliances, plot your desired direction, and hit the internet!  

This is going to be a Halloween to remember.

And don't miss our ongoing "Worst Slogan" contest for your chance at a free Plush: