Friday, May 31, 2013

Sneak Peek 2: Getting the Lead Out

Chapter 10 pencils are over halfway finished- and we just started them this month!

We’re cruising- the quality may be dipping just a tad, but I don’t think anyone will really notice.

 Nah, I kid.   V4 is moving faster because we’re able to devote much more of our time to working on it.

Back during Volume 3 production, it was important for me to spend long hours guarding parking lots from evil.  If danger ever rears its ugly head again, I may resume my duties as Parking Lot Protector- but at present, we’re burning rubber on art.

Liz is knocking out the character colors on penciled pages, and we're about to tap into our pool of talented freelancers to accelerate production even further.
Don't tell anyone- but Rumour has been imported directly from an old black and white film.

One bump in the road when it comes to my speed is going to be the Prelude book collection on Kickstarter- I need to shift focus to that so we can launch it this summer, and hopefully hit our goal and bring a big, beautiful, full-color Prelude collection to life.

There are some fun extras in the works for that- I’m quite excited to get things ready to unveil!

In the meanwhile, check out some recent Dreamkeepers fun!

A Mace skin for Minecraft:

A Volume 3 review by Fred Patten on Flayrah:

And another review by Jay Naylor on Furaffinity:

Much kudos to these guys for helping spread the word about Volume 3- if anyone else posts a review up you’d like us to feature, drop me a line and I’d be happy to do so!

‘Till then, strap yourself in- it’s going to be a fun summer.

You might want this.


Anonymous said...

Im so excited! I can't wait for Vol. 3 to be finished!

Anonymous said...

lol V3 is finished XD its been out for a few months now. they just started on V4 :D

Anonymous said...


Garrett Simpson said...

I think Karo is going to have some of the most dynamic expressions in Vol.4 and I have to say that there is something about Vi I can relate to my stepmother(Aside from the fact that she divorced and now my father has gone through two wives) that is comforting in the sense that I know my stepmother is still meeting life's hardships head on and I still try to keep her as a contact for communication.

Okay that was a fairly awkward comment I should probably end it there......

Anonymous said...

I can't wait till V4 comes out, I’m so excited for it!

Seth Doroshuk said...

I can't wait for Vol. 4 to be finished so's I can read Vol. 3 for FREE(Sorry Dave, but in this economy, I can't afford to buy in physical book form. Sorry :I)

Quinton Ballew said...

Yes but if not vol. 3 then vol. 2 please

Dave and Liz said...

Definitely understandable Seth- That's exactly why we have the free pages go up eventually. I like it when everyone has a chance to read our stuff. 8 ) Thank you for hanging in there! Thanks also for sharing how you can relate to one of the characters, Garrett. It sounds like you've got a real-life inspiration for carrying on in the fact of adversity. Kudos to your stepmom!

Garrett Simpson said...

Um,Dave I know you're a busy guy and typos happen but you just said that I relate to Vi and um,well she's female and that's just creepy!Now I do relate her to my stepmom but still......

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for V4 to come out!! My excitement IS KILLING ME!! XD