Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Starfall Dice Fall

If you thought 15 hours of driving would stop us, you underestimated the power of INFINITE ENERGY.  

Back and unpacked with the official con report from Furry Migration North, where we dealt joy alongside Boneitis Industries.  It featured the next evolution of the Vivid Vault, and the Starfall Dice Fall table game.

Vastly more popular than expected!  Visitors would roll dice (for free) in our 4-foot tubular contraption, and based what they rolled, prizes were unlocked.

A select number won a chance at the weekend's ultimate prize stash locked in the VIVID VAULT.  Premiering this game for the first time, I  didn't expect much participation.  Boy was I wrong.  

Sunday at 3:00, the D20 rolling tournament began, packing the aisle with loads of contestants!  (For future convention games, we're upgrading the system to remove this traffic jam of popularity.)

But despite growing pains, the most skilled D20 rollers were crowned, the Vivid Vault unlocked, and prizes bestowed.  

We had a blast meeting new people, making sales, and sharing free prizes!  We'll be bringing the table game to future events for sure, starting this weekend at Monroe Pop Fest, and again at Midwest FurFest.

You never know what the Vivid Vault prizes will be- only that there WILL be prizes.   Thanks everyone for making the weekend fun, happy to be back and creating more art.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Fanfiction Contest and Halloween Prizes

It's here!  The official Dreamkeepers fanfiction contest has been announced:

Along with the prizes featured for this year's Halloween Fanart Contest.  (Two separate contests.)   

Excited to see what's coming our way this season.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Convention Action, MFF, and Skirmish KO!

They can’t stop the signal- whether Europe or Michigan, get your Dreamkeepers fix from official Vivid Publishing dealers right this moment.

Mancoin is at Eurofurence, and Bone ‘n Chad are at Michigan Comic-Con, the sole counter-culture renegades undermining a legion of Disney-owned content.

Launched just this year, the Vivid Dealer System is already spreading our nefarious reach across the globe.

But we’re still raiding some conventions in person- catch us this year at MFF, Furry Migration, and more. (Full list- https://www.dreamkeeperscomic.com/News.html )

Plus those events may play host to some new fun- Skirmish just delivered to all backers: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2083757038/dreamkeepers-skirmish-shadow-wars-of-anduruna/posts/2597100

Regardless of delays or obstacles, one must deliver to backers. It is the crowdfunding blood oath.

Now that the pact has been fulfilled, we are unleashed! Limited first-edition deluxe boxed games, foil-printed plus size cards, Strategy Guides, everything will be unvaulted during our fall 2019 convention tour.

See us on the road, and get ready to play some glittering, beautifully produced games alongside your award-winning comic and novel experiences.

With new authors signed to Vivid and the Task Force forming, Volume 5 will be on the fast track as we bring you more new content.

While culture rotates around endless Disney takeovers and cyclical reboots, we’ll be bringing you the Vivid stuff. They can’t stop us, because they can’t stop you.

Keep your eyes open.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019


This weekend Dreamkeepers goes cross continental! Books & more at #Eurofurence25, compliments of Mancoin's Foxyverse. https://www.deviantart.com/mancoin Anyone interested in dealing Vivid merch at your local con (table or not) learn more here: http://www.vividpub.com/Dealers.php

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Skirmish: Round 2

Wave 2 merchandise is ready to rock! Campaign backers, more details here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2083757038/dreamkeepers-skirmish-shadow-wars-of-anduruna/posts/2584551
Silky smooth matte-finish Strategy Guides, holo-foil plus-sized Leader Hero cards, handcrafted figurines, and more will be on the way soon. Thank you everyone for hanging in there with us, happy to be delivering.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Couchcon Live Now!

Convention time!  Skip the line, catch the details here: https://preview.mailerlite.com/u5v8z0

Or go straight to the main event:


You can be anywhere- it's time for Couchcon.  First panel in a few hours.  

Monday, July 1, 2019

Vampire Holidays 2: Independence Day

Angel accountant Matthew is dealing with literal demons at the firm, and Vanessa after hours in the latest chapter of Vivid's 'Vampire Holidays' by J.B. Thomas.
Catch the e-book for less than a buck, and the first installment is free here: http://www.vividpub.com/JBT
Appropriate to share with both the accountants and vampires in your life.