Thursday, December 7, 2017

Chat n Sketch 5 this weekend

We're streaming a Chat-n-Sketch this Saturday December 9th:

Should kick off around 3:00pm Eastern time. 

This Chat-n-Sketch is a bit different- instead of taking sketch requests, I'll be shading the epic playmat art for SKIRMISH.  And we don't have a guest itinerary this time- I've been too busy to assemble one, so we're going to let the Discord moderators handle guests on the fly.

I'm especially hopeful Mike Rosen of the just-funded Firebrat Kickstarter can make it, so we can hear his perspective on the book.    Also invited are any of our usual suspects, people who've been on the stream before, or anyone the mods deem interesting.

So we'll see how it goes!  This Chat 'n Sketch could be a bit more relaxed and laid back- or maybe it will erupt into chaos.  Either way, art will be unfolding throughout, and we hope to entertain. 

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