Tuesday, December 5, 2017

FIREBRAT: Join Vivid's Good List and Color Overdrive

The campaign continues!   You glorious folks have brought us past 4K- nearly 90% to the goal.  The final showdown lies before us.

To ensure victory, we're officially announcing Vivid Publishing's Good List.


Anyone backing Firebrat at Tier 6 ($45) or higher gets not just the glorious Tier 6 rewards- they also go on Vivid's Good List.

Members of the Good List will be mailed a free signed and numbered Limited Edition copy of Dreamkeepers Volume 4 as soon as the campaign successfully closes.  Only 500 are in existence- and Good List members will receive one.   (Not sure if they'll arrive before Christmas, but we'll ship them right away.)

Plus we'll hook up Backerkit to make all Dreamkeepers titles available as optional add-on purchases, signed by the authors Dave & Liz.    So if you can't make it out to one of the few conventions we attend, this is your chance to snag some signed Dreamkeepers graphic novels.

And one last announcement to fuel the final stretch of our battle against Santa:

Liz has made a declaration. 

All these colored page samples put her over the edge.   Full-color interior pages were a stretch goal- but no more.

Liz has declared that she will singlehandedly color the interior of the book herself, for free.  Because nobody can stop a Liz bent on creativity. 

So without the need to procure freelancers or raise money, Firebrat will now be printed in glorious full color, inside and out- once the campaign is successful.

So if you want a gorgeous first-edition full-color book of viciously sarcastic Christmas fun, not to mention the perks of being on Vivid's Good List, head on over.   https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2083757038/firebrat-graphic-novel-the-true-meaning-of-christm


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