Thursday, June 6, 2013


Readers who have been with us for some time may remember our old car, the 'For The Win' Escort and its Spectacular Engine Death: (click for larger pictures)

Continuing the noble tradition, we’re excited to announce the obituary for our latest and greatest vehicular diorama- the Vahvoom.

The car started out normal, and therefore impossible to find in a parking lot.  The Oldsmobile 88 was lacking neon fins or an on-command glitter cannon, we just never cared enough about cars to note their distinguishing features.

So Liz added some.  The secret to pulling off this effect?

Cardboard, duct tape, a couple pinwheels, and a few judiciously placed rhinestones.  Then you, too, can look unstable enough to ensure others let you change lanes unchallenged.

The design was inspired by the song 'Drive Like Lightening Crash Like Thunder' by the Brian Setzer Orchestra , and in due time lived up to its anthem.

Current transportation may not be as colorful, but you can’t beat a one cent ride.


SerafinoDragonTamer said...

Meijer 1 cent pony rides for the win!!

FoxMane said...

I just love that hat!

Seth Doroshuk said...

*slow claps* that is amazing XD

Cactus Hat said...

For the love of Satan stop buying american crap mobiles! Honda, Toyota, Subaru. Anything other than that is pretty much a bad time.
Source: being a master mechanic, we dont tell you this because american (and german) cars are our bread and butter....