Friday, August 27, 2010

Comparing Contest Conclusion!

The Page Comparing Contest is officially concluded!

Thank you very much to everyone for participating - we received way more entries than I expected! I was expecting maybe ten, and over sixty flooded in! There were a lot of people who put a lot of very careful scrutiny and consideration into their entries - but in the end, of the handful of entries that covered every change, only one was the fastest, and Ian will be getting the free-books prize.

However, we received so much great effort and involvement that I can’t bear to send everyone away empty-handed after playing. Even though we’re out of books, Liz pointed out the obvious: We’re not out of book downloads. So everyone who participated will be getting an e-mail soon, with links to a free Volume 1 & 2 download! 8 D

Thanks again to everyone for playing, we hope you had fun! For posterity, here is the list of changes that we were looking for in the entries. And I hope, after going through this list, everyone can appreciate the grinding pains that we went through improving the second edition‘s continuity. And that Whip now has ears.

Entire Page: Color is a bit more saturated, so font and word bubbles are a bit thicker.

1st Panel: Ceiling planks face different direction then before.
Krin’s eyes are now orange.
Outside planks are seen to the far right, between the wall gaps.
Door handle and hinges are on opposite side of the door.
Randy now has a stripe on his shoulder.
Food on the far left table is now colored green.
Krin’s face has yellow eyebrows/dots colored.
Spoons have been added to all tables.
Randy’s hooves are colored.
Gorse has an eyebrow.
Randy’s pants have pocket details.
Food is colored green at Gorse, Randy, and Krin’s back table.

Second Panel: Paige has a spoon now.

Third Panel: Paige has a pocket added.
Whip’s ears and fur tuff have been added.
Spoons have been added for the characters.

Fourth Panel: Extra space in Paige’s dialogue before “I”.
Paige has a pocket, with lines moving pocket over.

Sixth Panel: Mace’s dialogue is moved to include a space.

Seventh Panel: Paige’s dialogue has capital I and extra space before I, and capital I in connecting word balloon.
Whip has added lines and color to his chest tuff.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Compare Contest Page

Annd, the contest is on! Once again, just list the differences between the original and new versions of this page. The rules and stuff are listed in our older blog post:
Once again, contest entries must be e-mailed to us:
DeviantArt, FA notes, Twitter messages, or replies to this blog can't be counted, as it's easier for us to keep track of everything in one e-mail.

We'll announce the winner in another blog tomorrow evening - in the meantime, thanks for playing, and I hope everyone has fun!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Compare Contest

Riddled with minor errors, the old Dreamkeepers books have been cleaned and polished for their brand new second-edition release. But now for the challenge: can you tell the difference?

If you've got an eye for detail, then you could win some second edition copies!

Right here in our blog, we'll be posting up an image of a graphic novel page - the 'before' version, and the 2nd edition 'after' version. The moment we post them up, the race is on. Compare the pages to find the differences - the first person to e-mail us with a list that details every change will be the winner!

The winner will receive a free physical copy of Volume 1 and Volume 2, the 2nd editions.

The pages will be hosted August 25th, Wednesday night, at roughly midnight Eastern Standard Time. Once you finish your list, e-mail it to us here: with 'Compare Contest' as the subject line. Bear in mind, the first list we receive won't necessarily be the winner - only the first completely correct list which specifies every change. Be sure to get detailed with your description. Saying "Narp changed clothes" is vague and may not be enough. Saying "In panel 2, Narp's shirt now has three buttons instead of two, and his pants now have a seam line" is specific and points out the exact changes and their location on the page. Hopefully this contest will illustrate to first-edition book owners what kinds of fixes we made, and whether or not they personally will feel the need to own the second edition.
Well, that's it! Once we receive the winning entry, we'll post it up for all to see and the contest will be over. See you here this Wednesday night!