Saturday, December 31, 2016

Back To Basics and News: The Last Update of 2016

 (copied from our kickstarter update of 2016)
As we head off into January and 2017, we've been notified that the Whip plush should be ready...wait for it...shipped to us January of 2017.  That means we may be ahead of schedule by a month, and also means it's time for me to speed up the rest of the handcrafted production.
All current figurines are painted.  Current, because Whip, Mace, and Namah all broke their molds during production.  That means your figurines are the last of this batch until Dave and I can set aside some time to recast the sculptures from scratch.  Behold, the army in a glory of pictures.

As we say around here: " D-U-N DONE"
The final resting spot for finished figures before shipping.
Above you can also see a few Harvest Festival beads, Vol 4 extra figures of Bast unpainted, and a pair of Namah legs. 
So as I mentioned, and if you've been counting, I still have to rebuild the molds and cast a few more Namah figures.  But lets take a look at the plush status.  Vi is now in the pre-skinning stage.
Prior to body sculpting.

 Matrix Vi:

Padded skeleton before skin and stuffing.

 In actuality, her arms need to be stuffed before being attached to the body.  So, the rest of them look more like this:
The rest of her upper body is sculpted when the finished head is attached.  I need to keep a status sample to remind myself how to make the pose-able doll.
But the real question is: where are the Mace plush?  The answer: in the mail.  Mace's skeletons are still being shipped to us, so working on Vi and ironing out problems (like how high is the base of her tail?  Does Mace's tail need a skeleton?  That was a tough one...) will ensure that Mace goes fairly quickly.  So- Mace after Vi is done.  That's my plan.
Just sitting around.

And welcome to half of The Records Room, where we keep art supplies, shipping materials, and original DK artwork.  
It's full of things I've been meaning to post public pictures of, but just haven't gotten to it yet.  You can spot from clockwise: a Tinsel Barbie, shipping supplies and the last of the mugs, a Vi skeleton, how I separate the figurine's paints, an LED steampunk carousel horse, my Vi first skeleton and Whip prototype, a box of finished ryuus for the kickstarter, some of the Mace sets for the kickstarter, our pipes that hold the sign at conventions, a 3D picture of the starfall mountains, one of the character line-ups in a float frame, Lilith and Namah custom Monster High dolls, the only Prelude book to survive the apartment fire (it was in my bag) two failed Gregori figurines who broke their mold, more Monster High customs of Wisp and Vanth, and finally, a curio of painted miniatures.  I'll post the other half of the room some other time, it's a bit messy.
So that's where we are at the end of 2016, and here's to the beginning of 2017.  
I couldn't host the tree for Christmas this year, due to the plush being everywhere, so here's pictures of Whip on a reindeer.  Riding into the new year.  Or something. 

Love you all, -Liz

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