Thursday, August 24, 2017

Today's Art-ifact

We've started sharing unposted art every day for Patreon backers- Turns out we have hundreds of these. 

Why do we have so much unposted art archived?

It's been building up for years- sketches, concepts, Kickstarter drawings mailed to one backer...  Posting stuff on all our social media & art accounts takes time- upwards of a half hour to post one image everywhere, setting up the different keywords and categories and everything.    So drawings have been building up.

But Liz just recently discovered she can schedule a whole week's worth of posts in maybe 30 minutes for Patreon.   And, hell- these are the people keeping Dreamkeepers viable, so if we only have the time to post them in one place, I guess it'll be there.  Thank you to the backers, for keeping us productive, and giving us an easier outlet to start releasing all this extra art!

Here's one featuring Vi:

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