Thursday, May 23, 2013

Decadent Video Splendor

Dreamkeepers has officially earned a critical Internet Citizen merit badge- there’s a humor video / review up for Volume 3!

Complete with guest stars, cutaways, the whole nine yards!  If you enjoy the video, be sure to drop a comment for them- and from my end, boxes and cartons of thanks to the guys who went to the effort of putting this together.

As if that wasn’t enough proof that the internet is splendiforous, we’ve also been featured on the website of Custom Sticker Makers:

Incidentally, if you want to make your own stickers, these guys are great.

Quick V4 update:  BLEEDING AWESOME.  Pencils have hit page 19 already.  We have our first Sneak Peek on the blog  and there should be another one coming up next week.

More news tidbits to come!

1 comment:

Jumbo coolness said...

Hey, Which one of you came up with the vilans in the dreamkeepers saga. Cause they are the best vilans I have seen in a wile