Sunday, December 18, 2016

App Powerup

The Dreamkeepers app just got spicier.

Download here-
And help me out in the DA comments!   Because:

The app has given me new powers- like the ability to generate push notifications.  But the question is, how much should I abuse that power?

Tell me what you want.  Should I send updates all the time?  Every Prelude comic, Patreon post, every journal?    Or should I use it sparingly, like the e-mail newsletter- and only send occasional updates for important announcements?

Let me know what you want in the comments on Deviantart- (I can't keep up with comments everywhere )-

And check out the listing of other new features.   If you're enjoying them, leave a review for the developer Matt Dieck- this whole app is rocking purely out of the goodness of his heart.

Old/New Version
  Convenient way to browse the Dreamkeepers archive
  Custom bookmarks for quick navigation
  Direct page entry
  Notifications for new pages and material
  Adjustable default behavior of readers
  Quick-launch to the Dreamkeepers “About” page from the main menu
Old Version
  Simple button navigation
  Adjustable refresh rate for notification processing
New Version
  Even simpler swipe navigation
  Faster load times
  Notifications now within 2 minutes accurate
  Notifications no longer processed on client devices
  Notification messages directly from Dave
Planned Updates
  Navigation box to include buttons with quick-links to chapter and sequence markers
  Better Grunn AI for Grunn-Tac-Toe
  Offline viewing mode, optional
  Stupid prelude/misc. pieces browser

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