Monday, December 4, 2017

Midwest Furfest Bonanza

We're back from Midwest Furfest- now officially the largest furry con in history, clocking in at over 8,000 attendees.   Next year will it break Vegeta's scouter?

It was a fantastic time meeting with awesome people- Boneitis (aka the World's Greatest Furry Artist) crashed the Dick Show with a furry invasion, although I hear only Reagent was bold enough to flash his tail.  Tracy Butler and Eric premiered the brand new Lackadaisy card game, Vivid authors Skidd and Phuufy debuted Volume 2 of their UberQuest series, we caught up with Kay Fedewa of the Blackblood Alliance, along with Michael of EPF games, the developer of SKIRMISH, Luke of Promcolco (our plush & wallscrolls specialist), and Karen, Izabela, plus more friends and readers than I can feasibly list.   Thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hi and spend some time with us, you made the weekend spectacular.  8 )

And thanks to our amaznig readers for a solid weekend of sales- nearly everything we brought sold out at the table, Volume 2, 3, 4, Wayward Astronomer, and Prelude Collections.

I put myself even further behind in my posting queue- a big batch of convention commissions was nailed.  Maybe Liz can start loading these up in the Daily Artifact Patreon postings.

Now that we're back, I can attack the final SKIRMISH art needed for production- expansion decks.   It'll be quiet online while I draw, then expect a spurt of streaming- plus a new Chat n Sketch coming up this weekend, featuring Mike Rosen.

And we'll be gearing up for the fateful final week of FIREBRAT- the one-of-a-kind Christmas graphic novel Kickstarter.  It could go either way- but we've got some special offers in mind for the fence-sitters, so stay tuned. 


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