Monday, May 4, 2020

Skirmish on Tabletop Simulator

Comin' in hot:  #Dreamkeepers Skirmish is live on Tabletop Simulator in Steam:   Grab someone you like and give 'em a good beatdown.  Huge thanks to @DMKiaran for setting this up for us!   Skirmish Couchcon tournament TBA...

Couchcon 2020 Guest of Honor

Announcing #Couchcon 2020's Guest of Honor, the magnificent @Corvuspointer.  Comic creator, artist, and former social worker bringing his experience to bear on the challenges of our time.  Go say hello, and while you look forward to his panel, enjoy some of his artistry.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Wallscroll Drive

Samples on the way- we're ready to officially announce Vivid's Wallscroll drive. 

Sales will open from the Vivid store  during Couchcon 2020

Not too early to touch base with your favorite Vivid author- that commission they did for you way back might just be ready for the elite wallscroll treatment.

And profits from the Wallscroll Drive will go to the respective artists.  We'll be helping UberQuest deliver on their Volume 2 campaign, and other artists can share their ideas and hopes for what this boost might unlock.

For us?  I'm hoping we can level up Tectomic production, to give us the experience we need to start eyeing Dreamkeepers and other animated projects. 
The future looks bright- make your wall match.

Couchcon coming June 25-28.

Monday, April 20, 2020


The coalition grows.

Strap in for the latest comic to join the Vivid team, "Control Freak" by Superflatpsychosis.

As the defective product of a megalithic AI, Nadia must fight for control of her life and, ultimately, the fate of reality itself.
Catch the opening salvos between Nadia her algorithm-driven progenitors, and dive into some more Vivid titles here:

Read what you want.  Think what you want.

Cut free, and be Vivid.  

We are just getting rolling.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020