Saturday, August 15, 2009

Plans? Spooky.

Halloween is coming! Just a reminder to any who are interested, we're bringing back the Dreamkeepers Halloween Fanart Contest for its 4th year. The past few years were an absolute blast - lots of spooky art and fun entries, and a lot of prizes too! This will be the first year we've had a forum to complement the ceremonies - I'm planning on creating a special Halloween-themed area for people to come in, chat, and post any and all things Halloween related. Costume photos, real-life creepy stories, urban legends, links to bizarre seasonal pics or videos, and of course feedback and reactions to the Fanart contest itself. Prizes and rules are yet to be announced, but we plan on using last year's general categories: The handmade bead prizes will be returning for certain, along with free Trick-or-Treat stickers mailed out for every single entry. It should be a lot of fun, so spread the word, swing in for a visit, and feel free to contribute some art if the mood strikes!

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Anonymous said...

I'm thinking.... a costume entry of some sort.