Monday, August 23, 2010

Compare Contest

Riddled with minor errors, the old Dreamkeepers books have been cleaned and polished for their brand new second-edition release. But now for the challenge: can you tell the difference?

If you've got an eye for detail, then you could win some second edition copies!

Right here in our blog, we'll be posting up an image of a graphic novel page - the 'before' version, and the 2nd edition 'after' version. The moment we post them up, the race is on. Compare the pages to find the differences - the first person to e-mail us with a list that details every change will be the winner!

The winner will receive a free physical copy of Volume 1 and Volume 2, the 2nd editions.

The pages will be hosted August 25th, Wednesday night, at roughly midnight Eastern Standard Time. Once you finish your list, e-mail it to us here: with 'Compare Contest' as the subject line. Bear in mind, the first list we receive won't necessarily be the winner - only the first completely correct list which specifies every change. Be sure to get detailed with your description. Saying "Narp changed clothes" is vague and may not be enough. Saying "In panel 2, Narp's shirt now has three buttons instead of two, and his pants now have a seam line" is specific and points out the exact changes and their location on the page. Hopefully this contest will illustrate to first-edition book owners what kinds of fixes we made, and whether or not they personally will feel the need to own the second edition.
Well, that's it! Once we receive the winning entry, we'll post it up for all to see and the contest will be over. See you here this Wednesday night!


surivra said...

sounds sweet i will be there!

Anonymous said...

Where's the picture?

It's already wednesday, aug. 25th

as of this posting in eastern time.

Is it tommorow or today?

Sofox said...

I would enter, but midnight EST works out for me at 5am...

...ah well, it might be cheating for me anyway given the slight possiblity that one of the things fixed would be something I pointed out at AC.

Andrew said...
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