Monday, January 28, 2019

The Finest Furry Convention!

Which one is the finest?

Every furcon we’ve ever attended has been fun, but one convention is now the indisputable leader. Not in terms of giganticness, but in regard to what matters, the winner is:

Further Confusion!

The reason for their newfound status as Finest Furry Convention is simple. They made a small, common sense addition to their Code of Conduct:

AAE and FurCon do not permit membership or attendance by any individual who is a convicted sex offender, or appears on any federal or state sex offender registry.”

After the grisly “zoosadism” leaks of 2018, a policy of this nature is undeniably necessary for all-ages conventions. But you’d be surprised at the back-channel resistance we encountered when suggesting it. Off-record, convention staff formulated excuses so absurd that I lost hope.

But Further Confusion came to the rescue, and showed everyone how easy it is. I have no idea if they were aware of our petition or not, but I’m grateful for their action on this matter.

Further Confusion is now the finest furry convention! Hopefully more conventions follow their lead, and also become the finest. At any rate, if you have the ability, show them some gratitude or donate to their charities. We’re happy to see the world becoming a better place.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Patreon Alternative: DARK MARKET

Time to raffle off some free art!

Everybody else was too slow- Vivid Publishing is launching our own Patreon alternative, today.

If you’re unfamiliar with the #PatreonPurge, plenty of other content creators are covering the circumstances that led to commentators and cartoonists being banned from the platform.

But Dreamkeepers isn’t banned- they love us over there, so why are we launching a Patreon alternative? Because readers were asking for one. A good number of people wanted to support us, but through a different outlet- and my answer was yes!

So we joined Makersupport.

It was shut down by the cartel of payment processors.

So we joined Subscribestar.

It was shut down by the cartel of payment processors.

Hatreon, Freestartr, Gab, everyone who tried to build their own platform to date has been shut down by the ruling cartel of Silicon Valley companies and their payment processors.

The damn cash register is deciding what you are and are not allowed to buy!

But the internet doesn’t like hearing ‘no,’ and now EVERYBODY is talking about building alternative platforms. But nobody’s delivered yet, so Vivid Publishing has stepped up.

Welcome to the Dark Market.

In the Dark Market, you can find creative content you love, support it, and get rewards. The Silicon Cartel can’t stop you, because we accept Bitcoin, and we use a newly founded, independent credit card processing service- Zero Strings.

If you’re new to Bitcoin, there are links in Dark Market to introduce you to the basics. Getting started is about as hard as setting up a Paypal Account, except Paypal can freeze your funds, and Bitcoin you can spend and accept with total freedom. I don’t know anything about investing, all I know is Bitcoin is an unstoppable way to conduct transactions. People are calling it “free speech money.”

Any Dreamkeepers customers who use Dark Market here in January, I’m going to raffle off a free single-character lineart commission. Payment options, instructions, and rewards are listed right there on the page.

Launching with us in the Dark Market is Boneitis, Corvus Publishing, DireWolf Media, Darkspeeds, and possibly more creators coming soon- so check in with them, they might have some launch specials planned as well.

Now, we will continue posting on Patreon. I might not like everything they do, but then again, I don’t like everything the government does, and I still use roads. But all Dreamkeepers Patreon content from here on out will be available through Dark Market- including some things that may be too spicy for Patreon’s TOS.

If you want to know more, go to, and join the underground.

We have cartoons.