Saturday, April 27, 2013

Conventions, Kickstarters, and Fluffy Things

If you are a killer for hire, please continue reading.

Despite soggy arctic conditions, Furry Connection North was a blast- thank you to everyone who visited us there!  You're fantastic and you know it.

Keep an eye on our accounts, we'll be posting art from the convention soon.  Speaking of cons, we have our schedule for the rest of 2013:

Anthrocon in July-

Dragoncon in August/September -

We were hoping to attend Midwest Furfest, applying the day dealerships opened- but we were still too slow!   Sold out in less than a day.  I'm looking into hit-men to clear out some space on the waiting list- If any pros (or amateurs, I do have an eye for a bargain) are reading this, please post a blurb below with your credentials and preferred assassination technique.  Bonus points for improbable mo's.

But barring Boba Fett, the above conventions comprise our 2013 schedule.

Meanwhile, check out this Kickstarter!

It's for Myriad Song, the new intergalactic tabletop rp book coming out from Sanguine Games.  We were commissioned to contribute some art to the book- and beyond the fun visuals, the idea is stellar.  If you enjoy roleplay, retro 80's sci-fi, dinosaurs, and telepathic arachnids, then you win.  Come on in.

When it comes to Kickstarters, we have some news of our own!  In our 'hardcover Prelude book versus softcover' poll, we had hundreds express their preferences.  But here's some fun- it turns out we can have both.

If we successfully raise the money with Kickstarter, our printer will be able to create both softcover and hardcover editions of the Prelude book.  Keep an ear to our blog, or sign up to our e-mail newsletter
- more Kickstarter news in the coming months.

Before we go, stop and consider benefits of adoption:

The creative minds behind the Anduruna 2nd life have wrought ryuu-neko pets- guaranteed to be fluffy beyond reason.

Everyone needs an elemental sidekick- even assassins.

Especially assassins.

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Fragged42 said...

Finally got around to reading volume three, really cranked it up to eleven on that one didn't you. Though now I'm sad because I'll have to wait another five years before we get to see the continuation. Though I say it's worth the wait for the insane amount of quality we get.

It's all in the little things, like that Goonies reference with Chester Copperpot. And you gotta love the memorable side characters, Vanth's my favorite at the moment, hope we get to see more of her.

And that last pic, with wisp standing(floating) over her destroyed hovel, that face man.

It just screams: ...The F%ck.

keep being awesome you guys.