Monday, May 6, 2013

Evil Lair- New Toys

You know you’re somewhere special when you see this:

We’re officially settled in our new lair- and check this out:

That’s right.

It’s a drawing desk- or as I like to call it, my own little slice of heaven.

This may not seem like a big deal to all those sane people out there, but I’ve been dreaming of having an actual real workstation for years.   We didn’t have room for one back in the matchbox.

In the old days, I’d jury-rig a sketching surface by balancing a briefcase on my lap with a dinosaur book on top for a writing surface, and carefully fan out reference papers.   After carefully constructing the teetering edifice and planting pencils and erasers about, I would then immediately dismantle all of it in order to go pee.

But not anymore.

Fully pampered with a workstation that doesn‘t fall apart when I shift my weight, Volume 4 is off to a great start!  Our next post ought to be a sneak peek of the progress.  


Unknown said...

Congratulations on a successful move into your bigger and better abode!

Anonymous said...

Looks like its time to shift into MAXIMUM OVERDRAW

Anonymous said...

Congrats, that's a sweet-ass drawing table! Love your guys comics, they just keep getting better in quality. Keep doin' yo thang boo-boo :D

Lan said...

The best thing about that table is that it actually looks like a data scroll.

DragonLost said...

make sure to get a webcam on that desk so we can watch the method of your madness.

Hannan Aslam said...

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